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04 September 2015

Bangkok’s tourist police have announced the arrest of three people alleged to have pick-pocketed passengers on Suvarnabhumi airport trains. At a media briefing yesterday, assistant-superintendant Achayon Kraithong stated that the trio were Chinese nationals and they were arrested at the train station on the lower level of Bangkok’s main airport.

04 September 2015

Thailand’s Culture Ministry has selected Sukhothai as the first attraction in the nation to be turned into a low-carbon location. The new designation will see all petrol and diesel powered vehicles banned from the grounds of the UNESCO listed historical park.

03 September 2015

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City has just launched its own version of Bangkok’s renowned canal boat tours. Ho Chi Minh’s Tourism Bureau has joined forces with Saigon Boat JSC in offering two different options for city visitors. 

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