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Cebu to Bohol Schedule

Cebu to Bohol Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Lite Shipping Tourist Sitting 01:00 - 03:00₱ 480
Cebu Pacific Economy 05:40 - 12:10₱ 11,565
Oceanjet Open-Air 06:30 - 07:45₱ 620
Supercat Economy SPR 08:00 - 10:00₱ 920
Oceanjet Business Class 11:45 - 13:00₱ 945
Oceanjet Open-Air 13:00 - 15:00₱ 945
Oceanjet Business Class 14:00 - 16:00₱ 1,400
Oceanjet Open-Air 16:20 - 18:10₱ 945
Lite Shipping Tourist Sitting 19:00 - 21:00₱ 480
Lapulapu Shipping Lines Economy A 21:00 - 02:00₱ 490
Lite Shipping Standard A 22:00 - 02:00₱ 480

How to get from Cebu to Bohol

How to get from Cebu to Bohol
Both provinces of Cebu and Bohol are located in the Central Visayas region. When speaking about travelling from Cebu to Bohol, we mean actually getting from Cebu City, on Cebu Island, to Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol island, if travelling by ferry, and from Cebu City to Panglao island airport – if travelling by air.

The most obvious, straight-forward and time-saving way to get from Cebu to Bohol is to take a ferry. Yet travelling by air is also possible though does not make much sense.

What is the distance between Cebu and Bohol?

The distance between Cebu City and Bohol is approximately 90 kilometres.

What is the fastest way to reach Bohol from Cebu?

The quickest and most convenient way to get to Tagbilaran is via the fast ferries which can get you there in just a couple of hours.

Is it possible to fly from Cebu to Bohol?

It is. Flying is technically possible but you will have to make a layover in Cagayan de Oro, Manila or Davao what makes it a worse choice.

What is the estimated cost of travel between Cebu and Bohol?

Fast ferries fares range between PHP400 and PHP1000.

Air tickets can cost between PHP3000 and PHP14000 one way.

How to get from Cebu to Bohol by ferry

By far the most common and fastest way to get to Taglibaran on Bohol is by fast ferries.

How many trip a day there are between Cebu and Bohol?

There are almost two dozens of ferry departures between Cebu and Bohol on a daily basis.

What time of the day do ferries leave for Bohol?

There are departures all day through the evening with the earliest ferry leaving at 5.10 am and the latest ferry of the day setting on for a trip well after dark at 8.40 pm.

Which ferry companies serve Cebu–Bohol route?

These are the main companies operating Cebu–Bohol route:

Ocean Jet

Ocean Jet operates from Pier 1 in Cebu and has the highest number of ferries heading to Tagbilaran from 5.10 am to 8.40 pm.

SuperCat via 2Go

SuperCat via 2Go also have daily trips and operate from their own SuperCat pier in Cebu.

The number of departures depends on the day of the week. In most cases the earliest departure is at 5.50 am, the latest – at 6 pm.


Weesam offers less ferries a day – at 5.50 am, 11.20 am, and 3.30 pm.

How long does a ferry trip take?

No matter the operator, travel time should take two hours in average.

How much do ferry tickets from Cebu to Bohol cost?

Ocean Jet offers three fare categories, the open-air that costs around PHP600; the tourist class slightly more expensive at PHP800; and the business class that sells for about PHP1300.

SuperCat has tourist class ticket for PHP550, and business class for PHP850.

Finally, Weesam has cheap non-aircon cabins for PHP400, while air-conditioned tourist and business class ones are priced similarly to SuperCat.

Notes for travelling by ferry

All the ferries plying Cebu-Bohol route are totally comfortable and some have an open-air deck where you can enjoy the breeze and the seascape during your journey.

How to get from Cebu to Bohol by plane

Even if it makes little sense, flying from Cebu to Bohol is also possible.

The old airport in Tagbilaran does not accept flights any more. Now Bohol’s main airport is located on Panglao island and is called the New Bohol International airport, or Panglao Island International airport.

Cebu Pacific flies from Cebu to Panglao island several times a week. The flight time itself is around 2 hours but you need to factor a layover in Cagayan de Oro. Fare usually ranges between PHP3000 and PHP4000.

Philippine Airlines also serve this route with a layover of several hours in Manila or Davao. Tickets costs between PHP3,200 to PHP14,000 one way.

Transportation from Cebu to Bohol

Cebu to Bohol Destination Reviews

This our 3rd ferry boat ride in the Philippines but this was the worst experience. I am not sure if it was the ferry line or the boat that made the difference but the A/C wasn't fully working and the entire boat smelled like sewage to say the least. The ferry was also 30mins late. What made it more tolerable was that the crew put on a movie.
Ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), May 30, 2023
Good boat ride. Chair to narrow for seating.
Ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat (Supercat), May 27, 2023
Much easier than I was anticipating based on the instructions. I arrived just 25 minutes before departure time due to traffic and was worried I'd be too late, I was then a bit confused to see the office closed. Luckily a helpful local pointed me KN the right direction, with the prebooked ticket and voucher I could straight into the terminal bulling, pay my 25 pesos local tax, check in my bag (60 pesos) and get straight on the ferry. No issues with my luggage een though I was a bit nervous leaving it. The boat was comfortable, especially in business class which was nicely air conditioned. Bags were unloaded quickly at the other end.
Ferry Business SPR, Supercat (Supercat), May 18, 2023
too much air conditioning, boat left more than 45 minutes late
Ferry Business Class, Lite Shipping, May 17, 2023
Ganda ng dagat. Kaso katagal nagstart ng makina. We waited more than an hour for it to start.
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Apekoptravel (Apekoptravel), May 12, 2023
Business class has extremely comfortable seats! Definitely worth the extra money
Ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), May 12, 2023
On time easy and check in. Tv loud and air conditioning cool. Seats have little leg room for Europeans. Still need to print travel documents which is a waste of paper. No ID checked so carried passport unnecessarily. Smell of fuel in seating area before left pier.
Ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat (Supercat), Apr 9, 2023
Booking was a mission - your site didn’t show any Ocean Jet sailings for the day I was traveling (even though there were many), too much information is required unnecessarily, the payment stage is completely stupid - if you select ‘other’ as your country, the payment is compulsorily processed in euros even though all the prices are shown in local currency. And you’re based in Singapore! WTF?? The nonsense that goes on at the pier is a joke - a couple of surly ‘baggage handlers’ basically make up the fee, which is inflated so they get extra. A total con job.
Ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat (Supercat), Apr 6, 2023
Great support and customer service. Staff helped as we moved to different view areas. We arrived on time and our luggage was readily available. Wish I knew the pork noodles we bought at the terminal was not allowed on Bohol but that was my mistake. See you on the return ride. Thomas
Ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat (Supercat), Mar 27, 2023
Great staff, unfortunately the boat was broken and we had to wait 2 hours + for the replacement. All in all we Made it to panglao
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Apekoptravel (Apekoptravel), Mar 24, 2023
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