Siem Reap to Kratie @ bus Jan 22, 2018

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From Siem Reap AVT to Kratie by bus

Siem Reap AVT
Kratie AVT
8h 30m

Passenger reviews out of total 19 passengers traveled with us on this route

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★★★★★ Nov 18, 2017 (van Regional, Asia Van Transfer) :
Well organised and good value

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Where do you book tickets Siem Reap - Kratie? How long is the Siem Reap - Kratie route? It takes on average 8h 30m by van, depending on operator and vehicle. The route is going over a distance of 259 km. Having 1 departures to Kratie, 12go gives a choice of 1 operators for Siem Reap - Kratie route. Earliest departure goes at 08:00, while the latest is 08:00 local Cambodia time.

Operators serving the route Siem Reap - Kratie are Asia Van Transfer. Cheap ticket for Siem Reap - Kratie by van is $ 24.98 (US $ 24.98) by Asia Van Transfer (8h 30m), while most expensive fare and presumably best would be $ 24.98 (US $ 24.98) by Asia Van Transfer which takes 8h 30m on schedule. Some operators provide snacks, others stop at a foodcourt on the road (some also include it in the ticket price).

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The Greater Mekong Subregion including Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, experiencing difficulties in the development because of poor infrastructure and roads. At this time the officials develop a plan for development of the Subregion.

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