Krabi to Bangkok @ train, bus, flight Dec 21, 2017

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From Krabi Bus Terminal to Bangkok by bus

Krabi Bus Terminal
Southern Terminal, Bangkok
Krabi Bus Terminal
Southern Terminal, Bangkok
12h 35m

From Krabi Bus Terminal to Bangkok by bus+train joint ticket

Krabi Bus Terminal
Suratthani Train station
Instant Refund
This connection is managed by the operating company. You will be transfered between the trips.
Hua Lamphong, Bangkok
11h 53m
Total duration
17h 30m

From Ao Nang any hotel to Bangkok by taxi

Ao Nang any hotel
Bangkok any hotel
  vehicle, all incl
Ao Nang any hotel
Bangkok any hotel
  vehicle, all incl
Ao Nang any hotel
Bangkok any hotel
  vehicle, all incl
Ao Nang any hotel
Bangkok any hotel
  vehicle, all incl

From Krabi Andaman Wave Master to Bangkok by bus

Krabi Andaman Wave Master
Khao San Songserm, Bangkok

From Krabi Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport by flight

Krabi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
1h 25m
Krabi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
1h 20m
Krabi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
1h 25m
Krabi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
1h 25m
Krabi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
1h 20m
Krabi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
1h 25m

From Krabi Airport to Don Mueang Airport by flight

Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 35m
Instant 10kg
Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 25m
Instant 15kg
Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 20m
Instant 10kg
Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 30m
Instant 10kg
Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 25m
Instant 10kg
Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 55m
Instant 10kg
Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 25m
Instant 15kg
Krabi Airport
Don Mueang Airport
1h 30m
Instant 10kg

Adventures @ Bangkok

Damnern Saduak Floating Market
฿ 600
Paradive Travel
Damnern Saduak Floating Market
Laser Tag session
฿ 650
Lazgam Laser Games
Laser Tag session
฿ 1,650
Co Van Kessel Bangkok Tours
฿ 950
Co Van Kessel Bangkok Tours
฿ 950
Co Van Kessel Bangkok Tours
Floating Market and Kanchanaburi
฿ 1,200
13h 30m
Paradive Travel
Floating Market and Kanchanaburi 06:00

Getting from Krabi to Bangkok

How to get to Bangkok from Krabi

The most convenient way to get to Bangkok from Krabi is by bus, but railway types can also make a combined bus+train journey, though it is not the most obvious and fastest way to get to the capital.

From Krabi to Bangkok by bus

Bangkok-bound buses leave from either from Nuea Khlong which lies 15km from Krabi by the Krabi international airport, or from Krabi bus terminal near Talat Kao, about 4km north of Krabi. In Bangkok buses arrive either to Southern bus terminal, Sai Tai Mai, located on Phutthamonthon Sai Road in Thonburi district on the western side of the Chao Phraya River, or to the Northern Bus Terminal, Morchit, which has better public transport connections with the city. There are express and VIP24 buses of Lignite company, which cover the distance between the two cities in about 11 hours and go to Sai Tai Mai. An express bus ticket cost THB 664, while VIP24 is more expensive at THB 970. There is a morning bus at 8am, which is a worthy option for those who want to get off on the route (e.g. in Hua Hin), but to get to Bangkok itself afternoon buses (4.10pm and 5pm) are a much more convenient option. Note that both of them arrive to Bangkok in the small hours, so arrange your lodging in advance, or, if you are connecting further to the north, opt for morning buses.

All buses provide snacks, air-conditioning and blankets and make several pit-stops along the route at large gas stations with convenience stores, cafes and toilets.

Getting from Krabi to Bangkok by train

Though there is no railway line anywhere near Krabi Town, you still can make a combined bus+train journey from Krabi to Bangkok. The Thai southern railway line goes from Bangkok to Suratthani, and the closest railway station to Krabi is the one of Suratthani. It is located in the town of Phun Phin, some 150 km from Krabi Town. To get there, you will need to make a three-to-four hour bus journey, so in most cases this is not an option to consider unless you wish to savour a bit of local life in Suratthani itself. The majority of buses are standard AC ones with prices around THB 180 per person. Book your bus ticket from Krabi to Suratthani here.

Trains from Phun Phin (Suratthani) to Bangkok arrive to Hua Lamphong Station. There is a morning 2nd class AC seats only which is also the fastest one covering the distance between Bangkok and Suratthani in 9 hours (and for THB 858). The rest of the batch are slower (up to 12 hours) and depart in the afternoon and in the evening at 4.40pm, 5.35pm, 6.37pm, 8.35pm, and 9.05pm. Even if slower than buses, trains offer the most comfortable ride, depending on which ticket you book. The top choice is an AC 1st class sleeper (the most convenient of which is #84 and #86 at 9.05pm and 6.37pm (both THB 1589). Second class sleepers are also air-conditioned and provide beds that fold out of your seating upon request or in the evening. These tickets cost from THB 998 to THB 1, 058 and while they may not be as private as 1st class, they are still very comfortable. The fan sleeper carriage works pretty much the same as a normal sleeper but excludes air conditioning and gives you an arguable opportunity to take in countryside smells along the trip. Fan sleepers cost 758 THB per person.

Tip: The lower berths are the first to sell out. Book them as much in advance as possible. They are also considerably wider than the upper ones. If you are travelling with a baby, opt for the lower berths by all means.

Why make a stopover in Suratthani?

Suratthani makes a good base for exploring the nearby areas which are rarely visited by tourist and can give you a taste of real Thailand. Visit Ban Phum Riang fishing village where Muslim women weave wonderful red, yellow and black silk cloths or make a romantic evening cruise along Tapi River, partly overgrown with mangrove forests. There is a monkey training centre 13km from Suratthani in Kanchanadit district; and if you have enough time and arrange your own transport you can go exploring the interior of the vast province. Suratthani is a true gem as far as the street food is concerned; its cuisine showcasing a great variety of Southern dishes and traditional Muslim curries.

From Krabi to Bangkok by plane

More than reasonable prices for air tickets offered by several low-cost carriers on Krabi-Bangkok route make a serious competition to overland travel between the two cities. If you have to choose whether to fly to or from Krabi, go by land from Bangkok to Krabi and fly from Krabi to Bangkok: it is ok to survive a long journey if you have a lazy vacation ahead of you; and spending 12+ hours on a bus seat from Krabi to Bangkok after a relaxing holiday may feel even more tiresome than it actually is. Flying time from Krabi to Bangkok is short – 1½ hour only – and if you are lucky with the weather (you are most likely going to be), then you will have a chance to admire those amazing karst formations Krabi famous for from above.

Thai Lion Air makes four flights a day from Krabi International Airport to Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok. There are two morning flights at 8.40am and 9.30am, one afternoon flight at 1.30pm and one evening flight at 6pm. In low season there are deals under THB1000, which is a real bargain as this price includes 15 kg of checked-in luggage and 7 kg of cabin luggage. Early birds can get the same prices all year through, though when buying your air ticket just a couple of days in advance may set you back THB2500-THB3500.

Krabi International Airport lies 15 km to the northeast of the city centre and about 30 km from Ao Nang. There are air-conditioned airport shuttle buses from both of these locations (THB90 and THB150 respectively) to the airport. There are public songthaews from Krabi Town to the airport (THB50) or your can negotiate a private ride with one of them (THB250). Motorbike taxis ask less (THB150), but are ok only if you do not have much luggage. The trip to the airport takes about 20 minutes from Krabi Town and 40 minutes from Ao Nang.

Note that Krabi airport has two separate terminals – for domestic and international departures. Shopping opportunities are limited, and there is not much in the sense of restaurants and cafes, either: only a couple of coffee-shops and snack booth is all you can rely on.

In Bangkok Lion Air is based in Don Mueang International Airport to the north of the capital. It is connected to the city by airport shuttle buses (routes A1 and A2). A1 terminates at Morchit bus terminal calling en route to Morchit BTS. A2 heads to Morchit BTS first and then proceeds to Saphan Kwai BTS, Ari BTS, Sanam Pao BTS and finally reaches the Victory Monument (THB30). Travel time depends on traffic and is from 60 to 80 minutes. There are commuter trains between Don Mueang airport and Hua Lamphong train station, too. Trains take about 50 minutes to get from the railway station to the airport and are always a secure bet. Operating time is from 3.10am till 10.15pm.

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★★★★★ Dec 12, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
so cheap! good company
★★☆☆☆ Dec 12, 2017 (bus Intercity, Songserm)
★★★★☆ Dec 12, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
satisfaction, everything on time on this flight from Krabi to Bangkok
★★★★☆ Dec 11, 2017 (bus Standard AC, Phantip 1970) :
Great experience, very kind, helpful and professional staff!
★★★★☆ Dec 10, 2017 (bus Standard AC, Phantip 1970) :
All was ok :)
★★★☆☆ Dec 8, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Vip bus has comfortable seats, but the bus makes too many random stops, especially at the beginning of the journey. The free meal and snacks are not tasty.
★★★★☆ Dec 2, 2017 (bus Intercity, Songserm)
★★★★☆ Nov 30, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Comfortable seats (better than other Vip Buses) lot of space next and in front of you, tv, aircon, they will give you water,coke, milk and biscuits. Driver ok!
★★★★☆ Nov 30, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Bus was good and plenty of leg room and good food at stop on the way. Just a little old and used but still fine. Driver did well and got us to bangkok dispite the flooding.
★★★★☆ Nov 26, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
We were seated at the emergency exit and there was more than enough space. The seats were a little sat trough. Organisation was good and right on time.
★★★★☆ Nov 25, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Great trip but the driver was a bit crazy on the road
★★★★★ Nov 21, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Great flight! We landed sooner than expected, so that’s a bonus :)
★★★★☆ Nov 19, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Seats are very comfortable, can recline far back and still leaving leg room for the person behind you. Legs can go up, there was even a massage button for the chair! TVs on every seat, downfall is it was all in Thai and no English. Snacks were given, as well as multiple drinks and we even stopped for a served dinner. A lot of language barriers which was expected.
★★★★★ Nov 17, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
it's ok. very fast connect
★★★★★ Nov 14, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
We had a wonderful time traveling through Thailand. 12go was very helpful and kept us updated on all changes. Also when we wanted to make changes they were also very helpful.
★★★★☆ Nov 14, 2017 (bus Intercity, Songserm)
★★★★★ Nov 13, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★☆☆ Nov 6, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Buses very comfortable, with blankets and snack. Only 3 stars because the meal stop for dinner was not very good and oly 15min to eat, go to bathroom and shop
★★★★★ Nov 6, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★☆☆☆ Nov 6, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
The flight departured 7:40 not as booked 8:40. we were bot informed about the change and barely cought the flight
★★★☆☆ Nov 4, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Vip bus was old,no the cleanest. Wc too. Another vip bus with free wifi,this havent. Free snack ,cola and.water and.milk. staff good. Drivers can be drive little safest,but here is normal. Next time I will fly.
★★☆☆☆ Nov 2, 2017 (bus Intercity, Songserm) :
Bus pas à la hauteur des images, quasi aucun arrêts, à éviter... même si le prix est engageant...
★★★★★ Oct 27, 2017 (avia Economy, Bangkok Air) :
★★★★★ Oct 20, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★★☆ Oct 8, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
12go was easy to use as a booking cite. The flight was good. The seats don't have much leg space.
★★★★★ Oct 6, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
Great flight with lovely staff and good that checked in luggage included. Very good value.
★★★★☆ Sep 25, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
Trip was OK no particular remarks on this flight from Krabi to Bangkok
★★★★☆ Sep 2, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Seats were spacious, toilet quite ok for a coach, bus was in time, even a bit early. Unfortunately no vegetarian dish for dinner at 10pm, mainly pork and some fish, too spicy for my children.
★★★★☆ Aug 28, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile)
★★★★☆ Aug 25, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★☆☆☆ Aug 24, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
To b honest I find the ground crew of ThaiLion rude and disinterested. Flight crew were ok-certainly not stand out tho.
★★★★★ Aug 23, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile)
★★☆☆☆ Aug 22, 2017 (bus Intercity, Songserm) :
Positives- air conditioning was very cool and blankets were given out. Luggage was kept safe. Toilet stops twice through duration of journey. Negatives- could not get two seats together where both were fully functioning and working. The coach was not very clean and the toilet was awful (it could Be smelt from upstairs). The stop at 1am was the only stop to get food and the coach left late from the bus station.
★★★★☆ Aug 19, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Efficient airport. Nice staff. well organized. The flight was OK and on time.
★★★★★ Aug 13, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
All good
★★★★★ Aug 5, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★☆☆☆ Jul 30, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★★★ Jul 22, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★☆☆ Jul 20, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Pas de usb, heuresement que j'avait manger avent car la nouriture est limite pour un vip..
★★★★★ Jul 17, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
The flight attendants were very friendly!
★★★★☆ Jul 15, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile) :
Pleasant flight. Only complaint is the spare between the seats
★★★★★ Jul 9, 2017 (bus Standard AC, Phantip 1970)
★★★★★ Jul 1, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Very good experience. Well maintained, clean bus. Pleasant and helpful hostess. Complementary snacks and Meal. Timely departure and arrival.
★★★★★ Jun 25, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Our 2nd trip with Lignite. Excellent again. Very comfortable seats. Only 3 chairs in a total row - 2 seats right / 1 on the left. Chairs recline to 270 degrees with huge legroom. Hostess on board with free snack, water and cola. Also included a 20 minute stop-over with free Thai food. Departure and arrival exactly on time. No TV on - No loud music. You can watch movies on private screen with headphone. In the bus only silence. :) Recommended !
★★★☆☆ Jun 22, 2017 (bus Intercity, Songserm) :
Very cheap and effective, but you g et what you pay for. Bus smelled like pee the whole 12 hours. Seats were comfortable enough. Got where I needed to!
★★★★★ Jun 19, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ Jun 11, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile)
★★★★★ Jun 2, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Very comfortable. Good food, nice and quiet.
★★★★☆ May 26, 2017 (bus Intercity, Songserm)
★★★★★ May 21, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★☆☆☆ May 17, 2017 (bus Standard AC, Phantip 1970) :
Endless trip. Old destroyed bus. No one understand any language. The last stop far away from the city center.
★★★★★ May 15, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Airways)
★★★☆☆ May 11, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★★★ May 11, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Todo bien, excelente servicio.
★★☆☆☆ May 6, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
nice to have food and water but bus really smelly (toilet) and trip very long
★★★★☆ May 5, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★★★ May 4, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile)
★★★★☆ Apr 29, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
11pm dinner makes no sense to me
★★★★☆ Apr 26, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
Great service. Nice and easy to organise, check in and board the flight. The staff speak English, which made it easier to board the flight. there were lines for check in, but there was a free counter with three staff just chit chatting. If they were on break, they should not have been at the counter. This was really unprofessional. When we went up to the counter, assuming it was open, the ladies didn't even look up at us or say anything. so we went and stood in the next line over.
★★★★★ Apr 25, 2017 (bus Standard AC, Phantip 1970) :
Will I get a refund since there was no bus?
★★★★★ Apr 24, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile)
★★★★☆ Apr 23, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Very comfortable no problem reserving 1 day before. All on schedule arrive early at morchit.
★★★★☆ Apr 18, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Krabi - Bangkok. Well worth the money. Everything okay, no information in English but I happened to be seated next to a very friendly man who spoke English so no problem for me. Lunch was included which I did not know but very good. The journey for me went very fast because I'm a good sleeper. The bus arrived 21 instead of 20.
★★★★★ Apr 17, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★★★ Apr 15, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Very enjoy the service and reached Bangkok on time.
★★★★★ Apr 13, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Very good bus, large space on the sit and for the foot. Screen with movies in Thai. Staff don't speak english y te really Nice and agreable. Great, we spend a good night. I strongly recommence it.
★★★★☆ Apr 12, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Comfortable seats that reclined, 12go got the exact seats we wanted. Only issues were things out of their control, reading lights not working and no toilet paper.
★★★★☆ Apr 10, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile) :
The trip was great: good check in, boarding on time and take off on time. We even arrived 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. The only problem wad that the Krabi Airport was a mess, there is no order and it is imposible to be sure when your flight is boarding.
★★★★★ Apr 3, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★★★ Apr 2, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Smile) :
Everything was spot on. Check In was smooth, staff friendly and my flight departed exactly on time.
★★★★★ Apr 1, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
Very happy with the service
★★★★★ Mar 31, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★★★ Mar 27, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★★☆ Mar 26, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
★★★★☆ Mar 25, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
It was a good ride! The meal in between was great (first bus ride in Asia for us). Deducted one star because I cannot handle the way Thai people are passing each other on the highway. We got off early because we realized the Northern terminal was way closer to out hostel. That was no problem. Easy! :)
★★★★☆ Mar 25, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite)
★★★★☆ Mar 23, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
All good except the bus was supposed to drop us at the southern bus terminal but it ended up dropping me at the north terminal. Not a huge problem but I'd only worked out buses from the south terminal to get to Bangkok centre. Comfy seat and snacks provided, punctual, clean and a friendly staff member was handing out snacks and instructions. Worth paying a bit more for the VIP bus. Would use Lignite again.
★★☆☆☆ Mar 22, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
It was late 1.5 hours. So had to change all plans. We were lucky that we went to plane
★★★★★ Mar 20, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Nice service, food and space!!
★★★★☆ Mar 17, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★☆ Mar 7, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
The journey was as I expected - very long! Getting on to the bus at Krabi Bus Station was not a problem - very friendly, helpful staff - helped load luggage on to bus and helped me to my seat. Most of the passengers were Thai nationals, however, there were non-Thais on board including myself and even if staff could speak a little English and give basic instructions that would be an improvement - I have learnt a few words in Thai to help with communication so I have made the effort! The bus was as expected - basic but comfortable. There were only two stops for toilet breaks/food on the way - maybe an additional stop would have made the journey even more comfortable. The bus did arrive a little late in Bangkok but I had accepted at the start of the journey that this might happen - the bus arrived approximately 21.15 p.m. Maybe Lignite could revise their arrival time so as to avoid disappointment amongst passengers. Arriving at Bangkok Bus Terminal there were plenty of taxis to take passengers on to hotels etc. Overall, this is a long journey and the bus is comfortable but do not expect luxury.
★★★★☆ Mar 6, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Seats were comfortable, but we arrived with 1,5 h delay.
★★★★★ Mar 2, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★☆☆ Feb 25, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★★★ Feb 23, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★★★☆ Feb 22, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
The flight was on time and the service efficient.
★★★☆☆ Feb 19, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
The bus didn't stop on the Nothern Terminal. The crew wasn't talking an English even a little.
★★★☆☆ Feb 18, 2017 (bus Standard AC, Phantip 1970)
★★★★★ Feb 14, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
Fast efficient and comfortable
★★★★★ Feb 7, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air) :
★★★★★ Feb 4, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★☆☆ Feb 4, 2017 (bus Standard AC, Phantip 1970) :
Old but very comfortable bus. The journey was about 4 hours but went off smoothly. The company were helpful and checked our ultimate destination before we got off and directed us to the wonderfully helpful lady in the office. Able to leave our bags and take a later bus to the train station. All in all Phantip were a reliable company.
★★★★★ Feb 3, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
Good service. For this price.
★★★★★ Feb 2, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Friendly staff, clean airplane, I wish airlines in the USA were run the same way. Will definitely fly AirAsia again!
★★★★★ Jan 30, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite)
★★☆☆☆ Jan 23, 2017 (bus Express, Lignite) :
We wanted to get off but the bus after the bus stopped and left very quickly and we were in the front top of the bus and couldn't understand what she was saying. We told her to please wait and she wouldn't let us or another group of people off the bus when we wanted to.
★★★★☆ Jan 19, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Good journey from Krabi to Bangkok (5pm-5am). Snacks and drinks when we got on. Stopped after about 5 hours for a 20 min break where you can buy food/snacks if you wish. There was a toilet on board which was handy (although got a little smelly if sitting near it). Air con was ok, little cold, but they gave you blankets which was good. Seats were good, not the comfiest but had a footrest and went most of the way back without annoying people behind you. We slept through the free meal as it was around midnight I believe. This is the only downside to the journey. Would've preferred the meal around 9-10pm so we could sleep without disruption for the remainder of the journey. The bus stopped in Mochit before heading to the southern terminal in Bangkok which was handy for us and they let us get off.
★★★★★ Jan 15, 2017 (bus VIP24, Lignite) :
Everything went as planned. Was comfortable. Dropped us off at Mo Chit which saved us a lot of hassle.
★★★★★ Jan 13, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai Lion Air)
★★★☆☆ Jan 12, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
I paid for additional luggage at the time of booking as it's always significantly cheaper. When I checked in in Bangkok I had to pay again for the additional luggage despite my booking confirmation as Air Asia said my confirmation wasn't from them it was from 12Go. I had to pay 4000 Thai Bart. Really disappointed. Other than that - fantastic. How do I apply for a refund from 12Go? Many thanks. Charlie


Direct Qatar Airways flights to Chiang Mai take off

Officials at Chiang Mai Airport welcomed the maiden flight on a new route from Qatar with a traditional water cannon salute on Wednesday morning. The Qatar Airways flight was the first of a four-times a week service which will operate through until May next year.

15 December 2017

Bangkok Ratchaprasong Christmas lights switched on

Tourist authority officials and Bangkok dignitaries were on hand this week when the Ratchaprasong Christmas lights were unveiled. This year’s illuminations include the highlight, and first in Thailand, of 3D lighting shows of Bangkok. The 3D shows are scheduled to take place five times a day until New Year’s Eve.

15 December 2017

Thai rail operator to up train capacities for New Year holidays

A senior Transport Ministry official told reporters the State Railway of Thailand would be increasing passenger train capacities over the New Year holidays. Anon Luangboribun stated that the total daily capacity would be increased to 120,000 passengers for the period between 29 December and 3 January.

14 December 2017