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Manila to Banaue Schedule

Manila to Banaue Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Anis Transport Economy Any time₱ 12,420
Coda Lines 35 seater with CR 21:30 - 06:50₱ 924
Coda Lines 45 seater without CR 22:00 - 07:20₱ 868

How to get from Manila to Banaue

ocated approximately 470 kilometres north of Manila via the Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26, Banaue is famous for its centuries-old rice terraces. It is reachable only overland and there are several bus companies that ply this route on a daily basis. Unless there are some delays, you can expect the travel time to be between 10 and 12 hours.

Buses from Manila to Banaue

Ohayami Trans serves the Manila to Banaue route daily at 10pm from their own bus station in Lacson Avenue, corner of Fajardo St. in Sampaloc. On Friday and during peak seasons, they have an additional trip scheduled at 9.30pm. Bus fare is around PHP600-700 depending on the type of the bus.

Coda Lines Corporation also has buses bound for Sagada that pass through Banaue. If you're located near Cubao, this is your best bet as their terminal is located in Monte de Piedad corner Maryland St. in Cubao. Their buses depart daily at 4am, 8pm, and 9pm and they have both regular aircon and deluxe buses. The former costs about PHP600 while tickets for the latter costs around PHP670. As always, ticket prices can change without prior notice so it is always best to check in advance.

Besides the two bus lines mentioned above, there's another bus company with buses departing for Banaue from Sampaloc, Manila. Stationed at Lacson Ave., cor. Earnshaw St., GV Florida Transport has daily trips at 10.45pm. The fare should be about PHP650. You can also board any bus bound for Bontoc as it also passes through Banaue. An Autobus also has a scheduled departure for Banaue at 10pm .

From Manila to Banaue via Tuguegarao

If for any reason you’ve missed all the direct buses to Banaue, you can hop aboard a bus that departs for Tuguegarao. This destination is served by Florida Transport, Victory Liner, and Baliwag Transit. Get off at the town of Solano in Nueva Vizcaya then take a jeepney bound for Lagawe. From there, there are lots of jeepneys going to Banaue.

In stead of getting off at Tuguegarao, you can also alight at Bagabag junction, ride a bus to Lagawe and then a jeepnet heading to Banaue. Jeepney fare should be between PHP50 and PHP70.

Bus types, onboard service and road conditions between Manila and Banaue

The road between Manila and Banaue is quite good at the moment.

Buses plying the direct route to Banaue, usually make two toilet and meal breaks.

Note that Ohayami buses are not equipped with toilets but they have reclining seats, video facilities, and WiFi onboard. Coda Lines and GV Florida Transport, however, have deluxe buses with toilets, WiFi, and no aisle seats which is a plus if traveling during peak season.

As for safety, you won't have anything to worry about as there are 2 drivers per buses that drive alternately during the trip. Wear warm and comfortable clothes as the air-conditioning can sometimes be excessive.

Transportation from Manila to Banaue

Manila to Banaue Destination Reviews

The bus left at time in Manila, temperature was fine (not freezing!), 2 Stops for toilet
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans (Ohayami Trans), Jan 18, 2023
Good but aircon was too much cold. 10 degrees ! So, We had to ask the driver to adjust it higher.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans (Ohayami Trans), Oct 6, 2022
There was a mix up around seats. We didn’t get the seats that were allotted on the ticket. Also, the e ticket didn’t have the vehicle details. It caused some inconvenience to find these out at the last minute.
Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Apr 14, 2022
Freezing cold in the bus. Not enough blankets. We were sick after the journey.
Bus Super Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Mar 23, 2020
On time, quite comfortable, a bit to cold (air condition) but seems this is normal
Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Feb 24, 2020
It was not bus, but freezer.????
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans (Ohayami Trans), Feb 22, 2020
Ride ok. But not enough space for legs, cantinas where the buses stop are really crappy ones.
Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Jan 27, 2020
Fairly comfortable seats but plastic so every time the driver used the breaks,which was about every 20 seconds, you flew forward so difficult to sleep. A seatbelt would help but there were none fitted. Arrived 2 hours early though.
Bus Super Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Jan 15, 2020
The sit number wasn't followed.
Bus Super Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Dec 17, 2019
Just a little to cold inside the bus but good
Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Dec 16, 2019
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