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Xian to Beijing Schedule

Xian to Beijing Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
China Railway Standing 00:17 - 17:45¥ 217
China Railway Standing 02:14 - 14:36¥ 253
China Eastern Airlines Economy #MU519906:30 - 08:30¥ 666
China Railway Business Class 09:03 - 14:21¥ 1,768
Air China Economy #CA123211:00 - 13:10¥ 3,134
China Railway First Class Seat 12:12 - 16:32¥ 1,028
China Railway First Class Seat 14:26 - 18:37¥ 1,028
China Railway Soft Sleeper 17:25 - 06:12¥ 516
Hainan Airlines Economy #HU733818:30 - 21:00¥ 763
China Eastern Airlines Economy #MU211721:00 - 22:55¥ 2,401
Hainan Airlines Economy #HU753822:00 - 00:20¥ 787

How to get from Xian to Beijing

Anyone needing to travel from Xi’an to Beijing has the choices of flying, taking the train or an intercity express bus. The fastest option is to fly and you will find the cheapest option is the train in addition to also being the most convenient.

How far is it from Xian to Beijing?

From Xi’an to Beijing the road distance is of 929km or 528 miles.

How long does it take to get from Xian to Beijing?

Flying from Xi’an to Beijing takes between 2 and 2.5 hours. The journey on a high speed train takes between 4.5 and 6 hours while the trip on an intercity express bus is expected to take 12 hours.

How much does it cost to travel between Xian and Beijing?

The cost of an economy class ticket from Xi’an to Beijing costs from CNY650 up to CNY2500, with a first class ticket costing up to CNY6500. A ticket on the intercity bus will cost about CNY350 and to travel by train be ready to pay from CNY200 up to CNY600.

How to get from Xian to Beijing by train

Travelling from Xian to Beijing by train is very convenient with 23 direct trains every day. Xi’an Railway Station is served by several local bus routes and Xi’an North Railway Station is on line 2 of the city’s subway system.

How long does it take to get from Xi’an to Beijing by train?

There are 16 high speed trains every day from Xi’an North Railway Station direct to Beijing West Railway Station and the journey takes between 4.5 and 6 hours.

There are another 7 slower trains that depart daily from Xian Railway Station and they take from 11 hours up to 15 hours to cover the distance to Beijing’s West station.

A high speed train is the best option if you wish to complete your journey on the same day. However, an overnight sleeper is the better option if you are not in a hurry.

How much does it cost to get from Xi’an to Beijing by train?

A first class ticket on the high speed train costs CNY900. It costs CNY600 for a second class seat and CNY1800 for a seat in business class. The prices on the slower trains are CNY500 for a sleeper in first class. A second class sleeper costs CNY350 and a hard seat will cost CNY200. All prices are estimate and are only for your reference.

Train travel tips

The Chinese railways begin issuing tickets 28 days before the departure date.

There are dining cars on Chinese trains though it may out a challenge to order as menus are in Chinese only and the staff do not speak any English either.

Western toilets are available on high speed trains, the toilets on the slower trains are only of the squat type, with no paper available so remember to bring your own.

How to get from Xian to Beijing by bus

Currently there is just one bus every day that departs at 5.30pm from Xi’an’s Sanfuwan Long Distance Bus Station bound for Beijing. The bus station is located just east of Xi’an Railway Station with numerous local bus routes stopping here.

On arriving in Beijing the journey ends at Yongdingmen Long Distance Bus Station which is near to Beijing South Railway Station. The station is served by subway lines 4 and 14.

How long does it take to get from Xi’an to Beijing by bus?

It takes around 12 hours to get to Beijing from Xi’an by bus. Note that you will arrive to Beijing early in the morning about 5.30am.

How much does it cost to travel from Xi’an to Beijing by bus?

Bus tickets for Xian-Beijing route should cost about CNY350.

Bus travel tips

You can buy your bus ticket up to 7 days prior to travelling. It is best to book in advance to secure your ticket as there is only one departure per day so tickets can sell out quickly.
There are toilets on board but it is advisable if you can to wait and use the facilities at one of the stops en-route.

Heating and air-conditioning are used when the temperature demand it.

There is no English spoken at the bus stations or on the bus.

How to get from Xian to Beijing by plane

From Xi’an, all flights depart from the city’s Xi’an Xianyang International Airport and fly into Beijing’s Capital Airport.

How to get to Xian airport from the city centre?

From the city centre in Xi’an there are 14 shuttle bus lines in operation. The daily schedule from the main railway station to the airport begins at 4.30am and continues until 2am the following morning. The shuttle costs CNY25, takes around 70 minutes to get to the airport and the buses are frequent at 10-20 minute intervals. A taxi will take around 40-50 minutes to get to the airport and cost CNY120-130.

How to travel from Beijing’s Capital airport to the city centre?

On your arrival at Beijing’s Capital Airport, a taxi to the city centre will take around 70-90 minutes and cost CNY100-150.

The Airport Express Train to Dongzhimen or Sanyuanqiao subway stations will cost CNY25 or you could take one of the 16 shuttle buses that operate. They cost CNY20-30 and take about 70 to 100 minutes to complete the journey.

How long does it take to get from Xi’an to Beijing by plane?

Every day there are 24 direct flights from Xi’an to Beijing and the flying time is from 2 to 2.5 hours.

How much does it cost to fly from Xi’an to Beijing?

Economy class tickets begin at CNY650, costing up to CNY2500. The full price of a business class ticket is CNY6500. This route is one of the most popular ones so the earlier you book your tickets, the higher your chances to score a better fare.

Air travel tips

To get the best deals travel on flights departing early in the morning.

You should also try to avoid travelling at peak periods such as Chinese holidays.

Transportation from Xian to Beijing

Facts about the transport from Xian to Beijing

Cheapest Transport$30
Fastest Transport1h 40m
Earliest Departure12:12 AM
Latest Departure10:30 PM
Departures per day1
Distance878 kilometers
Transport CompaniesAir China, China Eastern Airlines, China Railway