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Phuket to Bangkok Schedule

Phuket to Bangkok Schedule
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BangkokTaxi24 Comfort Any time฿ 11,990
Transport Co Express 18:00 - 06:00฿ 640

How to get from Phuket to Bangkok

Fly, take a bus or travel by bus and train – these are the options you have to get from Phuket to Bangkok. The cheapest way is to take a bus leaving from Phuket Bus Terminal in Phuket Town. A bus ticket will cost you between THB600 and THB1000 depending on the bus class, and the 850 km overland journey will take from 12 to 14 hours. Combination bus-and-train journeys via Suratthani are longer (16 hours) but allow you to take a sleeper from Suratthani. Such combination tickets cost from THB1000 up. Finally, the fastest way to get to Bangkok is to fly. Flying time is 1.5 hour only but consider the time you need to get to and from the airports. In Bangkok, flights from Phuket arrive to both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airport – do check carefully where you flight is going. Airfare starts from THB1000 with low-cost airlines.

From Phuket to Bangkok by bus

The fastest, easiest and most convenient way to get to Bangkok from Phuket is by bus. There are a lot of direct buses heading to the capital any time of the day. We have no idea why choose bus+train journey instead, but if you wish, you can do it, too. You will spend more time and efforts, but – oh, yes – have the benefits of arriving in the centre of the capital (to Hua Lamphong train station) and sleeping in the horizontal position. For some, this may compensate.

Buses from Phuket to Bangkok leave regularly throughout the day from the recently constructed Bus Station 2 Bo-Ko-So Terminal which is located some four km to the north of the Phuket Town’s centre. They take from 13 up to 15 hours to arrive to Bangkok, either to the Southern bus terminal, Sai Tai Mai, which is located on Phutthamonthon Sai Road in Thonburi district on the western side of the Chao Phraya River, or to the Northern bus terminal, Morchit. Check in advance to which one your bus goes. You have a wide choice of 2nd class, express and VIP buses. VIP24 are more expensive but let you travel with much more comfort: there are 3 seats per row which leave you with more space for your legs and elbows. All buses provide snacks, air-conditioning and blankets and make several pit-spots along the route at large gas stations with convenience stores, cafes and toilets. Example fares are THB 664 for the express and THB 1023 for VIP24 (with Phuket Travel). Note that the same terminal in Phuket serves many other destinations, including Suratthani, Krabi or Koh Samui.

Tip: During the peak season it is highly recommended to book tickets in advance.

From Phuket to Bangkok by train

Though there is no railway line anywhere near Phuket, you still can make a combined bus+train journey from Phuket to Bangkok. The Thai southern railway line goes from Bangkok to Suratthani, and the closest railway station to Phuket is the one of Suratthani. It is located in the town of Phun Phin, some 220 km from Phuket. To get there, you will need to make a 4½ hour bus journey, so in most cases this is not an option to consider unless you wish to savour a bit of local life in Suratthani itself. The majority of buses are standard AC ones with prices around THB 230 per person. Book your bus ticket from Phuket to Suratthani here.

Trains from Phun Phin (Suratthani) to Bangkok arrive to Hua Lamphong Station. There is a morning 2nd class AC seats only which is also the fastest one covering the distance between Bangkok and Suratthani in 9 hours (and for THB 808). The rest of the batch are slower (up to 12 hours) and depart in the afternoon and in the evening at 4.40pm, 5.35pm, 6.37pm, 8.35pm, and 9.05pm. Even if slower than buses, trains offer the most comfortable ride, depending on which ticket you book. The top choice is an AC 1st class sleeper (the most convenient of which is #84 and #86 at 9.05pm and 6.37pm (both THB 1539). Second class sleepers are also air-conditioned and provide beds that fold out of your seating upon request or in the evening. These tickets cost from THB 948 to THB 968, and while they may not be as private as 1st class, they are still very comfortable. The fan sleeper carriage works pretty much the same as a normal sleeper but excludes air conditioning and gives you an arguable opportunity to take in countryside smells along the trip. Fan sleepers cost 708 THB per person.

Tip: As Suratthani serves as a base for further travel to the islands of the Gulf, as well as cities of Deep South and Andaman Coast, tickets do sell quickly. If you travel during the high season, consider buying tickets as much in advance as possible.

Note that a combination bus+train journey from Phuket to Bangkok takes longer than a direct bus from the island to the capital (not less than 15 hrs compared to 13 hours), but you can sleep with more comfort while travelling by railway. Both 1st and 2nd class AC carriages give you enough privacy, so a longer journey may proof a better choice at the end of the day.

Have you forgotten anything?

Before you say good-bye to this truly cosmopolitan resort, make sure you have not missed the brilliant opportunity to get acquainted with a bunch of southern islands which are easily accessable from Phuket. Here are some ideas on island hopping from Phuket.

From Phuket to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

Lomprayah offers combined bus+ high speed ferry service from Phuket to the islands of the Gulf. The whole journey takes 6½ hrs to Koh Samui, 7½ hrs to Koh Phangan and 8¾ hrs to Koh Tao.

From Phuket to Koh Phi-Phi

During the peak season there are between 5 and 6 ferries a day linking Phuket to the pristine island of Phi-Phi. Though it gets more and more developed nowadays, the scenery fortunately remains just breath-taking.

From Phuket to Koh Lanta, the Trang islands and Koh Lipe

Ferries going from Phuket to Koh Lanta, the Trang islands and Koh Lipe connect through Koh Phi-Phi. Get ready to jump from one boat to another which is sometimes a bit of a nervous experience.

**Tip: If your are prone to seasickness, get the necessary medicine at hand.

Blogger report: Tugce Ertan (VIP 24 Phuket Travel) 01-Apr-2015 18:30

After a nice holiday in Patong Beach we had to go to Bangkok and so we decided to use the direct bus between Phuket Town and Bangkok. It is a cheap, comfortable and effortless way of getting to Bangkok, plus it means one less hotel night which definitely budget friendly.

How to Get to the Bus Terminal 2 in Phuket

There are three bus terminals in Phuket. First one is old bus terminal off Phang Nga Road which provides minibuses linking Phuket to other major destinations in Thailand. Second one is the new bus terminal on Thepkasattri Road which provides big buses linking Phuket to other major destinations in Thailand and the last one is on Ranong Road (Old Town) which is the local bus station linking Phuket Town to all beaches. Our bus was departing from Bus Terminal 2.

First of all, we needed to reach Phuket Town from Patong. According to your budget you can prefer either the blue songthaews which can be described as big tuk tuks or the easy but expensive taxis. We prefered the songthaew due to our budget and we paid only 50 Baht per person. First we took the blue songthaew (30 Baht) from Patong to Phuket town, and once we were in Phuket Town the driver stopped another songthaew (20 Baht) for us which is going to the bus station. Blue songthaews run every 30 minutes all the way on the beach road in Patong, you can easily catch them but mainly they collect passengers from in front of the police box at northern end of Patong Beach Road. Pink Songthaews, on the other hand, assure transfers between three bus stations but please remember that songthaews work until around 6 pm.

Bus Terminal 2 in Phuket

We arrived at the second bus terminal after a 1 hour trip by two songthaews. When you go inside the terminal there are two short corridors on the left and right hand sides of the entrance which you can buy your tickets or get approvals for your internet reservations and obtain the hard copy of your bus ticket. The terminal has a mini market and some kiosks where you can have something to eat or drink. If you don’t like these options you can try the small local restaurants which are located in the terminal’s garden. We tried Coffee House at the end of the restaurants. They serve a good variation of coffees and snacks. Plus, the only air-conditioned place with a decent wi-fi is this place. You should use the toilet in the terminal for just 3 Bahts since the toilets in the buses are not in very good condition. (Just 3 bahts)

Registering Luggage

We kept our luggage with us until the departure time because we were warned about not to let our luggage unattended in the bus’ trunk. Before getting on the bus, we registered our bags on the small white desk near our platform and then gave them to the trunk. Of course, we watched them until they were put in properly. They attached a tag to our bags on the desk but then never asked us to confirm when we were getting off. 

Bus Trip

There are mainly two storey buses in Thailand, besides the driver compartment, they have a small number of seats at the lower deck. Most of the seats are on the upper floor. You can get VIP bus tickets or cheaper bus tickets. The difference between a VIP and a normal bus is the number seats. The VIP has around 30 seats whereas the cheaper bus has more than 40. So it means a VIP bus has wider seats with very wide leg space. We bought our tickets 7 hours before the trip on from Phuket Travel Company for 18:30 VIP bus.
Bus departed 2 min early according to universal Iphone time but 6 minutes late according to bus’ time. Anyway, since you should be at the terminal 30 minutes before departure it won’t be a great matter. There was a packaged blanket and a bottle of water placed neatly on every seat. Also, the air conditioner was working before the departure. The blue seats were very big and comfortable with a wide leg space. With this space they are able to recline almost to become a bed. Also there was an adjustable part for the legs which provides a comfortable journey. There are lights and air conditioning at the top of every seat. You can close your air conditioning but the lights weren't working.

Ten minutes after the departure the formally dressed hostess stopped in every seat and asked us where we were going to note them down on her folder. Once this is finished, she brought a basket of snacks from downstairs and gave us a complimentary set of two cakes and a fruit/vegetable juice. There were two types of cakes boxed and stamped in a transparent box, one with banana flavor, the other with some colorful candies on it. We liked them both. The trash of these goodies however, were never collected. After these snacks, the lights are turned off until the break which is odd because it’s just 7 pm. Also there were two flat screens on our deck but they weren't turned on once and there were no electric plugs or USB ports to charge electronic devices.

The trip went smooth but the air conditioning was very cold. First I thought why they gave us wool blankets on 35 degree weather but then I understood. The blankets were freshly washed and felt very clean when the package was removed. They also keep you warm.

After 6 hours road, we took a break for a complimentary meal at 00:30 am in Chumphon. The break was just 20 minutes and the food is traditional Thai food. If you are not fond of Thai cuisine, you can find some other things to eat in the night bazaar at this stop. You should be cautious in that crowded place. The buses are alike, you should memorize or take a picture of the plate of the bus in order not to misplace the bus. Also you should be in a hurry since the break is short for dinner and toilet.

The complimentary meal is served in the dining saloon where you are seated at a table with people you don’t know according to your bus company. They serve traditional Thai plates with chicken, fish and vegetables on every table. They also give you a cup of rice and you turn the table as you wish to take some food from the middle to your plate. The toilets are not very clean, they lack toilet paper so be sure to take your own.
The toilet on the bus was frequently used by the passengers however every time the door was opened a bad smell was upon us. Also the toilet itself didn't seem very appealing to me, I just took a photo.


We arrived in Bangkok after 12 hours and the hostess woke us up – You! Bangkok! We took our bags and hit the road again. According to the ticket we should be on the southern bus terminal in Bangkok so we had made a plan to get to our hotel but then we realized that they dropped us on northern bus terminal Mochit. We don’t know if they are going to also southern station but she never asked us which station we were going to. But then again, she didn’t speak English. Maybe you should approve in advance which terminal the bus is going.

Bangkok North Bus Terminal

It was better for us to be dropped in Mochit as it is closer to our hotel, however be aware that people speak very little English, so come prepared to take the necessary public bus to your destination or have your hotel’s address written in Thai. If you are Western, taxi drivers are most likely going to try scamming you by asking a lot of Money. Insist on turning on the taxi meter. Otherwise, you can take a public bus for 15 Bahts to Chatuchak Station and take the sky train from there. Also there are small buffets and Seven Elevens in the terminal where you can get something for breakfast.

Over all, this was a comfortable and smooth journey. It is highly preferable fort his route.

Transportation from Phuket to Bangkok

Phuket to Bangkok destination reviews

Bus Express, Bus Express, Nov 24, 2020
The trip was nice, a bit delayed didn’t leave on Mark, but wasn’t too bad
Bus Express, Bus Express, Oct 15, 2020
The rest stop was very poor and the metal frame in the front seats was very uncomfortable.
flight Economy, Bangkok Air, Mar 23, 2020
it was great! comfortable plane, tasty snack. I only have compliments!
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet, Mar 13, 2020
It's very nice and accommodating in the check in area. We are a bit worried because our electronic ticket says: we need to print the ticket before boarding and we didn't able to do so. It turned out good and everything alright as long as we ready the ticket itinerary on our mobile phone upon check in. No long lines of que and friendly staff.
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet, Mar 5, 2020
People are nice and fast hope to use again in the future thanks
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet, Feb 28, 2020
Great trip
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet, Feb 23, 2020
Good. Clean. Staff are strict and concerned with how many bags and weight. If not for that than I would have given them five stars.
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet, Feb 15, 2020
Plane arrived and left on time. The price was good and the journey pleasant. I even had a choice of aisle or window seat.
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet, Feb 13, 2020
On time, no problems. Recommended,
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Jan 31, 2020
Everything was fine.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 31, 2020
We took the Express Bus asuming that it will be a premium travel option. Im fact this is not the case. Express doesn't mean you will drive from A to B in a fast way. The Bus stops every 30 minutes to pick someone up along the way or to collect some strange parcel from the street. This leads to a delay of almost 3 hours! On bookig confirmation time was estimated to be 11h - the trip took us 13,5h! Furthermore you only have two stops where you're allowed to go outside. One after 1h (what doesn't make any Sense) and one after 10 hours. You need to brace yourself because you definitely don't want to use the toilet on the bus. The door lock was broken, cabin was full of crap, no water and very dirty. You're not meant to go on this toilet anyway since all you get on this daytrip is a small bag of coockies and 500ml water. - bring your own food and water - wear long clothing (AC is freazing cold) - bring your own toilet paper Only positive thing is that provide USB power outlets on every seat. If you have any chance to travel an other way - use it!
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