Refundable Recommended
JP Jaipur
4h train ride
DEC Delhi Cantt
Refundable Recommended
JP Jaipur
4h 30m train ride
DEE Delhi Sarai Rohilla
Instant Recommended Fastest
JAI Sanganeer Airport, Rajasthan
55m flight #AI9644 with Air India in Economy
DEL Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi

Jaipur to Delhi Schedule

Jaipur to Delhi Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper 02:00 - 07:45₹ 707
Shrinath Transport Agency AC Sleeper 04:15 - 09:15₹ 809
Indian Railways CC - AC Chair Class 06:00 - 10:30₹ 902
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 08:50 - 14:55₹ 632
Jet Airways Economy #9W976810:35 - 11:45₹ 8,030
Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper 12:50 - 18:35₹ 707
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 14:35 - 22:05₹ 632
Indian Railways SL - Sleeper Class 16:25 - 22:30₹ 662
Jet Airways Economy #9W225620:00 - 21:10₹ 8,030

How to get from Jaipur To Delhi

There are several means of transport from the Pink City of Jaipur, a popular tourist destination to Delhi, India’s capital city; one can take a flight, a train, a bus or even a private car or taxi. A flight is the fastest way to get from Jaipur to Delhi while a bus is the cheapest and also the most convenient as there are several bus stops in each city.

How far is Jaipur from Delhi?

By road, the distance between Jaipur and Delhi is 268 kilometres, while by rail the distance is 288 kilometres. The flying distance is 241 kilometres.

What is the fastest way to get from Jaipur to Delhi?

It’s faster to go by road, as a road journey takes just under five hours (with minimal stops) while a train journey can take up to eight hours. A flight would take just under or just over an hour.

How much does it cost to get from Jaipur to Delhi?

Flight tickets from Jaipur to Delhi are comparatively cheap as they cost between INR 1500-5000. Train tickets for upper classes cost between INR 900-1500 while bus tickets cost only around INR 500.

How to get from Jaipur to Delhi by plane

Both budget airlines like Indigo and SpiceJet and regular carriers like Jet Airways fly the Jaipur to Delhi route. They are similarly priced - a regular carrier may charge INR 500 more. However, budget airlines will not serve meals or snacks on board; passengers will have to buy them from the in-flight menu if they want refreshments. Regular airlines will serve complimentary snacks or meals, depending on the time.

All airlines allow between 15-20 kg of free check-in baggage.

How much does a flight from Jaipur to Delhi cost?

Depending on when you book your tickets, a flight from Jaipur to Delhi can cost anywhere between INR 1500-5000. For the lowest fares, book flights which will fly in the middle of the day as early morning and late night flights are in heavy demand by people travelling for business.

How long does it take to get to Delhi from Jaipur by plane?

Flights take between 50 minutes and an hour and ten minutes to fly the route, but one must also account for check-in, security and waiting times when calculating travel time.

How to get from Jaipur to Delhi by bus

It is a popular route plied by several trusted bus companies like Mahalaxmi Travels, Gold line Super Deluxe and Shakti Travels, all of which have luxury air-conditioned coaches, and private bus companies. There are departures all through the day or night.

One can choose between air-conditioned and non-air conditioned coaches. Most air-conditioned coaches have comfortable seats.

What is the price of a bus ticket from Jaipur to Delhi?

Bus prices cost between INR 250-600 depending on the company you choose and whether you opt for air-conditioned or non-air conditioned coaches. In the summers (April to June) it’s best to pay a little extra and take an air-conditioned coach for comfortable travel.

How long does it take to get from Jaipur to Delhi by bus?

Travelling from Jaipur to Delhi by bus will take five to seven hours and the road is smooth as the route involves travel on two national highways. There will be two to three bathroom or snack stops along the way.

Tips for bus travel from Jaipur to Delhi

Bathrooms on the route may not be very clean. Be sure to carry your own toilet paper and sanitizer.

Snacks are not available on board, but one can request water. One can also purchase snacks when the bus stops as it will typically halt at small restaurants or near kiosks.

Some buses will have overhead television screens which will show local films and tv shows in the regional language.

How to get from Jaipur to Delhi by train

There are more than fourteen trains which travel the route so there are frequent departures every day. Direct trains include the Mandor Express, the JSM DLI Express and the Ashram Express. The Swarna J Raj Express is the fastest train, taking four and a half hours.

When booking tickets, it’s also important to be aware that Delhi has several main train stations spread across the city. These are the New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS), the Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station (DEE) and the Old Delhi Railway Station (DLI).

How much does it cost to travel by train from Jaipur to Delhi?

Train tickets from Jaipur to Delhi cost between INR 500-2000 depending on the train and class you choose.

The Indian Railways system has several different compartment types from the First AC to the Sleeper Class.

The best option for the Jaipur to Delhi journey would be the Second Class Ac, which has air-conditioned compartments, serves meals and snacks and only four to six berths per compartment. The ticket prices are reasonable.

Third AC is also an option; compartments are air-conditioned but have more berths than the Second Class and are therefore nosier and more chaotic. However, since the journey is just a few hours, these factors can be tolerated.

The Sleeper Class does not have AC and it’s not advisable to travel by it in the summer. The tickets are much cheaper than the air-conditioned compartments, however, so it’s a good option in winters.

How long does the train journey from Jaipur to Delhi take?

Generally, the train journey from Jaipur to Delhi takes between four to six hours.

Jaipur to Delhi destination reviews

31 customer reviews
77% of 31 travelers were presumably happy with this destination
train #12985 EC - Extended AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Aug 4, 2019
Super easy to get to. Great service, clean and safe
charter Comfort, TravelODesk India, Jun 12, 2019
We were very happy with the service of our two previous journeys with 12go. However, our journey from Jaipur to New Delhi was not quite the same. The journey was very stressful, as were pulled over by the police for an unknown reason, our driver had a heated argument with the staff at first toll station, we did 2 u-turns on a busy motorway and load was being played the entire time which made it impossible to relax. We also had to call to receive notification of this journey as we had not had any confirmation it was going to arrive, unlike our other journeys. We wouldn’t want this for future passengers.
train #15013 2S - Second Sitting Class, Indian Railways, Apr 30, 2019
We booked and paid for a seat but it seems like we are the only ones that did. Everyone else on the train seemed to be travelling for free and sitting where they liked. We had to share our seats with 4 other people none of whom had tickets. We were also the only ones that had our tickets checked.
train #12016 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Apr 3, 2019
This was our second AC CC journey - Jaipur to Delhi. Again wonderful service and never ending supply of food and drinks. The carriage may not be a 2019 model, but the seats were comfortable and there is plenty of leg room. Looking forward to our next booked journeys
train #12016 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Feb 24, 2019
Chairs were comfortable and booking system good. But food trays really not clean which was off-putting. Food itself a bonus!
train #19031 1A - AC First Class Sleeper, Indian Railways, Sep 21, 2018
Signs are not clear. No indication of station of arrival. The Beth and room was OK.
train #12016 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Apr 22, 2019
On time, nicely fed on board, comfortable coach.
train #12957 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper, Indian Railways, Apr 14, 2019
train #14312 2A - AC 2-Tier Sleeper, Indian Railways, Apr 12, 2019
Great trip.
charter Van Family 6, TravelODesk India, Mar 13, 2019
Thank u every thing was perfect
train #12016 CC - AC Chair Class, Indian Railways, Sep 21, 2018
Train on time, wonderful meal and snacks :)

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