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Manila to Daet Schedule

Manila to Daet Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
DLTBCo Regular AC 06:00 - 14:30₱ 892
DLTBCo Regular AC 08:00 - 16:30₱ 892
DLTBCo Regular AC 10:00 - 18:30₱ 892
DLTBCo Regular AC 12:00 - 20:30₱ 892
DLTBCo Regular AC 14:00 - 22:30₱ 892
DLTBCo Regular AC 16:00 - 00:30₱ 892
DLTBCo Regular AC 19:15 - 06:15₱ 892
DLTBCo Regular AC 20:00 - 04:30₱ 892

Transportation from Manila to Daet

  • Buses
    $ 15.91
  • Trains are not avaliable
  • Ferries are not avaliable
  • Flights are not avaliable
  • Taxis are not avaliable
  • Vans are not avaliable

Facts about the transport from Manila to Daet

Cheapest Transport$16
Fastest Transport8h 30m
Earliest Departure6:00 AM
Latest Departure8:00 PM
Departures per day9
Distance425 kilometers
Transport CompaniesDLTBCo

Manila to Daet Destination Reviews

I left my documents at the DLTB terminal Aurora Cubao. I contacted the Hotline numbers, as well as the operator of the bus but no one answered my call. No one is willing to address my concern. My documents are very evident because those are the results of my laboratory testing on my health Condition. Sad to say that your in charge personnel don't have the professionalism on getting touched with the concern of the passed gers. Thank you. I hope I can get positive response on this.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Oct 30, 2023
It was great, I only have one suggestion. The teller in Buendia Station is insisting on having a the online reservation be printed next time we travel, she had successfully confirmed the booking anyway which is great. I just don't see the need to have it printed since the transaction was already made digitized. but it was a great and easy experience.
Bus Greyhound, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Sep 18, 2023
We left at 9pm instead of 7:30 sched. They had to fix the bus. Arrive at 7am which 10hrs. The bus made multiple stops
Bus Greyhound, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Jul 6, 2023
We left pitx on time at 12pm which was perfect but since the bus was not full, the bus literally went to every dltb terminals to get more passengers. I don’t know if this is a protocol but this made our supposed 8.5 hrs time to be 12.5 hrs from 12pm to 12:15am the following morning. And this is without traffic.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), May 3, 2023
The bus has no wiper thats why our travel is 12hrs from manila to daet..its rainy and the bus run slowly because of defective wiper. Next time see to it that the bus is in good condition before using it for long travel.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Jan 6, 2023
Thectrip was longer than expected,
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Nov 30, 2022
Travel time took longer than it should be. Normally it's just 8hrs, ours went 12hrs from pitx to labo Too many vendors are coming up and they are too loud and noisy doesn't care if the passengers are sleeping
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Nov 10, 2022
Comments: (1) We boarded the wrong bus because the bus didn't put a sign (2) The location of the DLTBCo booth to get QR code is at the oppositte side of where the bus is (my mom is a PWD).
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Aug 23, 2022
we booked online but rebooking of travel needs to go to dltb office, i hope you can accomodate thru online.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), Aug 2, 2022
First time to go to PITX and it was around 6:30pm. There’s a lot of people and staff there assisted me on where to go first and directed me to the ticketing booth of the bus company. Ticketing staff assisted me right away since there’s not a long queue. After I got my boarding pass, I ate my dinner since you have many choices on where to eat. The bus is on time and we departed on time, as well. The actual ticket price is around ₱150 less than the price charged when I booked in 12go but that’s fine since it’s my first time to use the online ticketing service. At least now I know where to go and where to book tickets. Thanks 12go!
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo (DLTBCo), May 27, 2022
126 customer reviews

How to get from Manila to Daet?

When you want to get from Manila to Daet, your choices are limited. There is only one option we offer for this route:

  • Bus

How far is Manila from Daet?

The overland distance from Manila to Daet is 265 miles (425 km).
The flying distance is 265 miles (425 km).

How long does it take to get from Manila to Daet?

The travel time from Manila to Daet takes approximately 12 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Manila to Daet?

To get from Manila to Daet prepare to shell out about USD 15.92 for your ticket.

How many trips per day are there from Manila to Daet?

Buses from Manila to Camarines Norte ride 9 times a day.

Useful tips for travel from Manila to Daet

While bus is the only option we offer for this route, these simple tips and recommendations will help enhance your travel experience.


Things to remember before buying your bus ticket:

  • If possible, make sure to choose higher-class buses for a more comfortable travel experience. Such buses often have an air conditioning system, soft reclining seats, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, etc.
  • As with plane tickets, buses are better booked in advance so that you can secure a good seat.
  • While booking a bus, keep in mind that delays are possible. Yet it still pays to get to the bus station at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Do many travellers take bus from Manila to Daet?

Up to now, 4632 booked bus tickets from Manila to Daet through our service. You can check reviews above.