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Thai Railways

How do I know if my ticket is confirmed?

Immediately after the payment you will receive a payment confirmation. In many cases, you will also receive a PDF voucher that will serve as your ticket.

If you have booked a Thai Railway train ticket, after the payment our staff will go to the counter at the railway station to purchase your tickets. As soon as we have your tickets in hand, you will receive a ticket confirmation. Please note that the State Railway of Thailand release their tickets 60 days prior to departure (or, in some cases, 30 days prior to departure).
After receiving the confirmation, you can come to our office and pick up your tickets. You can do this early or choose to come on the departure date. Please pick up your tickets not less than 60 minutes before departure and have your ID with you.

Other operators often do not provide immediate confirmation for their bookings either. Look for the “Instant” badge on our website to find trips that are confirmed instantly.

Where can I pick up my train tickets for Thai Railways?

Tickets for the trains departing Hua Lamphong railway station in Bangkok have to be picked up at our office in the DOB Building opposite the station. Take exit #1 from Hua Lamphong MRT station. The building is only 30 meters away from the exit.

Tickets for the trains departing Chiang Mai railway station can be picked up either at the parcel office inside the train station or 24/7 from the check-in counter in Bossotel, depending on what you selected as your pick-up point. The hotel is right in front of the railway station. You cannot miss it. It is less than a one-minute walk from the station.

Please note that after you have picked up the tickets, we will not be able either refund or change them anymore.

Also see: How train tickets are delivered

Can I travel together with my girlfriend / boyfriend in the same cabin?

Yes, you can. Mixed gender is no problem on trains in Thailand.
If you book a single seat in a VIP compartment with double occupancy, you will be placed together with a person of the same gender.
And 'ladies only' carriages are for ladies only. Just in case you have missed this part.

How are Thai train tickets delivered?

The tickets (the boarding passes) will be printed out on special paper and you will need to pick them up. The possible pickup points include our office in Bangkok, the railway station or Bossotel in Chiang Mai; they can be sent to parcel rooms in a number of train stations in Thailand, too. There is also an option to ship them via post. Please note that we do not ship to islands in Thailand due to a large number of lost tickets.

The pickup point can be selected during checkout.

Is passport number really necessary? Can I change passport details it after purchasing tickets?

Yes, passport numbers are required. Airlines and many other operators do require it to complete the booking. You also need to show your passport when you pick up your Thai train tickets.
However, if you need to change the passport details after purchasing the tickets, you can do it for all bus, van and ferry operators. You can also change the passport details for train bookings. The airlines are more strict about passport details and will not allow changing the details, or will require paying a fee.

We want to sit together. What should we do?

Everybody wants to sit together. We know that. Our employees always try to get the seats as close to each other as possible. Only in very rare cases, the seats will not be adjacent: for example, when a train is almost fully booked and there are only few seats left. The bigger the group, the higher the chance that not all of its members will stay together.

Can I pick up train tickets before the travel date?

Yes, you can. Thai Railways tickets can be picked up anytime after they are confirmed unless you have chosen the option to receive them via post or pick them up at the train station. Please note that after you have picked up the tickets or we have handed them over to the shipping company, we will not be able either refund or change them anymore. If you plan to come days ahead, please notify us in advance and we will have the tickets ready for you. There is no need to pick up bus, ferry or other tickets.

Can I board a train in Thailand with a PDF? Do I have to exchange it?

You will need to come and pick up the old-fashioned paper train tickets at our counters or have them posted to you. You cannot board the train with the PDF voucher.

I got a new passport. Can you change the number?

If you purchased Railway Tickets, and want to pick them up, yes, we can. Simply contact us and we will update the system.

If you need to change the passport details for a flight, this might be more difficult. Contact us and we will check if this is possible.

How II Class sleeper trains look like in Thailand

Please take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkKxEJxef6A

My departure is early in the morning and your counter opens too late. What can I do?

Don't worry. Contact us using the support form below and we will figure something out.

I have put the wrong passport number for one of the passengers. Can you change it?

Yes, we can. If you have made a mistake in the passport number, simply contact us using the support form below and we will update the system.

However, in case you have airplane tickets, it might be much more difficult or even impossible to fix the passport details.

I want to travel more than 2 months ahead. Can you arrange SRT Railway tickets for me?

Yes, we can. You will receive a payment confirmation right away and a confirmation that the tickets are available for pick-up about 8 weeks before departure (4 weeks on 'short' train routes).

Can you send the tickets to me by post?

We offer international shipping with DHL as registered mail. This service costs extra money (depending on the destination) and the tickets will reach you within a few days. If you pick this option please keep in mind that as soon as we enter the tracking number (and send it to you, so you can monitor the shipment) and the tickets are on the way, no more refunds or changes are possible.

We do not offer shipping for trains departing from Hua Lamphong station. Our counters are so close to the station that it does not make sense to waste money on shipping and take the risk that tickets get lost.

We have also stopped the shipping service to hotel addresses on the islands. While the post works very well in the rest of the country, shipments to the islands in the south seem to be cursed and often disappear into thin air or arrive too late. If you plan to depart from a train station other than Hua Lamphong or Chiang Mai we also can send the tickets to the parcel office (cargo department) of your departure train station. This is a cheap and efficient way for you to get your tickets before departure, but please check that you will get to the train station before the office closes. Some parcel offices are not open 24/7. Especially the Don Mueang parcel room closes before most of the flights arrive.

Why does your website show available seats, but when I book you say the departure is full?

The process of getting train tickets is semi-automatic. It still needs a human being to go to the counter at the railway station, wait in line and buy your ticket. It can happen that in the short time this takes all available tickets are sold out. This can happen in only a few minutes. As we are not (yet) connected to the seat inventory system of Railways we show available seats until we get the information from Railways that a train is fully booked. Then we remove this departure on that day. It is a manual process, so the system can still show available seats when you got the message already that your departure is full. Our employees are humans. Sometimes they forget to update the availability. Then they are reminded and it works well for a while. :)

Is there a restaurant / snack bar in the train?

The popular trains usually have a restaurant wagon. If you are going on the following trains you most likely will have a restaurant: 9, 10, 13, 14 (Chiang Mai), 35, 36 (Hat Yai), 25, 26 (Nong Khai), 84 and 85 (Suratthani). If you are booked on a VIP cabin we were told the staff on some trains will try everything to prevent you from going to the restaurant. If you want to enjoy it, just go. You can do this, you are not a prisoner. Beverages are not free on trains. If you order or take something you have to pay for it, even if the staff told you before that it's free. If you are on a special diet or on a small budget you can also bring your own food and drinks with you. State Railways of Thailand does not want to see alcoholic beverages on board. Please remember that nothing you get on the train will be free of charge. We heard that some train crews come along with orange juice at the beginning of the ride and some people thought this is complimentary. It is not!

Can I stay with my friends alone in a class II cabin?

No. Unless you book all 40 seats in a class II railcar. There are no compartments in class II.
If you travel in a small group we will try to get you seats together.

I am traveling with children – how can I book train tickets for them?

Infants below 3 years travel free of charge, but have to share a seat with an adult. Children below the age of 12 years with a height of not more than 150 cm are entitled to a reduced fare (around 10%), but also need to have a ticket. You can buy a normal adult ticket and we will refund the difference in cash when you pick up the tickets, but you have to inform us in advance, so our employees are aware to buy a child ticket. Children are only allowed in lower berths for safety reasons.
Please note that Myanma has different rules for traveling in trains with children:
Children up to 3 years old can travel free of charge if they can share a seat with an adult. However, you will need to pay an adult fare to get a seat for children older than 3 years.

Do they sell alcoholic beverages on the trains in Thailand?

No, alcohol is not sold on trains anymore. You are not allowed to consume any alcoholic drink on board of the trains or in the station.

What is the size of the berths?

The upper berths are smaller than the lower ones. If you are 185 cm or less in height, you perfectly fit in an upper berth. If you are taller than this you should try to get a lower one, where you can comfortably fit in if you place yourself in a diagonal way.

I want to book a train to Bangkok. Is it possible?

As you probably know, Thailand Railway requires physical tickets to board their trains. This means that you need to come to our office in Bangkok and pick up your tickets before traveling.

What should you do if you want to travel from some station to Bangkok?

The best and most secure way is to book tickets and pick them up at our office in advance. If you are not in Bangkok, read the options below;
1) When making a booking, you can select the option to pick up the tickets at the departure train station. We will send the tickets there a couple of days before the departure and you will be able to pick them up at the baggage room;
2) Select Express Mail option to have the tickets mailed to your address in Thailand;
3) Or select international shipping to EU, US or other countries.

To avoid the hotel losing your tickets we ship them in a way that they will arrive a day or two before your departure. If you need them earlier, please tell us.

We do not ship to islands in Thailand anymore. We had too many cases of lost tickets. But then there is the option to have your tickets shipped to the parcel office at the train station you want to start your journey from.

How do I get from Bangkok to Koh Samui by train?

We have various trips available from Bangkok to Koh Samui. There are combo trips available with train+ferry tickets with transfers included in the trip. Kindly search for the station on top of the page, input the desired date and click on "Find tickets".

I want to go to Ayuttaya or Hua Hin. Why don't you have this train connection?

State Railways of Thailand gives priority to long distance tickets. Ayuttaya and Hua Hin are simply too close to Bangkok. State Railways releases such tickets only a short period of time before the travel date, so advance booking does not make sense. We can not provide these tickets online. But we can arrange transportation in minivans or get you a wonderful private transfer.

Does the train leave on time?

Most of the time it does. Usually when you arrive very early there will be a delay, but on the other hand – when you are running late you can almost be sure Murphy's Law strikes and it will have left on time.

Why is my train not bookable?

If your train is not bookable it is either sold out already or you have missed to book on time. Train tickets have to be booked in advance. It is not bookable, so you better look for an alternative. We suggest to look for VIP bus connections or flights instead.

Can I switch seats with my travel companion?

Yes, you can switch seats with your friends as you like.

Are class II sleeper cabins air conditioned?

Yes, most of them are. You can see if the class comes with aircon or fan when you book it. The aircon in the trains or buses could be set to a temperature that would make a polar bear smile, so you better make sure you carry an extra jacket or your own blanket. You can also ask the conductor for an extra blanket.

Why do I have to tell my gender?

State Railways of Thailand has implemented lady-only cars for additional safety for the girls. Only female passengers are allowed inside these cars. Also if you book only one seat in a VIP compartment Railways will sell the other one to a person of the same gender. If you fail to provide the right information you will be refused to board. There is nothing we can do to help. End of story.
Don't try to be funny, State Railways of Thailand is very very strict on this topic.

Does the train arrive on time?

No. You can not expect this. The train will either be a few minutes early or late. Hopefully not with a long delay. Travel times are not guaranteed, but if you book a combo ticket train&ferry with us, we will make sure you get on the next free ferry and transfer to the pier is free of charge. And please make sure you have a window of at least 5 hours between your train arrival time and a connecting flight!

Can my friend/someone pick the Thai Railways ticket for me?

Yes, if you confirm via the support function on the website that you authorize them to do it. We do it for your and for our security, and the person picking tickets needs to sign the tickets upon pickup. This usually has to be payer - we do it to avoid chargebacks from customers claiming they never received tickets; but your authorizing email is also enough to stand as a proof for the bank.

Can I buy a ticket from Bangkok and board at another station?

Yes, of course. If you are able to pick up your ticket from Bangkok, you can board the train from any station on the route.

I want to go to a place in the middle of nowhere. Why don't you have this connection?

We have connections for the major routes in Thailand. If your destination is a small stop somewhere on the way, please book a ticket to the next available station and hop off where you want to.
Some trains in Thailand are free of charge for locals, but foreigners have to pay a small fee. These trains can not be booked in advance. Passengers have to go to the station in person and buy the tickets the same day.

Motorbikes on Thai trains

You can follow a detailed guide at this page here from Rider Chris.

Disabled Passengers on Thailand Railways

Disabled passengers are invited to contact us directly as the availability of services varies between routes and is generally inconsistent. We are happy to check with the railway upon request.

General Questions

How can I contact 12go.asia?

Please first see our support articles and see if your question was already answered.
We do not have any hidden trips,; if something is not on the website it means we don't have it

To contact us directly, please click "Open support case" below the article. Enter your booking number and email address or choose the option "I don't have a booking number".
The support form can also be used to cancel your bookings and download vouchers. To view the list of your bookings, log into the system.

We do not publish phone numbers or email addresses because we are overwhelmed with spam calls/emails. We have decided to automate the process to give more attention to customers in need.

Important! If you are currently experiencing an issue during the trip (e.g. you are not picked up by the driver, you have missed your ferry etc.), the best way to try to solve it is to call the telephone numbers provided in your voucher.

How do I cancel my ticket?

To cancel your ticket, click “Open support case” below. Enter your booking number and email and click on “I want to cancel my ticket”. You'll be offered an option to cancel the ticket if the cancellation is possible.

Each operator has their own cancellation rules which are displayed during the booking process. Click on the “Cancellation” tab at checkout to see them.

Please note that after you have picked up your SRT train tickets or we have handed them over to the shipping company, we will not be able either refund or change them anymore.

How do I change the trip date?

Please see the conditions that come with your particular ticket. If the operator's conditions are met, we are happy to help. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to change your ticket, usually for a small fee.

Some operators allow changing the trip date right through our system; in other cases, you may need to contact us. There are operators, though, who treat changing of the date as a cancellation and purchasing a new ticket; it can be costly.

There is a "flex" option available at checkout for some bookings which serves as a date/cancellation insurance. With this option included, we will change or cancel your ticket in any case (provided there are seats available for the new date).

Do I have to print out anything?

Unfortunately, the answer is usually yes. The first page of the PDF voucher is required by the majority of bus and ferry operators.

For train tickets in Thailand, there is no need to print out the PDF. You need to show a screenshot or tell us your booking number when you pick up the tickets in our office or in Bossotel in Chiang Mai.

SeaTran Discovery Ferry requires a printout of the voucher only at few stations in the Western part of the country. Their main counters accept screenshots as well.

You might still consider printing the first page as it contains a map, the address in the Thai language for your taxi driver and the contact number for your booking.

How much luggage can I bring with me?

Your luggage should be reasonable. Avoid high weights and volumes. A backpack/suitcase and some hand-carry is fine, a sofa, washing machine or fridge does not fit in the bus or is too heavy. In case you plan to travel in a mini bus with more luggage you can keep on your knees or under your seat in a minivan you have to book an additional seat for your bags. Airlines have luggage restrictions that need to be followed. If you have more luggage than you are allowed, the airline might ask you to pay (a quite expensive) fee per kilo.

Do you offer transfer / pick-up services to hotels or between stations?

Yes, we can arrange this for you. If the transfer is not included in your ticket we can organize it for you to get to your hotel or to the next station. Please note that the distance/time we give for transit between two stations is an estimated number. In reality, you may face traffic jams, so it is advised to chose connecting trips carefully. Ferry operators are well aware of the problem of delayed trains and it is usually no problem to catch the next boat if you inform them in advance that you will arrive late. You can check if the connection you need is shown in our system. If it is not please contact our support on the website.

Is my seat guaranteed?

Yes, it is. You will have 'a seat' on the trip you booked as soon as you get your confirmation voucher. The voucher you received shows your booking number and the seat number. Your seat number is guaranteed, unless the bus operator changes the seating in last minute to accommodate a lady/child/monk/handicapped person. If you were able to pick a seat during the booking process you will get it, unless something happened during your booking. In such a case the seat number is taken automatically by the system and you will receive the best seats available at that point. So the seats are guaranteed, the seat numbers are not!

How do I get to the boarding point?

Please take a look at the PDF file sent to you after successful payment. It shows the address of the boarding point in English and Thai language, a picture of the counter and a map with the exact location.

If you are not familiar with the location or you find it difficult to get there you might show the ticket to a taxi driver or ask the staff at the front desk of your hotel to organize transfer to the boarding point.

Where can I print out the PDF vouchers in Thailand?

You can find printers in hotel lobbies, Internet cafes and coffee shops, e.g. True Cafe.

If you are in Bangkok, you can visit our office and we will print out the tickets for you.

Why don't you have child fare options on your website?

We offer tickets for more than 250 operators with over 100,000 daily departures. Almost every operator has a different understanding of how child-fares are defined. No system can reflect this diversity, so please contact us to find out the exact price for your kids on the route you want to travel.

Do I have to pay for the shuttle from the train / bus station to the pier?

Pay attention to what type of tickets you have: combo or joint. Combo tickets (1 ticket for multiple transportations) usually include all the transfers. Joint tickets (joint tickets suggested by the system) do not include a transfer and will notify you about how long is the transfer between stations.

If you book bus/ferry combo tickets with one operator all costs are covered.
If you book train/ferry combos the transfer to the pier is included.
If you book minivan/ferry combos watch out for the station on the map. If it is on the island the ferry is included. Contact us via support if the driver tried to charge you for the ferry.
If you book train and ferry separately please make sure that you select the train station as a starting point for the ferry ticket.
In Suratthani, you can choose from different operators. Please make sure you do not mix up airport, town and railway station. They all might be shown in your search results.
If you travel via Ranong you need to show your ferry ticket at the bus station. You may or may not have to pay for a shuttle to the pier. It depends on your arrival time and the operator. In general, the shuttle service is included in the ticket price, but we experienced sometimes passengers have to pay extra for no reason.

Are the online tickets more expensive?

We try to keep our margins as low as possible and earn on mass sales rather than on high-margin individual sales. There are chances that you paid cheaper than at operator's counter (we may have discount from the operator and use it in your favor). There might be an online booking fee that covers our expenses in case we do not get a discount from the operator. Train tickets are subject to manual handling and therefore require a higher fee. There is no extra fee for (almost all) ferry ticket bookings and the daytrips we offer.

What is 12go Asia?

We're a group of companies registered in Singapore and Thailand providing an e-ticketing platform to passengers and transport companies. Currently, we work with over 250 transport operators in South East Asia. You can see our coverage when you click this link.
The idea behind our work is to make a transparent and easy e-ticketing for mid- and long-haul voyages as well as to cover all possible routing options e.g. ferry, buses, trains, flights, private transfers and minivans.

How many seats are left on the trip I want to take?

After you have selected the trip you see the available seats above the green button. This is the maximum number of seats available for buses. In general, there are more seats available for ferries than shown in our system. For train tickets, this number is not linked to the railway system. It is a number left on the current quota and indicates that there might be seats left. But if our system shows that there are no seats left, then there are no seats left. No need to send inquiries, there is nothing we can do for you.

Can I use 12go.asia from anywhere?

Yes, you can. As long as you have access to the internet you can book from mobile or desktop and pay from every country by credit card or PayPal. The 7-eleven counter service works only inside Thailand for selected operators. Please note that you might need the Verified by Visa transaction code for credit card payments. This might not work if you travel abroad and your phone can not connect.

How should I handle my valuables?

While we deal only with official bus operator that are obliged to guarantee your safety, it is good practice to not put your valuables in the luggage. In our years of experience, we found that when things got missing it was never caused by our operators, but by fellow passengers. Things you store under your seat might be in reach of the person sitting behind you. Watch out.

Is there a discount for children?

This depends on the operator. In general, you can reckon that infants below 3 years of age travel for free if they can share a seat with an adult. Depending on the age and the height of children there might be a (slightly) reduced fare. Contact our support for more details.

Can I buy a return ticket?

Yes, you can easily book the return trip when you book the first trip. Just click the box and select your connection.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Yes, but... most of the operators do not allow animals on board. We have a reliable minivan partner who is very pet-friendly and will allow your 4-legged friend on board, without a cage or anything that would make the trip a torture for your pet. This applies to standard pets that do not need more space than a human would need. Please understand that farm animals, reptiles and dangerous or protected species are excluded.

General Terms and Conditions of our Service

Please check Terms and Conditions here: https://12go.asia/en/terms

Train Tickets in Malaysia (KTM, Malaysian Railways)

Is it possible to cancel KTM train tickets?

Yes. However, it's a subject of approval at the counter. Only they can make the final decision.

To cancel tickets for KTM train in Malaysia, go to a KTM counter and show them the printed out train ticket. When they cancel the ticket they will give you a cancellation receipt. Send us a picture of the receipt and we will do a refund to the account you have used to make the booking.

Can I board KTM train with Just my PDF voucher?

Yes, you can board Malaysian railways train with a printout.

When you purchase KTM ticket, you will receive a confirmation letter, and a little bit later you will receive the actual ticket in a PDF format. Print out the PDF and board the train. No need to check-in at the counter.

Do I need a QR code for KTM train?

Not always. Currently, not all KTM trains in Malaysia are equipped with QR readers. If your train has a QR reader, your ticket will have a QR code. In case tickets do not have a QR code, you will be able to board the train with just the Ticket ID.

Vietnam Railways

When will I receive my tickets for Vietnam railway?

If you made your booking more than 96 hours prior to departure your tickets will be automatically reserved for Vietnam Railways and the booking will be completed by our staff as soon as possible. Bookings on Vietnam Railways made within 96 hours and bookings for all private trains are sent directly to our staff for completion. Please keep in mind that there is likely a 7-8 hour time difference between where you are reading this and Vietnam, so it could be several hours before your tickets are sent. If you have not received your tickets after 12 hours it would be wise to check your spam folder before contacting us.

How long in advance can I book a ticket for a train in Vietnam?

Most routes on Vietnam Railways open 60 to 30 days before departure. Longer routes such as Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City will open closer to 60 days in advance while shorter routes such as Hue to Danang may open closer to 30 days prior to departure. This can vary by the type of seat/berth you wish to book. Private trains are open 60 days in advance.
In the future, we plan to offer advanced reservations to allow you to book before the routes are open and then we will complete the booking for you as soon as they are available but at the moment we are not able to do this.
If you plan on traveling in Vietnam around the Tet holidays which will take place during the last week of January and the first week of February, tickets sales may open as early as the first week of November and we recommend booking as soon as possible.

What if my Vietnam railways tickets are unavailable after I pay?

During the summer high season and a few other times throughout the year, tickets booked at the last minute can become sold out before we have a chance to complete your order. It happens in less than 1% of cases. For Vietnam Railways we will email you a list of possible options and as soon as you reply we will book your alternative. If there is no alternative we will refund you in full. For the private railways, we will automatically switch you to a provider of equal price and comfort level should your desired train become unavailable. There is nothing you need to do in this case, we will simply book the available train for you and send you an email notifying of the change. We promise that there will be no noticeable difference in the quality of service for the new booking.

How does the boarding work in Vietnam trains?

Boarding procedures are subject to many variables such as station, staff, time of day, etc. At times you may have to show your e-ticket to access the platform and then the conductor will scan it onboard the train and at other times you can board without showing your ticket before having it scanned once you are underway. It is possible to board at a station that comes after your initial departure point and you can get off the train at an earlier station but please note that no tickets are ‘hop on, hop off’ tickets.
The process for private trains is a bit different. We will send you a PDF voucher with your confirmation code and you need to present that at the operator's window at the station or office nearby. The voucher will contain directions to the ticket pickup location.

What about luggage in trains in Vietnam?

You can carry your luggage onto the cars and keep it above you or on special racks or underneath your seat. Some travelers secure their bags to the rack with a bicycle lock.

There is no hard limit to the amount of baggage you can bring on the train and you may be surprised by the amount that some Vietnamese families will take with them but be reasonable. Boarding and disembarking from the train can be quite rushed and hectic and unlike other countries, there are no carts and no one to help you with your luggage.

What kinds of classes are available on Vietnam Railways?

There are 3 main types of carriages: 1st Class Sleeper, 2nd Class Sleeper AC and 2nd Class AC Seats Only. Hard seats are available upon special request but it is not advisable for most journeys.

1st Class Sleeper

First Class Sleeper is the highest class on Vietnam Railways and each car is made up of 7 cabins with four berths. You will be provided with pillows and sheets and the cabin should have ample reading lights and electrical outlets. The berths are hardly luxury mattresses but you should be able to sleep without discomfort. During the day, it’s usual for people to sit on the bottom beds and trolleys with food and drinks will come by from time to time. There is luggage storage under the bottom bunk and a large space above the door for additional items. First class cars will have restrooms at one or both ends and they should be stocked with toilet paper and relatively clean at least for the initial departure.

2nd Class Sleeper AC

The 2nd Class Sleeper AC cars on Vietnam Railways have all of the same amenities as the First Class Sleepers except that instead of 4 soft berths in each cabin there are 6 hard berths. The hard berths might be a bit uncomfortable for some and there is not a lot of space between them which may lead to taller travelers feeling a bit cramped. As with 1st Class Sleepers, 2nd Class is always air conditioned, possibly too well air conditioned, so be prepared for that.

2nd Class AC Seats Only

2nd Class AC Seats Only are soft seats which can best be described as well used airplane seats. There will be limited luggage space under your seat or overhead and often tickets are sold for “seats” on the floor of the isle where people will sit on small stools. We do not recommend booking a soft seat for an overnight journey but for daytime trips they are perfectly acceptable. The cars will have a couple of power outlets spaced along the walls and toilets at either end. The toilets are separated from the air-conditioned part of the car and the area outside of them serves as a default smoking section. The bathroom is an Asian style squat toilet which is basically a hole in the floor. There will not be toilette paper so bring your own.

Will the Vietnamese train arrive on time?

Vietnamese trains are not always on time. Often there is a delay, sometimes several hours. Do not plan your connecting flight without a significant break between train arrival and your next departure.

Traveling with children in Vietnam trains

Children under 6 free, aged 6 to 9 get a 25% discount for sleeping berths and seats, 10 and over full price. Children are only free if they share a seat/berth with you. For this case, you do not need a ticket for the child just be prepared to show their passport to prove age when boarding. If you want the child to have their own seat you will need to book a ticket for them as normal and we will apply a discount of 25%.

What is the railway like in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, all railways are government run but they have allowed private companies to furnish and service luxury cars which are attached to the state trains. Tracks span the length of the country and generally run near the coast which can make for nice views. Nearly all major tourist destinations can be reached by train and in most cases, it is faster than taking the bus and certainly more relaxing. One of the only popular places unreachable by train is Dalat in the central highlands which one can get to by bus or plane. Short delays are not uncommon but often trains are able to make up the lost time and arrive on time.

Can we leave things at the station for storage in Vietnam?

Luggage storage varies from station to station and at many, the “luggage storage” is handled by the women selling drinks in the corner. When organizing your travel we would not recommend on planning to store your luggage at the station for any significant amount of time.

Is it possible to transport a bicycle / motorbike using trains in Vietnam?

Yes, on many trains it is possible to transport a bicycle or motorbike. It is best if you can go the station the day prior to departure to make the arrangements at the luggage office. We can not give reliable advice on the cost of transport as it depends on the size of the bike and the mood of the staff. In most cases, the price will be very negotiable.

Should you arrive at the station and find that it is not possible to transport your motorbike on the train for which you have already booked you will need to buy a new ticket on a train that can do the transport and cancel your booking in person at the station. After canceling please inform us as the refund can only be sent to the agent who made the booking and then we will send to you.

What are railway stations like in Vietnam?

Vietnamese train stations often consist of little more than a ticket office and a waiting room which many European travelers will find quite bare and basic in terms of amenities (for American travelers it will not be all that different from your average Amtrak station). Recently free wifi has been deployed to most major stations and ticket QR codes are often being scanned directly from smartphones, so the process is rapidly modernizing.
With the exceptions of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, few stations have food or convenience stores inside but you should be able to find anything you need in the area directly surrounding the station. Trains stop only shortly at most stations so your chances to purchase items once on board will be limited. The railway is not known it either its gourmet or affordable food and drink.

Where can I find train schedules for Vietnam?

All information and scheduling can be found on our website and if you believe something is missing please let us know. We get our information updated in real time from the railway to ensure accuracy and you can find train schedules, costs, travel times and train types by entering your desired origin and destination into the search bar. Please note that for some routes, we do not display results for the 3rd Class hard seats. If you really want to travel via hard seat, you may contact us and we will check availability.

Disabled passengers on Vietnam trains

Disabled passengers are invited to contact us directly as the availability of services varies between routes and is generally inconsistent. We are happy to check with the railway upon request.

Ferry tickets

How are ferry tickets delivered?

Please print the voucher and show it to the ferry operator when you check in at the pier or their office. SeaTran Discovery Ferry accepts screenshots at their main counters on the East coast and the islands.

I am traveling with children – how can I book ferry tickets for them?

Many operators grand reduced fares for children. Infants below 3 years usually travel for free, while up to an age of 10 years can travel for half of the normal price (with Boonsiri on ferries, not on the connected mini-buses where full price is required). With Lompryah children up to a height of 130 cm get a reduced price, but the ticket has to be bought at the counter. Please inform us in advance, so we can ask Lomprayah to reserve a ticket for you. SeaTran has reduced prices for children between 100 – 150 cm, same procedure as Lomprayah.

Thailand Bus Tickets

How are bus tickets delivered?

Bus tickets are e-tickets. You will receive your booking number on the voucher by email. Please print the first page of the voucher and show it to the bus operator.

Are the bus tickets e-tickets?

Yes, in general, bus tickets are e-tickets. After a successful booking, you will receive a booking confirmation immediately by email. The booking number you have to show to the bus operator. It helps to print the PDF file and show it to the employees/driver. Some bus operators, e.g. Panthip, insist in having a printed voucher.
For some operators passengers are required to furnish the following at the time of boarding the bus: a copy of the ticket (a print out of the ticket or the print out of the ticket e-mail) and proof of identity (Domestic Smart ID Card, Driving license, Student ID card, Company ID card, Passport, etc.).Failing to do so may cause the passenger not being allowed for boarding.

Do I get free food, drinks, blankets? Are there stops on the way? Is there a toilet in the bus?

Some operators provide different kinds of amenities, especially on long routes. We do not know what will be provided on your specific trip. On long routes, there will be stops. Some operators have a long break at around the middle of the way, some stop every few hours. Some provide free food in a restaurant on the way. Most buses are equipped with toilets.

I want to know how the seats in the bus look like

Please take a look at the picture on the booking page. It will show you the vehicle you can expect to travel with. It may happen that due to technical problems the operator will have to change the bus type. In such case please make pictures and send them to us and we will refund the price for a different class.

Will the bus wait for me at a border crossing?

Buses have to follow their schedule. If you do not have a proper visa in you passport, if you lost your passport on the way, if you spend too much time in the restroom, if you don't have local currency to pay for your visa on arrival, if you get detained by customs or if anything else happens that causes a delay, you can expect the bus to be gone when you get through immigration. Don't waste any time, the bus will leave you behind. It is written in the bus operator's policy. They will take your luggage and keep it at the final destination until you come to pick it up.

Will my bus stop during the trip? How many stops will be on the way?

That depends on the bus class and the route. On some routes there are no stops, on others there are stops to visit the rest areas, on some routes (especially to/from Suratthani on express buses) the driver will pick up and drop off passengers (especially on long weekends or holidays, when the operators are forced to pick up passengers by government rules which could cause a delay in the schedule). Express buses stop more often than VIP buses. We simply do not know how many times your bus will stop. We recommend booking VIP class buses.

Please read the trip information for every trip. If we have the information on the number of stops, we will put it in the information section.

My bus leaves from Southern Terminal? How do I get there?

From Suvarnabhumi Airport, take the Airport Link to go to Makkasan station and exchange to MRT subway to go to Hua Lamphong station, then take a taxi from here or take a bus, air-con bus number 40. It's start station that pass through Wongwian Yai and Charan Sanit Wong road. Expenses around 20-25 baht. We not recommend this route because it is take many time but if you have many time and want to get the new experience, it's ok for you.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport, take the air-con bus number 556. They service around 06.00 AM - 09.00 PM, expenses around 24-35 Baht.

If you stay in Sukhumvit area, you can take the air-con bus number 511 (orange color) to go to Southern Bus Terminal. Expenses around 20 baht and inform bus staff to drop off at this station (last station of bus route). Take a time around 45 minutes or more. (Depends on traffic.)

If you stay in Khao San road area, taxi is the best way because it's fastest.

Will the bus depart on time?

Yes, most probably it will. Unless there are unforeseen complications.

The aircon is too cold / did not work

Unfortunately, in Thailand's buses, trains, planes, and cinemas the aircon is often set to a temperature that would make a polar bear smile. We recommend you carry a blanket/jacket with you. If the aircon breaks down - that's really bad luck.

I have booked a very expensive cruise ship departing from Thailand. Do you provide a shuttle service?

Yes, we can arrange luxurious transfer from the airport to Laem Chabang port for you at a fraction of the price the passenger line would charge you.

Why is there no WiFi on the bus? English movies?

The majority of passengers in Thailand speaks Thai, therefore the entertainment is in Thai language. Usually the buses are not (yet) equipped with wifi.

Do I have to change buses?

The trip you booked is usually on one vehicle only. If you booked two journeys with different operators you will have to change the bus and maybe even take a taxi too another bus station. This is shown when you book your ticket. The taxi times given in the system are calculated by distance on an average speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Please keep in mind that you have to find a taxi and that during rush hours the taxi may take longer. Please study your route in advance. If you're buying a bus ticket to Chumphon, for example, the bus will stop at Chumphon and will not bring you to the ferry station. We are also providing joint tickets that will take you the whole way through.

I am traveling with children – how can I book bus tickets for them?

This depends on the bus operator. In general, you can reckon that infants below 3 years of age travel for free if they can share a seat with an adult. Please contact us with travel date, route, operator and age/height of your kids and we will find out for you.

Will my bus arrive on time?

No, most probably you will arrive ahead of schedule or a little late. Transit times depend on traffic conditions, weather, driver's experience and many other factors. We try to give the times as accurate as possible, but there is no guarantee you will exactly arrive on the time mentioned.

How to use our system

How to book tickets using 12go.asia?


On the top of the website, enter your origin and destination. Start typing the name of the places and select the right one from the list. Then pick a travel date, return date (or choose One way) and the number of passengers in your group. Now you click on the green button 'Find Tickets'. Important: always click on "Find tickets" after you have changed the date/departure/destination.

The next page will contain all the available trips sorted by departure time, departure point and means of transport.

  1. The list of operators available.
  2. The trip schedule. Please remember that the schedules are for reference and Asian operators can often depart earlier or be late.
  3. Departure and arrival stations. Click on the station name to see it on the map.
  4. Customer ratings for the trips. Click on them and read them to make an informed decision.
  5. The class of the transport.
  6. The ticket price. If the child tickets are available, we will show the child price too.
  7. Additional information about the trip. We recommend reading through it to make an informed decision. Often this section replies to common questions you might have about a certain trip.
  8. Additional tags for the trip. Here you can see whether the trip is refundable and whether it is confirmed instantly

Pick the trip that fits you most and click 'Buy ticket'.

After a short moment, a window opens where you can select if you want to book another trip or if you want to check out.

If you want to pick a seat – some operators support this function. It is free of charge. If you don't pick a seat our system will automatically select the best available seat for you.
Enter correct contact details so we can reach you. Please do not forget your country code and make sure you use the right telephone number - we may send an SMS reminder to you in case there is an emergency. We will not send any advertising or contact you if it is not important and related to your travel.

Then you have to enter the names of the passengers. If you travel by train or aircraft, it is necessary that you also enter your passport number and gender. If you enter the wrong sex you can expect to be refused to board the train. State Railways of Thailand is very strict with this and they do have a few rail cars for ladies only. Also in a VIP compartment, they would not allow a man to join the compartment with a woman if they did not book it together. If you entered the wrong gender contact us before you book.

To make your life easier for train travel in case that the trip you selected is already fully booked, you can let us now know which alternatives are acceptable for you. The better option you select here the easier and quicker the process becomes to get your tickets.

Then you have to select the pickup point for your train tickets. If you are in Bangkok any time before your trip or if you depart from Bangkok, please select our offices in the DOB building as pick up point. If you wish to depart from other stations you can select the option of picking your boarding passes at the parcel room inside these stations. It is an easy and convenient way, but can't be done if your trip is within a short period of time. The shipping option needs to be booked some days in advance, so we can be sure you will receive the shipment on time. Please note that after you have picked up the tickets or we handed them over to the shipping company we can not refund or change them anymore. Once they are in your hands it is your own responsibility to contact railways and deal with them directly.

Then you can decide if you want ease of mind and get an insurance for your journey. There are different options available.

Now you have to agree on the Terms & Conditions, confirm that you agree to the cancellation policy and that you have chosen the correct departure day and time. Please double check this again! By clicking the box you legally agree to the policies.

If you expect that you need special attention from our support team, please click the 'First-Class Support' box. It will help you to solve problems quicker if they occur.
If you are not 100% sure that you will really travel on the day you selected, you can choose the 'Flexible Date' option. We will change your ticket without any questions asked or additional costs, but it depends on availability. If you need a last minute change and the new train or ferry is already fully booked, we can not help.

The final step is the payment. Choose credit card or PayPal as a payment gateway. Enter your credit card details and push pay. The pay button shows you the fee from the payment gateway. This fee comes from the banks, it is not for 12go. Please note that you might need the Verified by Visa transaction code for credit card payments. This might not work if you travel abroad and your phone can not connect.

After successful payment, you will immediately receive an email from us. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder. If you really really did not get anything from us, then probably something went wrong with the booking and you have to start over. Don't worry, our system does not allow double booking within 30 minutes of the same person on the same trip.

How do I get from A to B?

Enter origin station, enter destination station, chose the departure date. The system will show you all available connections. Pick a departure time that suits you, push the green button, follow the suggestions, get your ticket. If there is no direct connection available, try searching for the major stations on the route. (Example: if you want to travel from Hat Yai to Mae Hong Son you need to check a) Hat Yai to Bangkok, b) Bangkok to Chiang Mai, c) Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son.

Payments and Refunds

Can I receive a refund for my ticket?

It depends on many factors. Some operators allow refunds, while others don't. There is a deadline for refunds if they are possible.

When making a booking, please check the cancellation rules for each operator/trip by clicking on "Cancellation" tab during the checkout.

After you've made your booking, you can check the available refund options on our support form below. Click on "Open support case", enter your booking ID and your email address and choose the option "I want to cancel my trip".

How can I pay? How does it work with the payment?

You can pay with your credit card. Enter the details of your card, it is quite easy. If the card is not accepted (for whatever reason) you may try the same card with the PayPal option. You do not need to have a PayPal account.

If you have a PayPal account, just use it. It is a very safe and easy way to pay for our services and in case you need a refund, this can be done instantly.

After successful payment, you will instantly receive an email confirmation.

I have paid more than it is shown on your invoice (PayPal/Bank fees)

Your invoice shows the ticket price and online booking fees. Depending on the payment gateway there are bank charges. These have nothing to do with 12go or your ticket, they come with the payment process. They can not be refunded unless we were not able to provide the ticket you asked for.