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The passenger from the Maximum- and Strict-Control Zone (6 provinces) and the Maximum-Control Zone (45 provinces), who is willing to stay in Krabi, must have received 2 doses of vaccines completely and/or is required to have a medical certificate on COVID-19 test completed within the last 72 hrs. prior to the arrival.

Southern Terminal, Bangkok
11h bus ride in Express
Krabi Bus Terminal
19 per adult

From Southern Terminal to Krabi by bus

Southern Terminal, Bangkok
11h bus ride in Express
Krabi Bus Terminal
19 per adult

Bangkok to Krabi Schedule

Bangkok to Krabi Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
BangkokTaxi24 Comfort Any time€ 305.92
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD721210:30 - 11:55€ 41.30
Thai Smile Economy #WE25312:10 - 13:30€ 35.20
Transport Co Express 17:45 - 05:45€ 16.05
Lignite Express 17:30 - 04:30€ 18.74
Lignite VIP 24 19:00 - 06:00€ 27.58
Lignite Express 20:00 - 07:00€ 18.33

How to get from Bangkok to Krabi

What about

Krabi is a seaside province on the Western coast of Southern Thailand. The unique beauty of Krabi allures its visitors with limestone rock formations rising along the coastline; some of Thailand's finest beaches are found hidden along the bays.

Most of the province is made up of several national parks, and for the energetic traveller the rock climbing opportunities around Railay beach are some of the best in Asia. The province has over 80 islands famous for the diversity of activities and adventures they offer.

The picturesque coastline with its white sand beaches, coral reefs and lush vegetation make Krabi an essential beachside destination for anyone traveling through Thailand. It is also an important way point for accessing many of the surrounding islands via ferry.

Getting to Krabi

Traveling from Bangkok to Krabi overland is possible both by bus and by train. There is no railroad line in Krabi Town, meaning that you will need to make the final leg by bus. The combined train+bus journey takes a bit less that 15 hours in total; and the direct bus from the capital brings you to your destination in about 11 hours.

From Bangkok to Krabi by bus

Buses from Bangkok to Krabi leave from the Southern bus terminal, Sai Tai Mai. It is located on Phutthamonthon Sai Road in Thonburi district on the western side of the Chao Phraya River and is easily accessible by taxi. There are express and VIP24 buses of Lignite company, which cover the distance between the two cities in about 11 hours. An express bus ticket cost THB 648, while VIP24 is more expensive at THB 970. There is a morning bus at 7am, which is a worthy option for those who get off on the route, but to get to Krabi Town itself a night bus is a much more convenient option. Buses depart at 5.30pm, 7.10pm (2 buses), 7.20pm, 7.50pm (2 buses) and 8.40pm. There are also a number of private bus companies serving the same route from the Northern bus terminal in Bangkok, Morchit.

All buses provide snacks, air-conditioning and blankets and make several pit-spots along the route at large gas stations with convenience stores, cafes and toilets.

In Krabi buses from Bangkok arrive to either Krabi bus terminal near Talat Kao, about 4km north of Krabi, from where you can easily organise your onward journey to the islands, or to Nuea Khlong which lies 15km from Krabi by the Krabi international airport.

Getting from Bangkok to Krabi by train

There are no direct trains from Bangkok to Krabi, but it is possible to get package deals that include a train to Suratthani and a connecting bus to Krabi. Trains leave from Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok, easily accessible from the MRT subway. By far the most convenient train is the night one #85 departing at 7.30pm and arriving in Suratthani at 7.10am, but you have many other options, as well. You can choose the 1st or the 2nd class sleeper, both of which are air-conditioned and provide enough privacy and comfort for an overnight journey. The price is THB 1539 and THB 968 correspondingly.

Suratthani train station is located in the town of Phun Phin, some 15 km away. From there buses leave regularly both for Suratthani and other southern cities, including Krabi. If you book a joint train+bus ticket, you can catch a 7.30am bus to Krabi (THB 180, 3 hrs).

From Bangkok to Krabi by plane

Krabi is reportedly one of the most popular domestic destinations which sells first during special promotions period by any airline serving the route. But even without special discounts air tickets from Bangkok to Krabi are often amazingly affordable with prices starting from as low as THB1000 one-way per person. Travelling by plane reduces the time spend on the move considerably: from 12 hours to mere 1 hour 20 minutes.

Thai Lion Air, an associate of the namesake Indonesian carrier, flies to Krabi International Airport from the second airport in Bangkok, Don Mueang Airport. The company operates four flights from Bangkok to Krabi a day: at 6.45am, 11.5am, 3.20pm and 6pm. In the peak season it is hard to hit the lowest prices (THB1025) if you buy a couple of days in advance, but with a certain degree of flexibility you are in any case likely to find a deal under THB2000 with 15 kg of checked-in luggage and 7 kg of cabin luggage already included into the price.

In Bangkok Lion Air is based in Don Mueang International Airport to the north of the capital. To get there, use airport shuttle buses (routes A1 and A2). A1 starts from Morchit bus terminal and A2 originates at the Victory Monument, calling en route to Sanam Pao, Ari, Saphan Kwai and Morchit BTS stations (THB30). The latter is also served by A1 route. Travel time depends on traffic and is from 60 to 80 minutes. There are commuter trains between Hua Lamphong train station and Don Mueang airport, too. Trains take about 50 minutes to get from the railway station to the airport and are always a secure bet. Operating time is from 4.20am till 10.25pm.

Krabi International Airport lies 15 km to the northeast of Krabi Town. It serves over three million passengers per year and is waiting for expansion to increase its capacity to five millions soon. There are a lot seasonal international flights to Krabi airport from Europe and mainland China and an impressive number of daily flights between Krabi and Bangkok as well as some other domestic destinations including Koh Samui.

There is an air-conditioned airport shuttle bus plying the route between the airport and Krabi Town (THB90) and Ao Nang&Noppharat Thara (THB150). Normally these shuttle buses meet every arriving flight. If you miss it or do not want to use the service by some reason, take a songthaew which can be found along the main road to the airport. Taxis are also available (THB350).

Note that transfers to all possible tourist destinations throughout Krabi province are offered at the airport. Prices are usually reasonable: you will hardly find a better deal anywhere else even in Krabi Town, considering the time and money spent on getting to Krabi Town from the airport. If your final destination is Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi, do not hesitate to buy a ticket right on the spot.

Krabi beaches

It is not at all necessary to head to the islands to enjoy wonderful beaches of Krabi Province. Here are some ideas to have a great sun-and-sea adventure.

Ao Nang

The most developed of all Krabi beaches stretches out some 20km from Krabi Town. It may feel overpopulated, but it still preserves its postcard-like feel with limestone mountains looming as a backdrop and colourful long tail boats rolling on the waves. Nightlife and day restaurants are a stone’s throw away.

Noppharat Thara beach

A 3km long stretch of sand right by the side of Ao Nang remains relatively undeveloped. At low tide you can walk on sandy pathways in the company of millions of small crabs to the small islands close to the beach.

Railey beaches

Railey beach is an absolute must-see for every Krabi visitor. The two sides of the beach –the Western one and the Eastern one – are an ideal mix of crystal clear waters, pure sandy beaches and lush mountains.

Khlong Muang beach

This up-market side of Krabi is located some 20km further from Ao Nang. Khlong Muang resorts cater mostly for families and couples, and the setting is wonderful.

Tubkaeak beach

A place to hide away from it all. Long, clean and peaceful beach is complemented with breathtaking views of Koh Hong islands. It offers beautiful sunsets, too.

Your onward journey from Krabi

The whole Krabi Province is a natural wonder of limestone rock formations, transparent streams and dense mangroves, and Krabi Town is a quirky little town to savour the taste of provincial life of the South. It is also a convenient starting point for your journey to Phi-Phi (from two to 4 boats per day depending on the season; 1½ hrs), Koh Lanta (one boat per day from November to May, two hours); and Railey Beach (long tail boats leave throughout the day, 45 minutes). The same destinations are also served from nearby Ao Nang, where you can as well catch a boat to Phuket (4 hours) or Koh Yao islands (45 minutes).

Getting around in Krabi

Krabi Town itself is relatively easy to explore on foot. But for longer trips (e.g. Wat Tham Suea or Tha Pom) your own transport is a wise option giving you much more freedom compared to package tours from agencies.

Motorbikes and Scooters are the most convenient way to get around. Many guesthouses both in Krabi Town and Ao Nang offer quite a good fleet, which sometimes includes even the bigger ‘farang bikes’ (Honda PCX). Prices range from THB 150 to THB 300 per day depending on the model you choose. Note that some of the famous Krabi attractions are about 40km away from the city, and if you are not much of a motorbike rider, you may prefer to rent a car (THB 1500- THB 1800).

Bicycle is a good choice for getting acquainted with the city. Find them in many Krabi guesthouses (THB 50-THB120).

Songthaews travel between Krabi Town, the airport, bus terminal and nearby beaches. Prices vary depending on the destination and are from THB 50 to THB 100 for a seat in a shared vehicle. If you want the whole truck for yourself, agree on the price before you get on board.

Transportation from Bangkok to Krabi

Bangkok to Krabi destination reviews

Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 1, 2021
The journey would have been great, if the bus driver and 'assistant' didn't decide to have a loud back and forth transaction over what sounded like a football game going on 4am... yes, the driver WHILE driving the bus and the co-driver started screaming and shouting out loud at 4AM over a game. I could not believe it. How is that appropriate while driving a bus full of passengers?
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet (ไทยเวียดเจ็ทแอร์), Dec 24, 2020
They check your ID every 10 yards.
flight Economy, Thai AirAsia (แอร์เอเชีย), Oct 27, 2020
Quick and easy service from 12Go and hassle-free booking with AirAsia
flight Economy, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), Mar 24, 2020
Good flight, stuff and service! Very good company !
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Mar 22, 2020
Straightforward and easy, i often use this company, the buses are old, but they do the job and staff are always helpful enough and friendly, free snacks and a single seat is why i use this and another company bus
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Mar 20, 2020
Polecam.Super kierowcy.szybko-wygodnie-milo.Trasa Bangkok-Krabi.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Mar 19, 2020
The seats were not comfortable and neither the bus schedule was on time. The arrival time was later than expected.
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet (ไทยเวียดเจ็ทแอร์), Mar 12, 2020
Super fast, easy nothing to complain
flight Economy, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), Mar 3, 2020
Friendly and efficient
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet (ไทยเวียดเจ็ทแอร์), Feb 27, 2020
Very straight forward and on schedule.
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet (ไทยเวียดเจ็ทแอร์), Feb 25, 2020
Very good
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet (ไทยเวียดเจ็ทแอร์), Feb 24, 2020
Delayed flight.
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Feb 19, 2020
Very good experience.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Feb 15, 2020
I bought a ticket for 7:00 but when I got there they said it was for 7:30 and then we didn’t leave until 7:45. I was told it would arrive at 19:25 but it did not arrive until 21:00. The seats were very uncomfortable and it was very cold. There was very little leg room and we only stopped once to stretch our legs and eat.
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Feb 10, 2020
Bus was very old and seats were broken, or almost. The bus made varius stops in the middle of nowhere that were suspicious. But, eventually we did get on time and get some sleep. Hostess on board was helpfull. Wear some pant/sweater, its going to be cold! Bus made a stop to eat but food was not very yummy...
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Feb 8, 2020
Lots of space VIP and on time
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Feb 8, 2020
Bus itself was comfortable, especially sitting in seats 1 and 2. Also got snacks and a meal at midnight. However, the driver decided to play music very loudly until about 1am and the bus came in over an hour late so not as good as it could have been.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Feb 4, 2020
The aircon was not too cold nor too hot. On time. Remember you get what you pay for.
flight Economy, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), Jan 31, 2020
Very smooth and simple transfer, No drinks once you head for the gates
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 31, 2020
To reach sai tia mai, take BTS till bang wa and from there take a metered taxi. Bus was nice, staff knew little bit english. The only thing I didn't like was no one told about free coupons.
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 31, 2020
There was disgusting guy close to me and he did some sounds all the time and furt
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 29, 2020
It was good, apart from the driver and his assistants dropping off bags of vegetables at various locations making our trip a lot lot longer. are they doing this officially. one of them loaded 20 or more huge bags of limes in the krabi au nang area.!! we were waiting an extra half hour..
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 25, 2020
Simple and easy
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 25, 2020
Departure time was different than on the voucher. Bus was comfortable and had bathroom, no crazy air conditioning.
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 25, 2020
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 25, 2020
Very good service, maybe the driver drove a little fast. They met the schedules even the most basic service is comfortable for the whole trip. The air conditioning is cold you have to wear a coat! The employees inside the bus only spoke Tai or very little English.
flight Economy, Thai Smile (ไทยสมายล์), Jan 22, 2020
Food serving on flight was good, and a nice surprise.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 22, 2020
Bus was comfortable, but the electricity was not working, so no charging of mobiles and no light at the seats. The transportation itself was good.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 21, 2020
Great driving. Blanket, water and snack provided. Bus was clean and comfortable. Left and arrived on time
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 21, 2020
Everything was fine, the bus was comfortable with toilet inside. The only thing is that they stop almost every hour and tend to turn the light on when they do and we arrived 30min later, but that was expected. Other then that it was ok.
flight Economy, Thai Smile (ไทยสมายล์), Jan 19, 2020
Amazing ride!! Everyone was friendly and polite! I really enjoyed my flight
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 18, 2020
all was perfect, very nice staff, comfortable bus, good price for good quality
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 18, 2020
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 18, 2020
Great ride!
Bus Express, Transport Co STM (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด (สายใต้ไหม่)), Jan 17, 2020
Very nice and comfortable seat.
flight Economy, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), Jan 14, 2020
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 14, 2020
Good bus. Lot of space, airco was good, blanket as well. Would go again with this bus:
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 13, 2020
Very pleasant. Lots of space and comfortable.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 10, 2020
Definitely book front row seats because of the leg room Left in time, arrived one hour late I'd definitely do it again
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 4, 2020
Long journey but pleasant enough...
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 3, 2020
Everything was good. Left on time
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Jan 3, 2020
It was quite long- 13 hours and yet it was the most comfortable bus trip in my life, had seats no 1&2 on the front on the 1 floor, VERY comfortable, we were given water and snacks, I don’t know about stops because I’ve slept through the whole trip
Bus Express, Songserm (ส่งเสริม), Dec 29, 2019
Drivers were inappropriate.. Didn't feel safe at all, he turn on the music in the middle of the night, spoke with other drivers on walkie take loudly all night, he honked all the time and drove dangerously
Bus Express, Songserm (ส่งเสริม), Dec 28, 2019
Very unfriendly staff. The bus toilet stinky smell became impregnated all over the bus for the entire trip.
Bus Express, Transport Co STM (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด (สายใต้ไหม่)), Dec 27, 2019
I liked so much this company, they offered blankets and some food and drinks during the trip. They were very kind as well
Bus VIP 24, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Dec 24, 2019
Bus was easy to find once at the bus terminal. They have someone to check your tickets before you enter the bus which felt good since everything on the printed ticket was in Thai only. Bus Left right on time, we had a hostess onboard who was really helpful and professional. We arrived one hour ahead of schedule to Krabi southern bus terminal. Bus ride felt safe and went smooth except for the super cold air con. So people, wear long pants and bring a hoodie!
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Dec 23, 2019
Awesome trip from bangkok to Krabi.
flight Economy, Thai Vietjet (ไทยเวียดเจ็ทแอร์), Dec 22, 2019
Staff at the boarding gate was unfriendly and my flight delay a lot, over 3 hours.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Dec 21, 2019
Travelled on time and safely. Were given water and a cake which was nice. Sadly there isn't a lot of leg room.
Bus Express, Lignite (ลิกไนท์ทัวร์), Dec 20, 2019
Po zakupie polecam udać się na piętro dworca i znaleźć okienko z interesującym nas kierunkiem. Pokazać bilet w tel. To pani wydrukuje na papierze. Na bilecie jest nr stanowiska, a same busy jadą z za dworca.
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