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How to get from Manila to Baguio

A favourite destination with both domestic and foreign tourists, Baguio is a city in the Benguet, a province of the Cordillera Administrative Region. It is easily reached from Manila overland. In early 2019 Cebu Pacific launches their direct flights between Manila and Loakan airport operated by CebGo thus establishing an air link between the two.

How far is Baguio from Manila?

Located approximately 260 kilometres from Manila, Baguio sits north of the capital. It can be reached overland via R-8 and N Luzon W Expy/R-8.

How long does it take to get to Baguio from Manila?

If travelling overland, by bus or van, Baguio can be reached in about 5–8 hours.

The travel time depends largely on the type of the bus and the time of the day you travel – whether you take a day trip or a night one. In general, travelling by night can save you about 2 hours as traffic is less heavy compared to the daytime.

Flying will bring you to Baguio in about 45 minutes.

How to get from Manila to Baguio by bus

Currently, there is half a dozen bus companies that regularly ply the route between Manila and Baguio thus you have a good choice of departures throughout the day.

What company to choose for Manila-Baguio travel?

One of the most reliable operators is Genesis. Genesis buses depart from the company’s own terminals located in Cubao and Avenida.

Other bus companies that serve the same route are Victory Liner, Dagupan Bus, Saulog Bus, Dangwa Transit, Philippine Rabbit. They operate from terminals in Cubao, Pasay, and Sampaloc.

What time do buses for Baguio leave?

There are a lot of departures any time of the day and night.

From Cubao and Pasay, the first bus leaves at 1am and the last bus of the day – at 11pm. There are buses every hour.

There are round the clock departures from the Avenida bus station and only two rides a day from Sampaloc – at 6am and 10am.

How much time do buses need to reach Baguio?

Generally, a trip to Baguio should take about six hours. More if you travel by day as traffic can be heavy within the Metro Manila area.

What is the bus ticket price?

Prices for standard buses start from PHP700, but for the best travel experience we recommend choosing a first class bus – it is also called executive or premier class. Tickets for such comfortable buses cost PHP900-PHP1000.

Why choose a pricier bus?

First, executive and premier class buses offer on-board entertainment, Wi-Fi, are equipped with toilets and serve snacks and water en route.

They have soft reclining seats and more legroom. They also make less – if any – stops during the trip resulting in shorter travel time.

Tips for bussing to Baguio

Air-conditioning is often excessive – do pack layers in order not to freeze during your trip.

Road conditions between Manila and Baguio are currently quite good. The only annoying thing you can encounter during your trip is heavy traffic by day so we would strongly recommend opting for a night bus.

How to get from Manila to Baguio by taxi or shuttle van

It is also possible to travel to Baguio by taxi or shuttle van. It is not very common but can prove a good idea if you need to get to Baguio from Manila airport direct.

How much does a taxi trip to Baguio cost?

Travelling to Baguio by taxi comes at a price. Expect to pay about PHP7,000 for an ordinary car and up to PHP8,500 for a van accommodating up to 9 passengers.

What is the travel time from Manila to Baguio by taxi?

It takes from four and a half to 5 hours to get to Baguio by car. More if you need stops en route.

How to get from Manila to Baguio by plane?

Since 2012 the airport Loakan which serves the Baguio region was closed for commercial flights. In early 2019 direct Manila–Loakan flights will be available with Cebu Pacific.

The Loakan airport is located 5 km southeast of Baguio downtown which is easily reached via a short quarter-of-an-hour taxi ride.

Transportation from Manila to Baguio

Manila to Baguio Destination Reviews

Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Mar 27, 2021
Travel Schedule was 3PM but the bus departed at 3:47PM and that was close to an hour of delayed trip without providing any information and reason what caused the delay.
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Mar 23, 2021
I wanted to refund my fare since NCR is lockdown so my travel is useless, but it was not refunded 😥
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Mar 14, 2021
Online site seat availability is not same with the actual. Bus departed 30minutes late going to baguio. Bus was clean and barriers were nicely done. Passengers were seated seperately (only two per row). Only regular aircon bus is available at the moment. Maybe the first class type would be much comfortable.
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Mar 18, 2020
I think the service was excellent. I see some complaints. Hire a personal driver if you want to be pampered. Check out the cost cry babies.
Bus First Class, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Mar 17, 2020
Excellent except for the speed the driver was going, in most areas we shared with other vehicles. It was a bit scary.
Bus First Class, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Mar 15, 2020
Please change the system of online booking wherein passengers have to provide hard copies of the ticket. As what I have to be observed paperless transactions are quite impressive like airports wherein they have to show online the reference number and they can get the ticket already. Whereas in victory liner even though first class have to wait to get the ticket without the printed copy. This should be paperless already!
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Mar 10, 2020
I asked to be dropped off along Marcos highway and the conductor response was that my baggage was at the other side of bus which is on the left side,however, when we reached our destination at Baguio terminal, the conductor despatched the baggage at the right side. I have to carry my four luggage again to Marcos highway.. My house is just 10 steps at the dropping point at Marcos highway. Conductor response was next time tell me where to drop you.. how do we know as we just arrived from Australia..
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Feb 3, 2020
its stops from time to time i taught i will just have 2 bus stop but they get also passenger along the way. By the driving was good he was not reckless and the conductor is nice and professional. Thats why when going back we got the p2p that does not have bus stop from other company.
Bus First Class, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Feb 3, 2020
Bus left on time, travel was fast but we were expecting better seats and cr.
Bus Regular AC, Victory Liner (Victory Liner), Jan 31, 2020
It was good :)
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