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Bohol to Cebu

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Bohol to Cebu Schedule

Bohol to Cebu Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Lite Shipping Tourist Sitting 01:00 - 03:00₱ 650
Lite Shipping Tourist Sitting 04:00 - 06:00₱ 650
OceanJet Tourist Class 06:00 - 07:50₱ 965
Oceanjet Open-Air 08:15 - 09:30₱ 537
OceanJet Business Class 11:40 - 13:40₱ 1,400
Oceanjet Business Class 13:00 - 15:00₱ 1,428
OceanJet Tourist Class 15:20 - 17:20₱ 965
Supercat Business SPR 17:20 - 19:20₱ 1,351
Lite Shipping Economy A 19:00 - 21:00₱ 590
Lapulapu Shipping Lines Economy B 21:00 - 01:00₱ 450
Lite Shipping Standard A 23:59 - 04:59₱ 620

How to get from Bohol to Cebu

The most convenient way to get to Cebu from Bohol is by sea. Although it is also possible to travel by air, it requires a layover in Cagayan de Oro, Davao or Manila what makes the whole process longer, more expensive and quite a hassle.

How far is Cebu from Bohol

The distance between Tagbilaran, the capital of the island of Bohol, and Cebu City is about 90 kilometres.

How long does the journey from Bohol to Cebu take?

Cebu is a mere 2-hour ferry ride from Tagbilaran. If travelling by plane, two connecting flights will take two hours totally plus the time for a layover – from 45 minutes to four hours.

Note that flights depart from the New Bohol airport on Panglao island – you will require additional time to get there.

How much does the ride cost?

The cheapest (and the least comfortable) ferry tickets are available for as low as PHP400.

Flying can set you back PHP4,000 or more if you choose to fly with a more upscale Philippines Airlines instead of Cebu Pacific.

How to get from Bohol to Cebu by ferry

There are several ferries that regularly serve the Tagbilaran-to-Cebu route. Some of these ferries are equipped with an open-air deck from where you can enjoy the journey with smaller islands dotting the sea. It's also quite safe with the staff providing safety instructions before departing the pier.

Ferry schedule from Bohol to Cebu

The Bohol–Cebu route is quite popular thus there are over 20 departures a day operated by three main ferry companies.

The earliest ferry is SuperCat’s 5.50 am ferry followed by a 6 am Ocean Jet’s departure.

The last ferry of the day leaves Bohol at 6.30 pm.

Which ferry company to choose for a Bohol–Cebu trip?

All the companies plying the route, offer comfortable ferries with open-air decks and tourist and business class cabins. It is important to note, that in Cebu they dock at different piers.

Ocean Jet

Ocean Jet sails to Cebu Pier 1 and offers more departures a day than other companies do – over a dozen.

SuperCat via 2Go

SuperCat via 2Go has 6 daily trips from Tagbilaran to Cebu Pier SuperCat.


Lastly, there's also Weesam which has just three daily boats to Cebu at 6.15 am, 11.30 am, and 4 pm.

How long is the sea journey to Cebu from Bohol?

All fastcrafts cover the distance between Tagbilaran and Cebu City in about two hours.

What if the cost of a ferry ticket to Cebu?

The cost of the ticket depends on the operator and the class of the cabin.

Weesam has the cheapest non-aircon options at PHP400 though we would not recommend them. It is worth investing another PHP100 and get a comfier tourist class seat. They also offer tourist and first class tickets for PHP500 and PHP600 respectively.

There are open-air, tourist and business class tickets for Ocean Jet ferries priced PHP600, PHP800 and PHP1300 respectively.

SuperCat is slightly cheaper with PHP550 for tourist class tickets and PHP850 for business class.

How to get from Bohol to Cebu by plain

The airport in the capital of Bohol, Tagbilaran, was closed in November 2018. It has been replaced by the New Bohol International airport, or Panglao Island International airport on Panglao Island.

Both Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines operate from Panglao Island airport.

If flying from Bohol to Cebu with Cebu Pacific, expect to shell out PHP2,900-PHP3,700. There is a layover of several hours in Cagayan de Oro, Davao or Manila, but the actual flight time should not be more than 2 hours.

Philippine Airlines also offer flights to Cebu with layovers in Clark, Manila, or Davao. Tickets can be as low as PHP2,700 to as much as PHP18,000 one way.

Transportation from Bohol to Cebu

Facts about the transport from Bohol to Cebu

Cheapest Transport$10
Fastest Transport1h 15m
Earliest Departure1:00 AM
Latest Departure10:00 PM
Departures per day62
Distance63 kilometers
Transport CompaniesApekoptravel, Lite Shipping, Oceanjet, Philippine Airlines, Supercat

Bohol to Cebu Destination Reviews

Ticket booking are easy as simple
Ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jul 2, 2024
Airconditioning is not that cold in tourist area (in front part like number 6,7,8 seats) only in front of the AC where it was located that's why my baby is always irritable and crying. I always go where the AC is standing to receive cold AC so that my baby can sleep. It's not on time,we depart 30minutes late.
Ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat, Jun 29, 2024
The litecat tourist is comfortable.
Ferry Tourist Sitting, Lite Shipping, Jun 6, 2024
on time , smooth book in , no complaints
Ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat, Apr 24, 2024
The company operating the ferry were very helpful and professional. The boat left on time, and arrived in Oslob within 80 minutes of departing Momo beach, Panglao. Life jackets were available for all passengers. The boat has wooden seats, so many passengers opted to sit on their life jackets rather than wear them. When we arrived in Oslob, it was necessary to step off the boat into shallow sea water, as the water is too shallow to dock along side. The boats crew loaded and unloaded all the passengers luggage, and there was no issue with the weight of the bags.
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Apekoptravel (Apekoptravel), Apr 6, 2024
The ferry took 6 and not 4 hours flr the travel. For the price still good.
Ferry Standard B, Lite Shipping, Nov 19, 2023
Keep in mind you have a big chance to arrive at 6pm and not 4pm! Fortunately I felt this coming and booked a day before my flight, otherwise I would missed it. Standard B was a comfy bed and I enjoyed the journey
Ferry Standard B, Lite Shipping, Nov 18, 2023
It does not clearlu say tourist seats or tourist corner. We were just shoved to seat without them checking the tickets. I think you owe me 6 USD back
Ferry Tourist Sitting, Lite Shipping, Jul 14, 2023
Everything went very smoothly
Ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jun 17, 2023
One and a half hours late even though the boat was there. We just stayed moored...
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Apekoptravel (Apekoptravel), May 22, 2023
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