How can I contact 12Go?

Please first see our support articles and see if your question was already answered.
We do not have any hidden trips, if something is not on the website it means we don't have it. We are always open to feedback, if you feel like we can add routes we don't have yet, we could definitely take it to consideration.

To contact us directly, please click "Open support case" below the article. Enter your booking number and email address or choose the option "I don't have a booking number".
The support form can also be used to cancel your bookings and download vouchers. To view the list of your bookings, log into the system.

We do not publish phone numbers or email addresses because we are overwhelmed with spam calls/emails. We have decided to automate the process to give more attention to customers in need.
However, if you're our customer, you can sign in on the website and click on "Call us online"button in order to reach our hotline. We operate from 10 AM until 12 AM BKK time.
Important! If you are currently experiencing an issue during the trip (e.g. you are not picked up by the driver, you have missed your ferry, etc.), the best way to try to solve it is to call the telephone numbers provided in your voucher.

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I don't have a booking number. I have not purchased a ticket yet.