Chiang Mai - เชียงใหม่

Chiang Mai is a very popular destination for locals and foreigners especially during holidays, festivals and summer escapades.

Traveling Chiang Mai from different parts of Thailand has gotten more convenient as various transportation options are already available to carry travelers back and forth.

The fastest and easiest mode is by Air. Chiang Mai International Airport welcomes 29 Airlines, 21 of which are International. The airport also has two terminals that separate domestic flights from international bound flights.

Railway is another option for those who care for sight-seeing and long land travels. Chiang Mai structured its own railway station that runs 14 daily trains plus 2 special units operating on special holidays.

Usually, travelers coming from Bangkok take the Hua Lamphong Railway Station(connected to MRT) to get to Chiang Mai. The trains come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd sleeper classes. More than that, people who wish to bring their motorcycles and small vehicles along will be provided a cargo space for an extra fee.

Chiang Mai is world famous for its majestic temples, blissful landscapes and cold weather.

Departures - 06:53

Origin Destination Departures Arrivals
Chiang Mai Hua Lamphong, Bangkok 08:50 19:25
Chiang Mai Hua Lamphong, Bangkok 17:00 06:15
Chiang Mai Hua Lamphong, Bangkok 15:30 05:25
Chiang Mai Hua Lamphong, Bangkok 18:00 06:50
Chiang Mai Hua Lamphong, Bangkok 18:00 06:50

Nearest Stations

Type Name km
Taxi Chiang Mai train station 0.0
Bus Chiang Mai Railway Station 0.0