Hua Lamphong, Bangkok - หัวลำโพง

To get to this station the easiest way is to take the MRT subway to Hua Lamphong. It's the last station down the line (opposite to Bang Sue).

Once you arrive just follow the signs to the railway station. It is about 5 minutes walk underground and you will get back to the surface right in front of the station.

  • From Khao San Road or the Southern Bus Terminal you need to take a taxi.
  • From Mo Chit Bus Terminal you should take a taxi to the MRT station Khamphaeng Phet
  • From Ekkamai Bus Terminal you can take BTS Skytrain to Sukhumvit, then change to MRT. 40 min.
  • From Don Mueang Airport the easiest way is to take a taxi. Mind the tolls.
  • From Suvarnabhum Airport you can take the Airport Link to Petchaburi station, then walk a few minutes to MRT. Takes 1-1.5 hr.

You can search Bangkok MRT, BTS and Airport Link connections in 12Go system, with fares and times.

Hua Lamphong Station is also a walk away to Bangkok's Chinatown. Around Yaowarat Road you will see many shops that sell almost everything.

Hua Lamphong station or more familiar as Bangkok Railway Station to foreigners, is the main railway station in Thailand. It was first opened on June 25, 1916 after six years of construction and was built in an Italian Neo-Renaissance inspired architecture.

The Station is mother to Thailand's four railway lines: Northern, Northeastern, Southern, Eastern. The establishment has 14 platforms, 26 ticket booths and serves over 130 trains each day.

Mind the "helpers" without uniform trying to "help" you find a hotel. However station staff is very helpful. There are no lounges inside but the air is usually fresh enough and food is abundant so just grab a coffee while you waiting. Backside from the station there are a few massage salons and internet cafes, well, just like anywhere else.

Please keep in mind that trains in Thailand are subjects to delays. Really. If you plan a connecting train+bus or ferry - allow some time for the train being late.

You can choose from

  • 1st class VIP (that will normally be a compartment)
  • 2nd class aircon (very cold! but they give blankets and fresh linen)
  • 2nd non-aircon (same, but fans instead of aircons - 12go choice!)
  • 3rd class aircon (don't. seriously, don't. you will turn into a icicle)
  • 3rd class nonaircon (take the bus instead. only plus is that you can walk).

Best resource on train in Thailand is Mark Smith, the guy at the seat 61.

12Go suggestion: take the train if you can book in advance. You will be able to sleep and have great experience of good old 70's. But please do keep in mind that we book train berths manually for you, unlike buses, so allow us and yourself some space for changes. Like, if you must catch the flight from the destination - take the bus.

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Departures - 06:14

Origin Destination Departures Arrivals
Hua Lamphong, Bangkok Chiang Mai 18:10 07:15
Hua Lamphong, Bangkok Sila At, Uttaradit 10:50 19:15
Hua Lamphong, Bangkok Den Chai, Phrae 20:10 06:15
Hua Lamphong, Bangkok Chiang Mai 13:45 04:05
Hua Lamphong, Bangkok Nong Khai 20:45 08:35

Nearest Stations

Type Name km
Taxi Hua Lamphong, Bangkok 0.0
Bus Hua Lamphong, Bangkok 0.0