Pattaya to Bangkok

Pattaya to Bangkok

Wed, Jun 26
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Pattaya to Bangkok Schedule

Pattaya to Bangkok Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Glassflower Premium Alphard 3pax Any time฿ 8,750
Tawanok Tour Van 05:30 - 07:40฿ 250
Tawanok Tour Minivan 07:00 - 09:25฿ 250
Tawanok Tour Van 08:00 - 11:20฿ 250
Tawanok Tour Van 10:00 - 13:20฿ 250
Tawanok Tour Van 12:30 - 15:20฿ 210
Tawanok Tour Van 15:00 - 16:55฿ 250
Roong Reuang Coach Express 17:00 - 19:30฿ 175
Tawanok Tour Van 19:00 - 21:25฿ 250
Roong Reuang Coach Express 21:00 - 23:30฿ 164

How to get from Pattaya to Bangkok

The distance from Pattaya to Bangkok is 150 km and it takes between 2 and 3 hours to get there whichever means of transport you choose. Big buses are the cheapest way to get to Bangkok with tickets starting from THB130 one-way. They all leave from Pattaya Northern Bus Station and head to all the three different Bus Terminals in Bangkok. Vans can be faster and slightly more expensive but may come handy as there are several van stations throughout the city – there can be one right next to your hotel, too. The most expensive way to travel is to take a taxi. They are great for door-to-door trips and are priced quite reasonably (from THB1,700). If you are travelling as a group consider ordering a private van for 9 passengers which can cost anywhere between THB2,400 and THB4,000. There are direct buses from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi airport from 6am till 9pm.

Transportation from Pattaya to Bangkok

Facts about the transport from Pattaya to Bangkok

Cheapest Transport$5
Fastest Transport1h 30m
Earliest Departure4:30 AM
Latest Departure9:00 PM
Departures per day671
Distance146 kilometers
Transport CompaniesAndaman Taxis, Bangkok Air, BangkokTaxi24, Bell Travel, Firstplan Transport Services, Five Star Taxi, Glassflower, Kim Transfers Thailand, MCC VAN, Rayong Tour, Roong Reuang Coach, Saharat Pattaya, T Tour, Tawanok Tour, Thai Railway, Thailand Limo by Datum, Wong Sai Thong Tour

Pattaya to Bangkok Destination Reviews

It got very cold but overall nothing to complain.
Van Minivan, Tawanok Tour (ตะวันออกทัวร์), Jun 7, 2024
The trip started not from the point mentioned in voucher. I had to call to the hotline, so the car pick me up on that point. Then driver and I drove to some other point, where we wait for additional 30 min before we finally depart from Pattaya.
Van Van, Tawanok Tour (ตะวันออกทัวร์), Jun 4, 2024
Seats were hard as steel. The bus was full full full.. No space for legs… Never again… From bus terminal, the buses are much better…
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour (ทีทัวร์), May 26, 2024
The driver left 20 minutes late, then we immediately went to the gas station and waited there, we could have refueled in advance. The website indicated an incorrect arrival location.
Van Regional 14pax, Saharat Pattaya (Saharat Pattaya), May 15, 2024
It wasn't 'Poor' but it was less than 'Average', thus the 2 star rating. The journey itself was fine. The problem was the pick-up at the Jomtien Night Market. I went to the location provided by 12GO but there was no sign of anyone or anything that would suggest that I was at the correct pick-up spot. There was a reference on the confirmation email to "Check in" at the location which was very misleading because there was no place or sign indicating a check-in location. This caused stress, including when I tried to call the customer service number, no one answered. You have to do better.
Van Van, Tawanok Tour (ตะวันออกทัวร์), Apr 3, 2024
Waiting to long
Van Van, Tawanok Tour (ตะวันออกทัวร์), Mar 14, 2024
It took 3hours to Bangkok, too long And the driver didn’t tell us where we should leave
Van Van, Tawanok Tour (ตะวันออกทัวร์), Feb 23, 2024
1 hour late, when I called they had no idea they had a pick-up and I was waiting to go to the airport to return the other side of the Earth (very expensive flight to miss! Not Good!) , when a car showed up it was not the advertised car. Last, when the driver dropped us off He ASKED for a tip. Yea I know they don't know tip culture, in the US we would be fired for asking a customer for a tip, against common policies to ask. But dude, you were an hour late. Its considered highly offensive to ask for a tip, and it was very offensive how much of a rush it put on the rest of our day taking up one hour of my preplanned buffer time I installed into my decision making for the day of travel. It sucked. Why 2 stars and not one? Because 1 stars get less views. I suggest making sure someone knows you booked and will be there, for other services through 12go, i suggest the same or similar to ensure you receive the quality of service you and your families need. Sawat Dee kab khun kap
taxi Comfort 3pax, Five Star Taxi (ห้าดาวแท็กซี่), Feb 18, 2024
Good driver with enough english. Kept driving safe in stead of hurrying. Enough breaks overall good experience.
taxi Van 10pax, Firstplan Transport Services (เฟิร์สแพลน ทรานสปอร์ตเซอร์วิส), Feb 12, 2024
Set off 10 mins early nice and cool on bus. No messing :-)
Van Regional 14pax, Saharat Pattaya (Saharat Pattaya), Jan 22, 2024
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