Due to a certain number of customers asking us about the COVID-19 situation, we want to share a small FAQ:

  1. Can I cancel my booking because of the coronavirus in the area? - Generally, the cancellation rules stay the same and we are happy to cancel the booking when we can. You can go to your profile and see if the cancellation is possible. In case you see a button with a cancellation option, you can click it for one-click cancellation and refund. We cannot cancel your booking for a full refund if the operator has not seized their operations in the area or agreed for a refund because we still owe to the operator for the ticket cost.

  2. What if the operator canceled our booking due to the virus? - This happens rarely, but when it does we always contact the customers as soon as we are informed. This procedure is the same for any reason for trip cancellation (extremely bad weather and other force majeure). We will send an email and an SMS or contact by phone, suggesting alternative travel options or a full refund.

  3. Where can I find more information? - We recommend reading the website of the World Health Organization or following advice from your country’s Health Ministry.

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