Shopping Malls Close in Chiang Mai; Gulf Ferries Operate as Usual

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Shopping Malls Close in Chiang Mai; Gulf Ferries Operate as Usual

Chiang Mai joins the club: all shopping malls in the city will close tomorrow, Monday, 23 at 6.00 pm. They are expected to stay closed till midnight April, 13, or until further note.

Supermarkets, banks and pharmacies are allowed to remain open. The same refers to restaurants which are permitted to offer takeaway service only. Hotel restaurants will continue serving food to their guests. 

Today all shopping malls closed in Bangkok. In Phuket and Pattaya, where entertainment venues closed earlier this week, shopping malls contunue operating on a regular schedule. Yet it is highly probable this will not last long.

The list of businesses which must remain closed in Chiang Mai is very similar to Bangkok and includes: 

Health spas
Movie theatres
Weight-loss clinics
Waxing salons
Skating or rollerblading rinks
Beauty salons
Amusement parks
Bowling alleys
ArcadesInternet/gaming cafes
Golf courses
Driving ranges
Public swimming pools
Tattoo parlours
Child care/babysitting centres
Care services for the elderly
Buddhist amulet markets
Cockfighting arenas
Meeting and exhibition venues
Fresh markets
Child care and education centres
All educational institutes

The authorities discourage locals and tourists from visiting highly populated areas though there are no restrictions regarding travel actoss the country yet.

Ferries to Koh Samui, Koh  Phangan and Koh Tao operate as usual though passengers undergo temperature screening before boarding and on arrival.

Phuket and Pattaya both remain accessible for tourists though there have been reports that swimming pools in some hotels and condominiums close as well as several beaches.



Phuket to Close Its Airspace from April 10

Following today's closure of Phuket's land and sea entry points, Phuket Governor Phakkhaphong Thawiphat announced that air transport to Phuket will also shut down effective from April, 10.

30 March 2020

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Phuket to Bar Land, Sea Entry & Exit

Governor of Phuket has just announced a lockdown of the island with all overland and sea passenger transportation barred from tomorrow untill April, 30 or further notice. Flights to and from the island will continue operation for a time being. 

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