Travelling in Thailand During Rainy Season? Check Weather Forecast

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Travelling in Thailand During Rainy Season? Check Weather Forecast

The Tourism Authority of Thailand encourages all travellers visiting the country during the rainy season to check the weather forecast before planning their outdoor activities as certain attractions, sights and destinations can become out of reach due to heavy rains.

From May to October, the monsoon season brings wet weather with rains, storms and other rough weather conditions to the larger part of the country potentially hindering outdoor activities.

Activities which are most likely to be affected include:
– Mountain trekking and hiking;
– Visiting waterfalls and white-water rafting;
– Zip-lining and bungy jumping;
– All sea-realted activities from diving to snorkelling, sailing and ferry riding.

Worth noting that resorts on some of the islands both in the Andaman Sea and in the Gulf of Siam close for the low season. Regular boats on certain routes may stop running or limit the number of daily departures. It especially refers to minor islands in the vicinity of Phuket which suffers from the wet weather at its most in September. The best choice if you are planning to visit islands during this period is the islands of the Gulf, including Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao as the monsoon hits them later, by the end of the year, roughly between October and December.



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