12Go Welcomes Their Millionth Customer

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12Go Welcomes Their Millionth Customer

18 year old Alexandra P. from South-West London was pleasantly surprised when she with her friend Laura came to collect her boarding passes for a train trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and got rewarded as the millionth customer of 12Go.Asia.

Alex is on her first trip to Asia after finishing school. After her first trip to Chiang Mai in the Northern Thailand she will travel to Malaysia, then return to Thailand to do some island hopping in the South and learn diving at one of the famous dive centers on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. And we are also pretty much sure she will spend some time on Koh Phangan and join the cult Full Moon Party. After her Thai holidays Alex continues her trip to Ghana, where she will be a volunteer teacher for three weeks.   

12Go.Asia rewarded Alex with the full refund of all the trips she had booked with us. After check-in both girls were invited for a short break at the 12Go Coffee Shop and got some useful travel tips for their oncoming trips. Alex shared with us her plans to study music in England after her gap year.  

We are very happy that we could provide tickets for such a nice round trip and we wish Alex all the best and a truly unforgettable stay in the Land of Smiles. 



Son Doong Cave in Vietnam Named Dream Destination–2019

Lonely Planet has named the vast cave system of Sơn Đoòng Cave in the central province of Quảng Bình in Vietnam one of five dream destinations in 2019. Rightfully so!

21 January 2019

Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways Start Commercial Flights

After repeated delays, Vietnam's Bamboo Airways started their commercial flights on January, 16. The airline is going to operate 37 domestic routes complemented by at least three international routes – to Japan, Korea and Singapore – before the end of the year. 

21 January 2019

Where to Shop and Dine Wirldwide: Best Cities Revealed

The new MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index: Indulgences that analyses tourists spending patterns in different cities around the world, unveiled the best destination for dining and shopping. In Asia, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur are on the list.

20 January 2019