Mainland Beaches in Vietnam – Choose Your Favourite!

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination for people wanting to experience the local culture, history, and to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Tourists looking to relax for a few days have the choice of hundreds of Vietnam beaches that range from secluded local ones to those attracting thousands of foreigners each year. The best places in Vietnam tend to be around the central parts of the country.

1. Pham Van Dong Beach, Danang

The best way to get to Danang from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), is by air. Pham Van Dong, one of the famous Vietnam beaches, is about seven kilometres (4.3 miles) from Danang International Airport. There are several Vietnam beach resorts along Pham Van Dong's white sandy beach. Suitable for any type of visitors, this beach is usually filled with locals and their families, especially in the early evening as the sun begins to set. Sunbeds are available for rent in certain parts of the beach.

2. My Khe Beach, Danang

A few kilometres to the south of Pham Van Dong beach is My Khe, another great stretch in Danang. With long wide beaches, clean surroundings, and a few Vietnam beach hotels around, this makes an excellent place to relax. You can also enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, banana boating, parasailing and paragliding. If you're not into water sports, sunbeds are available with plenty of restaurants and bars around. This was selected as one of the most attractive beaches in the world by Forbes magazine.

3. Non Nuoc Beach, Danang

Non Nuoc Beach bends around the foot of Marble Mountain 11 kilometres (7 miles) from the city centre. You can find some of the best Vietnam beach hotels around this area including the Centara Sandy Beach Resort, Melia Danang and Vinpearl. The best way to get here from the city centre is either by taxi or renting a motorbike. This beach gets fewer visitors compared to My Khe and Pham Van Dong, which makes it a perfect place for those who prefer privacy.

4. Bac My An Beach, Danang

Bac My An Beach is seven kilometres (4.3 miles) from Danang City Centre and has some of the most beautiful stretches of sand in Vietnam. The coastline stretches approximately four kilometres (2.5 miles) along the groves and attracts both domestic and international tourists.

5. Son Tra Beach, Danang

Son Tra Beach has some exclusive resorts, including the Son Tra Spa, on the peninsular side of Danang making it a great place to go for a spa treatment and for recuperation. After a 20-minute drive from the city centre, you’ll be rewarded with the magnificent views of the quiet beach, and more importantly, peace and quiet. The hotels offer recreational facilities including kayaking, snorkelling and free bicycle rentals.

6. Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Hoi An, 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) to the south of Danang, is famous for the ancient city and its decent beaches. The best Vietnam beach resorts are along Cua Dai Beach and attract local families in their numbers. You can find several seafood restaurants lining the beachfront. Some visitors say this isn’t as clean as the ones in Danang, but it still makes a good place to come for seafood.

6. An Bang Beach, Hoi An

An Bang is one of the famous Vietnam beaches, especially in Hoi An. Tourists from around the country come here to visit the Victoria Beach Resorts and Spa and Hoi An Beach resort. The beach areas are cleaner and better maintained compared to the public ones making it more suitable for families with small children. It's also a great place to try seafood in some of the many restaurants. There are sunbeds available for rent but be vigilant as locals tend to overcharge tourists, especially foreigners. You should search around the find the best spot and only use a sunbed where the price is clearly advertised.

8. Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet

One of the closest Vietnam beaches to HCMC is Mui Ne. There are many ways to get to Mui Ne from HCMC including the sleeper bus, a private driver, or renting a motorbike. Mui Ne is a popular place water sports such as parasailing, paragliding, sailing, jet skiing and paddle boating. A large number of restaurants offer various types of cuisine from Vietnamese to Russian line the small tourist stretch in the town. Expect lots of local and Russian tourists in Mui Ne during peak season.

9. Sam Son Beach, Thanh Hoa

If you’re looking for good Vietnam beaches in Hanoi, Sam Son Beach is probably the best place to visit. The journey takes at least three hours from the capital by either bus or train. Some popular Vietnam beach resorts are in Thanh Hoa such as the Van Chai Resort, or FLC Sam Son Beach and Golf Resort. Hanoi doesn’t have the beautiful white sandy beaches like those in Danang or Hoi An, but you can still enjoy the magnificent views and the coastal town of Thanh Hoa. Local families come here for a relaxing beach holiday in one of the smaller towns in Vietnam.

10. Phu Yen Beach, Tuy Hoa City

Phu Yen Beach is approximately 120 kilometres (74 miles) from Nha Trang and is surrounded by mountains, bars, and several offshore islands. Fewer tourists venture this far away from the more famous Nha Trang making it a great place to come to escape the crowds. Various hotels, ranging from the budget-friendly to high-end resorts are around Phu Yen Beach in Tuy Hoa City. Local fishermen catch the fresh fish found in the many seafood restaurants along the beach including fish, clams, and oysters.

11. Ninh Chu Beach, Phan Rang

Located halfway between Mui Ne and Nha Trang is the small town of Phan Rang. Ninh Chu Beach is a few kilometres from the town and has a long crescent beach that gets very few domestic and even fewer foreigner tourists. If you’re looking to escape the crowds and have the sand to yourself, this is a great place to come. Expect relatively clean sand and water and a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the busier Nha Trang or Mui Ne.

12. City Beach, Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the perfect spot for people who want to have a beach holiday while keeping the conveniences and shopping opportunities of a major city. The six kilometres (3.7 miles) of beach is full of sunbathers and people swimming in the clean sea. Sunbeds are available for rent for a daily price, which comes with an umbrella. You can also find several bars and restaurants overlooking the beach to enjoy a nice cold beer or cocktail. A large number of budget hotels fill Nha Trang, but a few nice resorts are a few kilometres from the city centre. The quickest way to get to Nha Trang is by flying from either Hanoi (two hours) or from HCMC (one hour).

13. Hon Chong Beach, Nha Trang

Hon Chong Beach, to the north of the city centre, is the quietest place in Nha Trang. Expect a long stretch of sand with nice views of the surrounding rocks and islands in the near distance making it an ideal place to relax. However, you do need to pay a small entrance fee to enter the beach. Most tourists will rent a motorbike and drive the short distance from Nha Trang to get to Hon Chong.

14. Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh Province

Binh Dinh Province is a small seaport that’s in the middle of Da Nang and Nha Trang. Quy Nhon Beach is relatively small and gets very few visitors giving it the appeal of being far off the beaten path. You won’t find any beach resorts in the town, but it makes for a perfect place to stop by for the night on a longer trip along the coast of Vietnam.

15. Long Hai Beach, Vung Tau

Vung Tau is one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam for people living in HCMC. The beach town is accessible from the city within just two hours by either driving or by taking the ferry. Long Hai Beach is approximately 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) from the Vung Tau Ferry Terminal and is home to a few quiet and relaxing beach resorts. The area is quiet and relaxing, which makes it an ideal spot for a few days to escape the noise of HCMC. However, don’t expect the long, white sandy tropical paradise of other parts of the country.

Famous Beach Resorts in Vietnam

Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days relaxing in a five-star resort and have their own private stretch of beach along one of Vietnam’s famous stretches of coastline? Several options are available in different parts of the country.

1 Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An

The Four Seasons is one of the best resorts in Vietnam and has some of the best private beaches in the world. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or just to spend a few days in absolute luxury, this resort is the best place for you. Private villas with 24-hour service and an almost unlimited variety of food treat the visitors to this retreat. There are also several excursions available to the nearby UNESCO-World Heritage Sites in Hoi An and Danang.

2. Sunrise Premium Resort, Hoi An

Another fantastic resort in Hoi An that attracts visitors from all around the world. Apart from the picturesque views of the beaches and relaxing environment, a range of activities are available including water sports, golf, and an indoor entertainment centre. The resort also offers daily tours to Hoi An and Danang.

3. Hyatt Beach Resort, Danang

If you’re looking for a beautiful Vietnam beach to bring your family, the Hyatt Resort is an excellent choice. Enjoy the white sandy beachfront villas with exceptional spa treatments. The resort has a kids club, which includes a long water slide as well as other child-friendly activities including five swimming pools and rock climbing. You can find some of the best Vietnamese and Western style cuisines in their five-star restaurant.

4. Anantara Mui Ne Resort, Phan Thiet

The Anantara Mui Ne Resort is the best resort in Phan Thiet. A large outdoor seafront dining area, private wine cellar and fantastic views of the sunset from the pool deck makes it a popular choice for domestic and international tourists. You can have a romantic dinner by the beach as the sunsets over the South China Sea or enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the beach from your private villa.

The Best Vietnam Beaches and Resorts

Vietnam has several beautiful beaches along its long stretch of coastline. Some are popular with international tourists whereas others are hidden and tend to attract a few locals. Regardless of where you go in Vietnam, you can find a range of accommodation and beachside resorts to make your holiday perfect.


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