Things to Do in Mukdahan

While Mukdahan isn’t necessarily known for being an action packed town, there are still decent offerings of things to do in the area.

If you want to book tours ahead of time, you might be out of luck; your hotel will likely be able to point you in the direction of local tour operators (or have one of their own), but most are small and local. Our best advice is to check out these nearby attractions and ask your hotel or guesthouse concierge for additional organized tour offerings.

Tours around the city

We found hiring bicycles to be the easiest, cheapest, and most relaxing way to tour Mukdahan. If you don’t mind putting in a little sweat, head over to Nikorn Bike across from the River City Hotel. The shop owner here speaks English and offers the best quality rental bikes in town. Rest assured, the brakes and pedals will both work. Bikes cost THB150 per day, but can be haggled down if you’re renting for multiple days at a time.

Mukdahan Tower

Take a look at Mukdahan’s skyline, and you’ll undoubtedly notice the Mukdahan Tower. Standing 66 metres tall, well above most other buildings, this attraction is a great indoor option on a hot day. You won’t need too much time to appreciate the views, but there are some museum artifacts on the lower level if you’re up for a quick history lesson. THB50 will get you to the top, with the option of taking a lift or the stairs.

Chao Mae Song Nang Shrine

Add a touch of spirituality to your day by visiting the Chao Mae Song Nang Shrine. Nobody quite knows the origin story, but you’ll hear tales and folklore of different beliefs. There’s also a sister shrine, Chao Pho Chao Fa; both are celebrated in May, so if you happen to be present, make sure to partake in the activities. The exact date of the celebration is determined by the full moon, so check in with locals to see if you’ve come at the right time.

Mukdahan night market

One of our favourite spots to wander through in Mukdahan is the bustling night market because of its multicultural feel and amazing food options. We suggest having a local tour guide or friend show you around if you don’t know the language. Meals served here are all based on Isaan, Thai, Lao, and Vietnamese influences and can be had for no more than THB50. The market gets going in the early evening, but come after 6pm for the most action.

Wat Si Mongkhon Tai

After a sweaty day exploring the area, we spent an hour at Wat Si Mongkhon Tai, a relaxing and refreshing space located several minutes away by foot from the Riverfront Hotel. This Buddhist temple has Vietnamese influences in its gate, which was constructed as a symbol of peace between Vietnam and Thailand in the 1950s. Plan your visit during daylight hours and appreciate the serene beauty it offers.

Buddhist Lent Festivals

If you’re there in October, you can’t miss the Thailand-Laos Annual Boat Race. Towards the end of the Thai Buddhist Lent Period, the two countries come together to offer an event that boasts incredible performances, food, and lots of shopping. The event is held along the river in front of the Indochina Market. Stop by and take part in the festivities along with the Thai and Lao locals.

Ban Kwian Muk Folk Museum

For a quick history lesson, we recommend touring the free Ban Kwian Muk Folk Museum, which displays antiques from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Artifacts descriptions are in both Thai and English, so most visitors will be able to take in the interesting history. The museum is open daily from 9am to 6pm.


Mukdahan, Thailand May Get Its Own Airport Soon

A study of feasibility for construction of an international airport in the city of Mukdahan located in the northeastern part of Thailand by the border with Laos is to be conducted soon.

18 July 2018