Exclusive promotions for 12Go Customers

Mobile phone SIM cards for tourists

We have arranged a partnership with the mobile phone network provider DTAC in Thailand that allows us to offer you a mobile phone SIM card at a special discounted price.

The sales value of these cards is 299 Baht, but with 12Go you can pre-order your card and pick it up right at the airport at a price of only 250 Baht. You will not find a similar offer at a cheaper price anywhere. The card has a 3-in-1 format: standard, mico and nano size and can be picked up either at Suvarnabhum Airport when you arrive or pick up at 12Go office opposite Hua Lamphong railway station for 299 Baht when you come to check in for your train tickets.

Thailand's No.1 Best-selling Tourist SIM comes with free unlimited internet at maximum speed (4G/3G) for up to 2.5 GB data volume. After that the speed drops to 384 kbps. The card will not expire and you can top it up at any DTAC shop or convenient store. The card also has a pre-paid value of 100 Baht call credit, so you can make and receive calls immediately. Data volume and pre-paid volume expire after 8 days, unless you top up at any convenient store or DTAC center in Thailand, which automatically prolongs the expiry date for another 4 week. Data Sharing (mobile hotspot) is available, so you can share the network with friends and family nearby.

Local calls cost 1 Baht per minute, SMS 3 Baht, MMS 5 Baht. A special international call rate via 00400 starts at only 1 Baht per minute for international calls. To make an international call simply dial 00400+Country Code+Area Code+Phone Number. In many public areas like department stores or near DTAC shops you can enjoy free WiFi from DTAC automatically.

Sounds good? But that is not all. You can also travel with ease of mind, because you can register for a free accident insurance and luggage insurance coverage (conditions apply, of course).
What else? You can also receive special deals from big brands like King Power, McDonald's, Dairy Queen and more.

Please follow this link to order your SIM card and we will arrange everything for you:
pick up at 12Go office opposite Hua Lamphong railway station
pick up at Suvarnabhum Airport


Hello Taste Thailand, Would You?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has issued a new guidebook for foodies. Named 'Hello Taste Thailand' the new guidebook will help food travellers make the most of their trip to Thailand navigating their way through the yummiest destinations around the country.

08 November 2018

No VOA Fees during New Year Period in Thailand

In an attempt to boost foreign tourist arrivals to Thailand at least by one third during the New Year period, the cabinet has approved a grace 60 days period during which the fee for visa on arrival will be completely waived for all nationalities.

06 November 2018

Travelling in Thailand during New Year Holidays? Book Ahead!

One of the largest bus companies in Thailand, Transport Co, that runs buses around regional destinations in Thailand as well as international buses from Thailand to Laos and Cambodia, revealed yesterday that 30% of their New Year tickets are already sold out.

30 October 2018