Chanthaburi Travel Guide

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In a nutshell

Although Chanthaburi is not one of the most popular provinces to visit in Thailand, those who venture here will be rewarded with an abundance of cultural experiences, beautiful nature, tropical fruit, seafood and relaxed coastal resorts.

Why go to Chanthaburi

The province has something to offer everyone, and is the perfect addition to your itinerary if you are planning to spend some time in the east.

Many visitors travel here from Bangkok, on their way to Trat and the archipelago of eastern islands that includes Koh Chang.

The capital itself, often referred to as Chan, is very interesting, as it has been shaped by various cultural influences and is famous for its precious stone and gem trade. These days, most mines in the province have closed, but the gem market is still lively, with traders acquiring stones from around the world. In addition to the gem market, the capital boasts a charming old town, Thai temples, food markets and a Vietnamese-Chinese riverside quarter.

After a few days of exploring the capital, there's still plenty to do in the surrounding province. There are a number of national parks where you can hike and swim in waterfalls, including Namlok Phlio and Khao Kitchakut. Or, if you want to spend some time at the beach, you can head to the coastal towns, Laem Singh and Chao Lao.

When to go to Chanthaburi

The best time to visit anywhere on the Thai mainland is during the cool season from November to February. However, the rainy season is also a good time to visit, especially in June and July, when the rain is likely to only be for a few hours each day. Rainy season is also a good time for Chanthaburi, because the waterfalls will be much more impressive and swimming in the pools will be more enjoyable.

Where to stay in Chanthaburi

For accommodation, the town itself does not have a large quantity of options, but there are several good value options and even a small riverside resort (Wang Phla Resort). River Guesthouse is a solid option for budget travellers, whilst KP Grand Hotel is perfect for those who want to take advantage of the facilities, which include a swimming pool, sauna, massage parlour, gym, and even a karaoke bar!

If you want to visit the coast, there are plenty of resort options to choose from, especially in Chao Lao. It's the perfect place to escape for a few days of relaxation, and a good base for exploring the coast. Smile Beach Boutique Resort is a great option for those with a smaller budget, whilst families will enjoy Chao Lao Tosang Beach Hotel.

Where to eat in Chanthaburi

Thanks to a variety of cultural influences, some of the food in Chanthaburi is unique to the province, and food-lovers will have a great time sampling dishes at the various cheap stalls and cafes found around town. There are also several markets, including a night market and a fruit market, where you can taste lots of delicious tropical fruits including mangosteen, durian and rambutan. Once you've tried everything available in the capital, you can head to the coast for some more culinary delights, as it’s famous for some of the best seafood in Thailand!

How to get to and from Chanthaburi

The most convenient way to reach Chanthaburi is by catching a bus from Bangkok's Ekkamai terminal, although some buses do leave from Morchit terminal too.

From Ekkamai, buses leave every hour between 2.00am and 9.30pm. A one-way bus ticket costs THB205 and the journey duration is roughly 5.5 hours.

At Morchit, a bus departs at 9.30am and 3.45pm, and the ticket price is roughly THB210.

For minibuses, head to Thaluang road, with departures every hour and tickets costing THB220). The journey time is only 4.5 hours in a minibus, because they drive much faster, but not always that safely, so the first class buses are a better option.

There are also buses departing from other destinations in Thailand, including Pattaya, Rayong, and Koh Chang. Buses from Koh Chang take 3 hours to reach Chanthaburi, stopping at Trat on the way, and tickets cost around THB140. If you are planning to visit Koh Chang after Chanthaburi, buses only go as far as Trat, so you’ll have to transfer to another bus there. It’s also possible to rent a car and drive, and you can then use the car to explore the province.

How to get around Chanthaburi

Once you have arrived in Chanthaburi town, there are several ways of getting around.

First, there are ‘taxis’ in the form of small pick-up trucks (blue and yellow) that can be hailed at many of the major attractions. The fares are reasonable, but you should always negotiate a price before setting of on the journey.

If you just want to explore the town, it’s small enough to navigate on foot, and you’ll probably see a lot more too. Motorbikes are the best option for travelling to the coast or the national parks, and they can be rented from a shop close by to the Eastern Hotel (behind NB Snooker, Soi Thachalaep 7). The rental price is THB300 per day, THB1,000 for one week, or THB3,000 for one month. The owner of the shop will also give you a map of the area and highlight the main attractions.

In Laem Singh, motorbikes can be rented from Siri guesthouse for THB300 per day. In Chao Lao, several hotels and resorts will arrange a motorbike for THB300 per day, and many also offer free bicycle rental. However, if your resort doesn't, you can rent from a stand on the main road (by The Residence Hotel) for THB50.

Is Chanthaburi a safe place to visit?

Although Chanthaburi is considered a safe town for tourists, travellers should always be careful with their valuables, especially when spending time at the beach.

For any illness or injury, there are two hospitals in Chanthaburi town, Chanthaburi Hospital and Bangkok Hospital, but it’s recommended to go to the latter.

For general information about the town, there's a tourist booth on Si Chan Road, next to the river.

Chanthaburi station guide

Chanthaburi - Bus

Located within less than 240 kilometres from Bangkok, Chanthaburi is a provincial capital situated in eastern Thailand. The town is a much used transportation hub for reaching the idyllic islands of Koh Kut and Koh Chang and some Cambodian border crossings, located one to two hours away. From Bangkok there are daily transport services to and from the bus station of Chanthaburi. Buses depart from both the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) and from the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) for the four-hour trip. There are also mini-bus departures from the Victory Monument.

At the Chanthaburi bus station travellers are numerous motorcycle taxis and many songthaews are readily available as well, although there are no tuk-tuks here. The old part of town is home to several decent restaurants, and the street food stalls at the market serve cheap and tasty meals. A number of accommodation options are also on hand.

Chanthaburi houses Thailand’s biggest Catholic cathedral (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception), which was constructed in 1909 and is located on Chanthanimit Road. The original spires of this Gothic structure were removed during WWII. Other worthwhile attractions are the serene Khao Laem Sing Forest Park and the interesting historic site of Khai Noen Wong, which was founded in 1834 during the time that King Rama III ruled the country.

Na Yai Am - Bus

Na Yai Am is a small town in eastern Thailand. It is adjacent to Sukhumvit Road and between Rayong and Chanthaburi. Na Yai Am is just a few kilometres north of the Gulf of Thailand beaches of Khung Wiman and Chao Lao and is 200kms from Bangkok.

Some buses travelling from Bangkok to Chantaburi or Trat stop at Na Yai Am to pick up and set down passengers. Buses depart from both Ekkamai and Mochit stations in Bangkok. The journey is between four and five hours and the length of time depends on the class of bus. Air-conditioned buses tend to stop less often and are therefore quicker.

Khlung - Bus

No district in eastern Thailand's Chanthaburi province lies further south than Khlung. Local buses travel between Khlung and the larger community of Chanthaburi once every 30 minutes from early morning until late evening. Bangkok's Ekkamai and Mochit bus terminals both offer regular service to Chanthaburi, while minibuses leave each hour from Bangkok's Victory Monument.

Khlung's major attraction is Namtok Phlio National Park, 14kms south of Chanthaburi Town. A stupa honouring Princess Sunanta Kumari and the Along Khon chedi have both stood in this park since the late 19th century. Tropical rainforests grow around and brook carp swim beneath the Namtok Phlio waterfall. Visitors must travel to other communities to stay at quality hotels such as Saraburi's Hi Mansion, Ayutthaya's Thaiasia Golden Sea Resort, and Bang Pa-in's TM Land Serviced Hotel.


U-Tapao Is Now Connected with Chon Buri, Chanthaburi and Trat

 On May, 3, three new routes were opened inking the U-Tapao International Airport with Chonburi, Chanthaburi and Trat and serviced by air-conditioned buses which will rub as shuttles.

05 May 2018

Beach holidays in Chanthaburi

The eastern Thai province of Chanthaburi is noted for its wonderful beaches, tasty seafood, luscious fruit and laid-back atmosphere. Beaches such as Chao Lao and Laem Sing are just that little bit too far to visit on daytrips from Bangkok. For this reason, apart from on multi-day national holidays, beaches along the Chanthaburi shoreline are rarely crowded. 

20 August 2015

The unspoilt beaches of Chanthaburi Province

Chanthaburi is the next province along Thailand’s gulf coast from Rayong and not much farther from the legendary seaside resort town of Pattaya. Despite this proximity, many travellers skip Chanthaburi’s beaches in favour of those on Koh Chang or pass by on their way to the Cambodian border.

19 June 2015