Mukdahan Hotels, Guesthouses and Resorts

Most accommodation options throughout Mukdahan are extremely budget friendly. Even the nicer hotels likely won’t break the bank. Most options are cluttered around the riverfront, but you can also find hotels further away for a little more peace and quiet.


If your focus is on saving money without sacrificing on quality or amenities, head away from the river. You can certainly find budget options close to the Mekong, but we found hotels a bit further away to have slightly nicer rooms, services, and amenities at a lower price point.

For THB400, Hop Inn Mukdahan is a great, money saving option. We will admit, the whole place feels a bit sterile, but that means one thing: it’s exceptionally clean. For a very low price, guests enjoy private bathrooms, air conditioning, flat screen TVs, mini fridges, and balconies (although the view isn’t spectacular). If budget and cleanliness are your top priorities, this is one of our first picks. (18 Chayangkul Kor Road)

If location is more important to you, another budget friendly option a bit closer to the river is Kiengpiman Hotel, which gets great reviews and has a cheap nightly rate. This hotel offers more personality than Hop Inn, although the furnishings and decorations are a bit dated and dark. Even so, rooms are clean and they offer all the usuals like air conditioning, wifi, mini fridges, and balconies. You’ll also have access to bicycle rentals, laundry services, and a restaurant for about THB450. (26 Dumrong Mukda Road)

Our top marks go to Riverview Maekhong Hotel, further south along the riverfront almost opposite Wat Si Bun Rueang. For THB600 we got a huge room where you could easily dance with (dusty) epoch furniture and a breeze terrace overlooking the Mekong. Fantastic!


For a step up in quality and amenities, The Riverfront Hotel is a popular choice among mid-range travellers. Furnishings are again a bit dated, but because of its excellent location along the Mekong, that can be easily overlooked. Rooms here come with wifi, balconies, TVs, minibars, and en suite bathrooms. On top of that, there’s also free parking, a shuttle service, spa facilities, and a cafe. For a standard double room, you’ll pay around THB900; that price also includes breakfast. While there are a number of mid-range options near the river, this is our pick if you don’t mind spending a little more for a better location.

Top end

The good news is, if you’re coming to Mukdahan and want a touch of luxury while still paying reasonable prices, you have options. Your money will take you far here, so if you’re willing to increase the budget for a great return on investment, consider staying at the Ploy Palace Hotel. Located about a half mile from the Indochina Market, you’ll be within close access to pretty much anything you need in town. For under THB1500, rooms here offer regulars like air conditioning, minibars, en suite bathrooms, and free wifi. Where they go above and beyond is in the style department; furnishings and decorations are tastefully modern throughout the hotel. To top it off, if you decide to stay here, you’ll have access to multiple restaurants, great views, and a relaxing pool.

Our final choice might be a budget-buster for some, but if a small splurge won’t set you back too much, spend your stay in Mukdahan at Hotel De Ladda. This accommodation option is modern, clean, and located right next to the river. Our absolute favourite part about it is the infinity pool overlooking the Mekong, complete with lounge chairs and umbrellas for a perfect way to relax on a hot Thai day. Rooms have balconies with great views and are noticeably large and well decorated. An extra nice touch is the included bathrobes. You’ll pay around THB2400 to THB7900 depending on the room choice, so the options vary quite a bit. However, even the cheaper rooms offer excellent value. (77 Samran Chai Khong Tai Road)


Mukdahan, Thailand May Get Its Own Airport Soon

A study of feasibility for construction of an international airport in the city of Mukdahan located in the northeastern part of Thailand by the border with Laos is to be conducted soon.

18 July 2018