Thai Airways Cancels 32 Flights to 12 Countries Worldwide

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Thai Airways Cancels 32 Flights to 12 Countries Worldwide

Thai Airways International cancels 32 flights to 12 countries worldwide due to the spread of the COVID-19 and decreasing number of passengers. If you have tickets with Thai Airways for any of the cancelled flights, contact the airline before the end of the month.

The full list of the cancelled flights and destinations and flights with reduced frequency is as follows:

1. Nepal, Kathmandu. Affected flights are TG 319 and TG 320.

2. Pakistan, Karachi (TG 341 and TG 342) and Islamabad (TG 349 and TG 350).

3. Singapore (TG401, TG 402, TG 403 and TG 404)

4. Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (TG 550, TG 551); Hanoi (TG 560 and TG 561)

5. Australia, Melbourne (TG 461 and TG 462)

6. Germany, Frankfurt (TG 922 and TG 923)

7. France, Paris (TG 930, TG 931, TG932 and TG933)

8. Belgium, Brussels (TG 934 and TG 935)

9. Austria, Vienna (936 and TG 937)

10. Switzerland Zurich (TG 970 and TG 971)

11. Russia, Moscow (TG 974 and TG 975

12. Norway, Oslo (TG 954 and TG 955).

Flights to some destinations are cancelled from now till the end of March, while other destinations will see a change in the schedule from April till October 24. For more details please refer to the airline's website.



Phuket to Close Its Airspace from April 10

Following today's closure of Phuket's land and sea entry points, Phuket Governor Phakkhaphong Thawiphat announced that air transport to Phuket will also shut down effective from April, 10.

30 March 2020

Air Quality Improves in India Thanks to Lockdown

It is not all bad about locking big cities down: many Indian destinations are reporting a considerable improvement of air quality.

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Phuket to Bar Land, Sea Entry & Exit

Governor of Phuket has just announced a lockdown of the island with all overland and sea passenger transportation barred from tomorrow untill April, 30 or further notice. Flights to and from the island will continue operation for a time being. 

29 March 2020