It's Going to Be a Hot Summer in Big Cities in Vietnam

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It's Going to Be a Hot Summer in Big Cities in Vietnam

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam this summer, keep in mind that Vietnam's Centre for Regional and Urban Studies expects this year to be the hottest ever since temperatures began to be recorded in 1880.

It especially refers to large cities like Ho Chi Minh where urban heat islands cause heat waves with temperatures reaching high numbers and affecting public health.

In March and April, both HCMC and Hanoi set records with temperature reaching 40-50 degrees Celcius. The increasing number of people and vehicles cause greater emission of CO2 while high-storey buildings block winds and limit ventilation. The situation in the rural areas and outskirts of large cities is better, so travellers are highly advised to plan their itineraries avoiding spending much time in big cities this summer.

Yet scorchingly hot weather looks to be not just a matter of this year. A study carried out by the HCM City University of Technology reveals that average temperature in HCMC has increased between 1995 and 2015; and the area of heat islands has grown four-fold during the same period. 

To beat the heat, the authorities are going to follow the example of Singapore where more and more trees are planted and green spaces are created constantly to allow the city dwellers and tourists feel better in urban areas. Currently, about 56 percent of Singapore is taken by green spaces while in Ho Chi Minh only 18 percent is covered with parks or lawns.  



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