Shenzhen Airlines to Operate Two New Direct Flights to Hanoi, Jakarta End September

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Shenzhen Airlines to Operate Two New Direct Flights to Hanoi, Jakarta End September

Shenzhen Airlines will be operating two new direct routes between Guangzhou, South China, and Hanoi, Vietnam, and between Shenzhen, China, and Jakarta, Indonesia, from September, 27th.

There will be daily flights between Guangzhou and Hanoi. From Guangzhou, flights will depart  at 00.50 am arriving to Hanoi at 2 am local time. The return flight will take off from Hanoi at 3 am and land in Guangzhou at 6.05 am. The flying time is around two hours.

Similarly, daily flights are scheduled bewteen Shenzhen and Jakarta. From Shenzhen, there is a late night departure at 11pm expected to reach Jakarta by 2.20am local time. The same aircraft will then leave Jakarta at 3.20 am and arrive to Shenzhen at 8.40 am with total travel time of 4 hours 20 minutes.

Shenzhen Airlines is one of the two Chinese airlines that form a part of a global airline network – since 2012, Shenzhen Airlines have been a member of Star Alliance. The airline serves 58 Chinese airports and covers regional and international destinations, too, including Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.



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