Show on Hoang Sa Sovereignty to be the Highlight of Hue Festival

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Show on Hoang Sa Sovereignty to be the Highlight of Hue Festival

Hue Festival in Vietnam, which is held once in two years in the ancient capital of the country since 2000 and is the most miraculous event in the cultural life, will take place for the 10th time from April 28 to May 2.

It is one of the most looked forward to events as this is the time to celebrate Vietnamese traditions and rich cultural heritage. This year the performances showing sovereignty of Hoang Sa, an island region belonging to Da Nang province, are the highlight of the festival. The 80-minute show ‘The Monarchic Saga of Hue’ will be held in the former Imperial Palace on two dates – 28 and 30 April. Different genres of music including royal court music and unique folk songs, dance and poetry will be blended with modern staging techniques. Impressive light effects and fireworks will add to the effect. It will present the full story of imperial Hue showing its role in protecting Vietnam sovereignty. The show is based on a play which describes the history of Vietnam in the 19th century. Art groups from all over the country and from abroad will gather to participate in this miraculous event.



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