The Telegraph UK releases 2018 Top 10 Asian rail journeys

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The Telegraph UK releases 2018 Top 10 Asian rail journeys

Four signature rail trips in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia feature in The Top 10 of The Telegraph’s Asian railway journeys for 2018. The UK daily newspaper recommended the 36-hour odyssey on Vietnam’s Reunification Express. The service links North and South Vietnam with terminuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

The Reunification Express gives glimpses of the nation’s greatest assets with scenes ranging from stunning ocean vistas to timeless ones of farmers working emerald rice paddies. Another Vietnamese connection between Hanoi and the southern Chinese city of Kunming was cited for a similar beauty.

The so-called Jungle Railway in Malaysia also made the grade. This route begins close to the northern border with Thailand at Kota Baru and passes through the country’s heartland before joining with the West Coast line at Gemas.

The other Southeast Asian rail journey to make the Top 10 was the Eastern & Oriental Express trip from Singapore up through Malaysia and onwards to the Thai capital of Bangkok. Apart from the E&O, 12GO ASIA offers advanced reservations for The Telegraph’s four recommended Southeast Asian trips.



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