Things to Do in Nong Khai

Unlike Thailand’s sprawling cities of Bangkok or even Chiang Mai, Nong Khai doesn’t have quite as much to offer in terms of organized tours. While there are many attractions to see, a large majority of the appeal is in the culture, temples, and people. However, for those determined to make the rounds in this city, there are a number of interesting and unique things to do.

Nong Khai Glass Skywalk – don’t miss it!

To start, one of the area’s main attractions is the relatively new Nong Khai Glass Skywalk. While it’s located a couple hours’ drive outside of town, it offers amazing views over the beautiful Mekong River, and even into Laos. Hire a tuk-tuk or motorbike for this one, and make your way out to snap some jaw dropping photos. This amazing walkway juts straight off the side of the mountain and is completely free to access.

Than Thong Waterfall

On your way to the glass skywalk, make a stop at Than Thong Waterfall, a popular hotspot for locals looking to cool off in the notorious Thai heat. The waterfall is easily accessible by motorbike or tuk-tuk outside of Nong Khai Town. You’ll have to travel a ways, but if you’re headed to the skywalk, the extra stop is worth it. Check out the market up the hill before or after taking a quick dip. It’s free to access.

Than Thip Waterfall

We can’t get enough of the looming waterfalls scattered around this country, so the idea of visiting the towering Than Thip Waterfall was even more enticing. This waterfall is also located outside of Nong Khai town, but is again easily accessible by motorbike or tuk-tuk, with multiple signs pointing the way. A tuk-tuk driver should be able to act as your guide if you don’t want to go it alone. Come during the wet season if you can.

Nong Khai Aquarium

While it might not be your first idea, a visit to Nong Khai’s aquarium is a surprisingly good way to pass an especially hot or rainy afternoon. For just THB100, you’ll be able to get a glimpse at the area’s local fish species, many of which live right in the neighbouring Mekong River. The aquarium is located near the university and stays very well maintained. If you’re out of indoor activities to do, this makes a great option. (9am-5pm, Tuesday-Sunday)

Cruising the Mekong

Departing nightly across from the Mut Mee Guesthouse is an evening cruise along the Mekong that’s more than worth its THB100 price tag. The boat ride takes you to the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge and back, and usually departs between 5-5.30pm. Food and drinks are available on board, which makes it the perfect opportunity to take a cheap dinner cruise. The whole trip lasts about an hour.

Thai Massage and spa in Nong Khai

After long days spent sightseeing, there’s no better way to relax than with a Thai massage. The Healthy Garden is the perfect stop for this, as the massage therapists do an excellent job and the price is unbelievably cheap. Enjoy an hour long traditional Thai massage for a mere THB200 here. Don’t be surprised if it soon becomes an evening routine. (8am-8pm)

Muai Thai fights

For travellers looking for a bit of action, check out Lightner Muay Thai, a relatively new boxing studio in town. Regardless of whether you’re in shape and familiar with the fighting technique or are a complete beginner, Lightner’s has coaches to suit your needs. Sign up for daily classes, or book a room with them if you want to learn how to train seriously. Prices vary, so it’s best to call ahead if you’re interested in booking a session or stay.


Cliffside pedestrian platform opens in Nong Khai Province

What has been billed as Thailand’s first glass skywalk officially opened last week. The viewing platform occupies a stunning cliffside location in the Nong Khai region of Thailand and offers panoramic views over the mighty Mekong River and across to Laos.

13 April 2016

Nong Khai adds futuristic viewing platform to attractions

A Mekong riverside district in northeastern Thailand is in the final stages of building a state-of-the-art viewing platform. Workers are putting the finishing touches on the glass skywalk at a temple in the Sangkhom District of Nong Khai Province.

10 March 2016

Prime Minister of Thailand checked the railway to Nong Khai

Last Sunday morning the Caretaker Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra with a number of ministers traveled by train to inspect the work of railway from Udon Thani to Nong Khai.

23 December 2013