Koh Chang Noi Thailand – Best Places to Eat on the Island

Due to the laid-back and low-key nature of the tourism industry on Koh Chang Noi, there are very few standalone restaurants on the island, so it's likely you'll mostly dine at your accommodation or at another resort.

Cafes and Coffee Houses

That said, there are a couple of places worth visiting along Ao Yai beach, including the wonderful Deanna's bakery. This wonderful little business can be found close by to Koh Chang resort, and is the perfect breakfast spot, serving freshly baked loaves, cakes, and other delicious treats.

In the village, there's a simple noodle shack that's a cheap and great option for lunch, plus Crossroad Restaurant, which serves pizza, pasta and ice-cream. This is also the best place to get freshly brewed coffee!

Over on northern Ao Yai, there's another Italian style eatery called Little Italy, but they usually only serve guests staying at one of their bungalows. They will sell you bread though, and if you are very friendly and ask nicely, they might whip you up some authentic Italian pasta.

Guesthouse and Resort Restaurants

At the resorts, the food is good, but don't expect it to be as delicious and authentic as the local eateries that can be found on the mainland and other islands. This is because of the unfortunate myth that Westerners cannot eat spicy food, so they ease up on the spices to suit our taste buds! The prices are pretty decent though, and the food plentiful, so you definitely won't go hungry.

Both Sawasdee and Cashew resort have some tasty dishes on their menus, including a green chicken curry and a spicy Thai salad. Cashew also serves a good breakfast, including fresh bread from Deanna's!

Over at Sunset, the restaurant is popular and lively, and the food is delicious. The menu is varied and includes whole barbecued fish, curries, soups and sandwiches.

Crocodile Rock also has good food, plus you can enjoy a cocktail or two on their outdoor decking, which offers excellent sea views.

In the northwest, the resorts at Ao Siad also have their own restaurants.

Tommy's Garden has a lovely little beachside restaurant that offers amazing views of the neighboring island of Koh Phayam.

Green Banana's restaurant also features a funky little beach bar, where you can enjoy a few sundowners whilst chilling in a hammock.

Bars and nightlife

In terms of nightlife, there really isn't much going on other than a few very laid-back bars, but this should suit you if you have chosen to travel to Koh Chang Noi.

At central Ao Yai, Thai Bar occasionally treats its customers to some live music; otherwise it's just a relaxed spot to come and enjoy some foosball and a beer. Close by, there's another quiet spot called Freedom bar, run by a very friendly and welcoming local. At the south and north end of Ao Yai, there are two reggae style bars; Tsunami in the south and Bar La in the north. Make sure to take a torch with you if you decide to stay out past 10pm, or you'll have to navigate home in total darkness!


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