Thailand Not Locked Down But Travel Restricted

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Thailand Not Locked Down But Travel Restricted

While the state of emergency was declared in Thailand, the country is not locked down. The Prime Minister did ask people to stay home during the oncoming weekend but there is no curfew yet.

Are you allowed to leave your home?
Yes, but people are highly discouraged from all unnecessary outings and are asked to stay home. This especially concernes children under 5 y.o. and seniors above 60 y.o. If the request to stay home during this oncoming weekend is widely ignored, a 24-hour curfew will be set.

While currently there is no national-wide curfew or lockdown, the authorities of some cities and provinces set partial curfews or lockdows. This is the case, e.g. with Phuket (partial curfew) and Yala province (no cars are allowed to enter or exit the province).

Are you allowed to move between the provinces?
Yes, but you need to have a good reason to do so. Going to the seaside to chill out is not a good enough reason – you will be stopped and sent back home. 

Are interprovincial roads closed?
No, but there are health road checkpoints all across the country. Currently the total number of checkpoint is about 400 and it will grow. 

Is public transport, e.g. interprovincial buses, still fuctioning?
Yes, though the number of departures is reduced. Also, new social distancing rules are being enforced on public transportation in Thailand. Buses, vans and trains are now allowed to sell tickets for only a half of their seats to keep passengers farther from each other. 

It means that if you have a necessity to travel within the next month, it is a good idea to book your seat right away. Many long distances buses are already booked up until 30 April.



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