King Narai Reign Fair Is On in Lopburi

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King Narai Reign Fair Is On in Lopburi

Lopburi, a province in the central region of Thailand some 150 km northeast of Bangkok, is hosting the 33rd Phaendin Somdet Phra Narai Maharat Fair which will last till February, 23.

The annual nine-day event pays tribute to King Narai of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, who made Lopburi his second capital.

During King Narai's 32-year reign (1656-1688) Ayutthaya grew into an important international trading centre. Vessels from from all corners of the world plied waters of the Chao Phraya River bringing their goods to Ayutthaya. Due to security reasons, Lopburi was the main seat of King Narai the greater part of the year during those times.

The program of the festival features spectacular processions of elephants and decorated floats, cultural performances and displays as well as a historical market with traditional old-time Thai delicacies and souvenirs which should be paid for with 'ancient' money. The glorious era of King Narai the Great is re-enacted during the light-and-sound show. 

The main stages of the festival are King Narai's palace, Narai Ratcha Niwet, which is now a national museum; Lopburi's historical sites including Ban Wichayen, the former residence of the French envoy; Prang Khaek Khmer monuments; Wat Sao Thong Thong; Wat Soeng Tha and other Buddhist temples.



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