Tourist Attractions in Hanoi Reopen for Visitors

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Tourist Attractions in Hanoi Reopen for Visitors

Tourist attractions in Hanoi reopen for visitors. Earlier this week, some of the most popular places have taken a break for a total cleaning to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus on the demand of the Ministry of Health.

While a special decree issued by Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Wednesday approved the reopning of historic and cultural sites and attractions, all festivals previously scheduled for February and March have been halted until a further notice, so if you were thinking of visiting any of the festivals in Vietnam during this period, plan accordingly.

All the city's most famous tourist attractions including the Temple of Literature, Hỏa Lò Prison relic and Thăng Long Royal Citadel are now open for visitors according to the usual schedule.

Free masks and hand sanitisers are being provided for tourists at all the facilities.

While WHO has not put any restrictions on travel due to the virus outbreak, tourist sites in Hanoi report the decrease of visitors of approximately 15 percent compared to the same period last year. Yet the survey carried out among the visiting foreigners showed that all of them feel totally comfortable and safe visiting Hanoi attractions at the moment.



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