Where Not to Go in 2020?

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Where Not to Go in 2020?

Fodor's, a popular travel-related website, has published the list of places worldwide to be avoided in 2020 if you consider yourself a responsible traveller.

Fodor's No List first appeared two years ago in 2018 as an answer to the question how we can become better travellers in the decade to come, travel responsibly and preserve the wonderful world around us.

The list includes places that suffer from overtourism or other vital issues – ethical, environmental, sometimes even political. Fodor's recommends travellers to reconsider their bucket lists and avoind visiting these places. 2018 No List included Amsterdam, Venice, Machu Picchu, Thailand’s Koh Tachai, and Santorini in Greece, while in 2019 Isle of Skye in Scotland, Easter Island, Dubrovnik, and Mallorca were added to the list. And here is where you'd better not go in 2020 – and why.

Overtourism became critical in Barcelona, Spain. With the streets of the city overcrowded any time of the day and sky-rocketing rental prices it is a nightmare for the residents. 

Big Sur, California's most iconic natural splendor, loses its charm with Highway 1 becoming a real highway, far from that bucolically secluded ocean drive of the days gone.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia's famous temple complex and a UNESCO World Heritage Site also fell victim of its popularity. 900-year-old temples are falling apart ruined by a constant flow of visitors.

Water scarity and garbage are two of the main problems Indonesia's most visited island of Bali has to face thanks to exaggerated numbers of tourists. The government tries to regulate situation with the help of a tourist tax but has not succeeded up to now.

Finally, Hanoi and especially its historic Train Street plead to leave them alone for a while. The recent ban of cafes in the Train Street led to numerous complains but c'mon, sightseeing should not create inconvenience to public transport operations.



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