Relocation of Elephants from Angkor Area Underway

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Relocation of Elephants from Angkor Area Underway

Following the recent announcement that elephant rides will be banned in Angkor, the Apsara Authority and Elephant Management Association has started relocation of elephants from the Angkor area to Bos Thom community forest in Siem Reap province.

In a bid to stop exploitation of the animals, the Elephant Management Association, in cooperation with the Apsara Authority, decided to remove elephants from the Angkor area to allow animals to live in their natural environment.

Out of 14 elephants habitually used for tourist activities in the Angkor Archaeological Park, two were relocated to their new home with the rest waiting for relocation by early next year the latest.

In Angkor, the animals are used to carry tourists for sightseeing or climbing mountains almost daily. They are neither treated well nor kept in good conditions. In 2016, an elephant ferrying tourists at Bakheng temple, collapsed and died of heart attack due to hot weather.

Asian elephant is included into the list of endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. According to the Environment Ministry, Cambodia is home to some 400-600 elephants, a significantly lower quantity than inhabit the neighbouring countries. To maintain presence of elephants in the Kingdom, an immediate action should be taken.



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