Bangkok to Siem Reap @ bus, flight May 29, 2017

14 trips (THB 770 — 7,015)

From Morchit to Siem Reap by bus

Morchit, Bangkok
Siem Reap Transport Co
฿ 870
× 2 = ฿ 1,740
10 seats available
Morchit, Bangkok
Siem Reap Transport Co
฿ 870
× 2 = ฿ 1,740
10 seats available

From Khao San Giant Ibis to Siem Reap by bus

Khao San Giant Ibis, Bangkok
Siem Reap Giant Ibis Main
8h 30m
฿ 1,102
× 2 = ฿ 2,204
10 seats available

From Khao San Travel Mart to Siem Reap by bus

Khao San Travel Mart, Bangkok
Siem Reap Travel Mart
฿ 870
× 2 = ฿ 1,740
26 seats available
Khao San Travel Mart, Bangkok
Siem Reap Travel Mart
฿ 770
× 2 = ฿ 1,540
48 seats available

From Don Mueang Airport to Siem Reap by flight

Don Mueang Airport
Siem Reap Airport
฿ 2,108
× 2 = ฿ 4,216
Don Mueang Airport
Siem Reap Airport
฿ 2,108
× 2 = ฿ 4,216

From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Siem Reap by flight

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Siem Reap Airport
1h 20m
Instant 20kg
฿ 3,089
× 2 = ฿ 6,178
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Siem Reap Airport
1h 10m
฿ 7,015
× 2 = ฿ 14,030
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Siem Reap Airport
1h 10m
฿ 7,015
× 2 = ฿ 14,030
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Siem Reap Airport
1h 10m
฿ 7,015
× 2 = ฿ 14,030
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Siem Reap Airport
1h 10m
฿ 3,579
× 2 = ฿ 7,158
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Siem Reap Airport
1h 10m
฿ 7,015
× 2 = ฿ 14,030
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Siem Reap Airport
1h 20m
Instant 20kg
฿ 3,089
× 2 = ฿ 6,178

How to get to Siem Reap from Bangkok

What about

The inspiring Angkor complex is undoubtedly the main draw of Cambodia and Siem Reap is a gateway to all the architectural wonders of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and all other temples of the Khmer Empire. You can easily spend days exploring the outlying temples of Angkor, visiting a floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake, savouring flavoursome and rather mild – compared to the Thai ones! – Khmer dishes, watching apsara dancing or relaxing in street massage shops offering great Khmer massage. Even if Siem Reap has been for a long time overtaken by foreign tourists, it remains a great place with its own atmosphere, a busy and ever-friendly vibe, homely guesthouses and colourful Old Market. All in all, it is a great mistake to think that there is nothing else to see and to do in Siem Reap apart from admiring the great Khmer structures of Angkor. You will find plenty of activities and meet plenty of great people, both travellers and locals. And you are sure to enjoy the experience.

Getting to Siem Reap

Gone are the times when getting to Siem Reap from Bangkok was akin a complicated quest which involved bus, tuk-tuk and taxi rides with inevitable visa and guesthouses scams. The journey normally stole you off the whole day and was quite tiring and full of minor annoyances. In 2009 a paved road linked the border with Siem Reap, decreasing the travel time on the Cambodian side from five to a mere couple of hours. With a direct Thai-Cambodian International bus between Bangkok and Siem Reap which has been in operation since February, 2013, the journey from the Thai capital to the base for exploring the mystical Angkor complex has become much easier and more straightforward.

From Bangkok to Siem Reap by bus

Bangkok-Siem Reap route is served by a government-operated Transport Co International. They provide VIP buses which are generally in good condition, but note that there is not too much leg space for a Western traveller. Otherwise buses are quite comfortable, there is a toilet on board and two meals – a small breakfast and lunch – are served during the trip. Do not expect too much from your meals, though – breakfast is a muffin with orange juice or milk, and the lunchbox contains rice with some sort of a curry.

Currently there are two morning buses (8am and 9am) daily during peak periods and only the 9am one left during the low season. Tickets cost THB850. The main advantage of the international bus is that you do not need to change it at the border which is the case if you book two separate trips – from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet and from Poipet to Siem Reap.

The bus ride from Bangkok to Siem Reap itself takes about six hours (four hours to get from Bangkok to the Thai border and two hours from the Cambodian border to Siem Reap), but be ready to spend not less than an hour (more likely – two hours) at the border, as the Aranyaprathet-Poipet border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia is always busy and sometimes extremely busy. Most probably you will be robbed off one more hour prior to reaching the Thai border at a ‘travel agency’ – see our Visa Scam Alert below. That means that the whole journey from Bangkok to Siem Reap will take you about 9 hours.

In Siem Reap buses arrive to Nattakan Cambodia Co., Ltd. (22 Sivatha Road) which is the Cambodian company operating the international bus. It is located some 500m from Pub Street where there is plenty of dining, drinking and entertaining options. There is a travel agency sharing the same office with the bus company and its staff normally tries to persuade arriving passengers to stay in the guesthouses which share their revenues with the travel agency. These guesthouses are not necessarily too much overpriced or bad, so sometimes it may even prove a good idea to have at least a quick look at what they are offering.

Visa Scam Alert

Even if it is a government-operated company, you still may face a usual visa scam when you are brought to a ‘visa agency’ and are forced to obtain your visa to Cambodia there – obviously at a higher rate. The official visa fee for a tourist visa is USD30 – that is the amount which you pay while obtaining your visa on arrival at the border (though at land borders you will be inevitably asked to pay some THB100-200 extra for ‘speeding the process up’ – it is not actually necessary to do so). Have one passport-sized photo to attach to your application.
If you want to avoid these annoying situation at the travel agency or at the border, apply for your Cambodian visa online through the official web-site of Ministry of Foreign Affaires and International Cooperation of Kingdom of Cambodia. The e-visa costs USD30 plus USD7 for processing your application. It is accepted at the major international borders of Cambodia, including Pnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, Poipet (Banteay Meanchey), Cham Yeam (Koh Kong) and Bavet (Svay Reing).
Most probably you will spend about an hour at the ‘tour agency’ as the majority of the passengers of the international bus usually seem unaware of this scam or just choose to pay more. It is absolutely useless to argue, so be patient.

Getting around

It is not a common practice to rent out motorcycles or scooters to foreigners in Siem Reap, alas! If you want to have your own transport, the only option is bicycles which are offered at around USD2 per day. Be realistic, though: it is about 7 km from Siem Reap to the ruins plus the same distance back and than add no less than 10 km if you wish to do the Small Circuit. And yes, it may become scorching hot in Angkor.

If you prefer motor transport, than opt for a motorbike taxi, a tuk-tuk or a normal taxi.

Motorbike taxis are the cheapest way to get around the city. Short hops around Siem Reap normally cost less than USD1. You can also hire a motorbike taxi for the whole day for exploring the temples of Angkor (daily rates start from USD8). It is a convenient option if you travel solo and do not want to depend on other travellers which is the case with a shared taxi or tuk-tuk.
Tuk-tuks are ubiquitous and are a convenient – and very authentic – way for moving around the city. Hiring a tuk-tuk for a whole day for exploring the ruins is a quintessential Angkor experience. They seat two people comfortably enough; three or four will feel like herrings in a bowl though. Tuk-tuks charge USD15 per day.
Taxis or rather cars with drivers are air-conditioned – no heat, no red dust, no sweat, hurray. They are definitely more comfortable and for some it may compensate the lack of that feeling of ‘authenticity’ of the ride. Yet if you wish to visit some remote temples and have fellow-travellers to share the expenses, taxis are a great way to get there. Expect to pay from USD25 to USD30 for a whole day.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Siem Reap has improved tremendously during the recent years. Whether you are on a tight budget or want to splurge at its most, Siem Reap has something to your tasting. The French Quarter with its broad and leafy avenues hosts great mid-range and expensive hotels. This peaceful area lies within an easy reach of the centre of town, yet feels considerably more tranquil than the rest of Siem Reap. Wat Bo, Psar Chaa and Airport Road areas all offer plenty of budget digs with Wat Bo being the most convenient option as far as the location is concerned. In Airport Road you are quite far from everything, and near the Old Market (Psar Chaa) it may be too noisy, though some excellent and cheap guesthouses located there are perennial favourites among backpacking travellers. A few of the most top-end hotels in Siem Reap are scattered along the road to Angkor. As with Airport Road, you are far from everything there, though in many cases you will definitely not want to leave you luxury nest.


Exploring, visiting, checking out and admiring all those awe-inspiring temples of Angkor from dawn till dusk – that is what you are supposed to do while in Siem Reap. Nobody of those arriving to Siem Reap escapes Angkor – well, no wonder. But Siem Reap has even more activities on offer if you get tired of all those centuries-old carved stones. Enrol to ceramic classes and create your own pottery using the pottery wheel at The Angkor Pottery Centre or find out the variety of flavours of Khmer cuisine at cooking classes which include a visit to a local family with Beyond Unique Cooking Class. There are also opportunities for connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages with Georges Rum Free Tasting or Palm Wine tasting. In about 20 minutes drive from the centre there is The Angkor Silk Farm where the visitors are introduced to the whole process of silk-making. If you are still temple-hungry after visiting Angkor, there is a dozen of old and modern temples in the city, all of different architectural interest, including a 500-year-old Wat Preah Prom Rath, which shows the obvious Angkorian influence. Evenings glitter with traditional costumes of the dancers performing at numerous venues round Siem Reap. And then there are all those massage shops to relieve your aching muscles after a strenuous day at the ruins. The Khmers claim that the famous Thai massage has originated from the Khmer one. Whether it is true or not, it is worth comparing anyway.

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★★★★☆ May 16, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Good transportation, on time, friendly. They tried to sell us visas for 1400 Baht, but when I asked about the price, they didn't push me to pay or anything. Just decline any offers on the bus and get the visa when walking through the border ;) You're dropped off somewhere outside of Siem Reap, where you can purchase a SIM card if you wish. They have tuk tuk drivers available "for free", but when you don't arrange an Angkor Tour for the following day with your driver, he will probably ask for approx. 2 dollars (which seems fair).
★★★★★ May 14, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ May 11, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart)
★★★☆☆ May 11, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart) :
Filipinos should not pay upon entering the border but an agent asks us to pay 200baht for the reason that he will be the one to pay our stamp and arrival card. and if not, he threatened us to get our luggage. no receipts were given...
★★★★★ May 9, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Clear rules, good price and services.
★★★★★ May 8, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★☆ May 3, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★☆☆ May 2, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport)
★★★★☆ Apr 26, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Fast and comfortable with plenty of drinks and snacks during the trip. Good service at the border where the on board staff sorted out the Visa On Arrival for entry into Cambodia. Would have been 5 stars if they had only overcharged us $5 for the visa rather than $10 ($40 when the actual price is $30) but even then an evisa in advance would have had a $7 admin charge and, as 1st timers across this border, it was good not to have the hassle. Also the bus terminus is quite a way out of Siem Reap centre so arrange to be picked up by your hotel in advance.
★★★★☆ Apr 24, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
The trip was fine save for some tiny details: we left half an hour late, no breakfast was served (not even the juice and the sponge cake I read about in previous reviews), the bus stopped a couple times in the middle of nowhere which didn't feel quite safe at the moment, A/C though present isn't always enough. On the bright side: we arrived on time in Siem Reap despite the delay, my lunch was really tasty (my bf's not so much), it was an easy trip even though you spend 6 hours on the bus and 2-2.5 hrs at the border. The Thailand-Cambodia border is a mess: little to no indications and signs where to follow next, a lot of time without A/C and 100 baht extortion on Cambodia side for the visa although we had our photos with us. Even so we were back on the bus in a little more than an hour among the first passengers - stamped out and with a re-entry permit received on Thailand side, with Cambodian visa and stamped in at Cambodian border. Requiring a re-entry permit to Thailand actually helped to reduce the time because the line at that booth is shorter than the general lines. Following the little instructions/indications you get and using your common sense is enough to get you through the whole process alright.
★★★★★ Apr 23, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart) :
Mucho mejor que lo que esperábamos. Buen servicio. Muy amables todos. El bus super cómodo. Muy recomendable.
★★★★☆ Apr 19, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Comfortable. Sufficient legs room, snack n food served on-board are nice.
★★★★☆ Apr 18, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Very nice driver and assistant too.
★★★☆☆ Apr 17, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart) :
Very comfortable seating and even for tall people there's no problem. However, WiFi didn't work and we had to pay $40 for a visa which one of the employees got for us. A lot of us were confused and annoyed as we didn't understand the reason why we had to pay $10 more than expected.
★★★★★ Apr 16, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
Na to všetko čo som počul o ceste z Bangkoku do Siem reap to bolo super. Kopec miesta v autobuse. Steward nás na všetko pripravil. Dostali sme raňajky aj obed a aj kávu. Na ceste zo stanice v Siem reap nám zabezpečili Tuk Tuk. Vrelo odporúčam.
★★★★☆ Apr 13, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ Apr 12, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
I booked this trip very last minute. I am a first timer crossing the border of Thailand and Cambodia and this is my first time being a solo traveler outside my country. The steward is very accommodating during our trip on April 12 at 7:45 am. He assisted us vey well. Escorted us in Thai immigration until Cambodian immigration. The free snack and lunch were very nice and we arrived an hour before the estimated arrival time. It was smooth. Giant Ibis Bangkok to Siem Reap has excellent service.
★★★★☆ Apr 12, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
The trip was good and staff were helpful and friendly. Visa and immigration clearance were smooth, but the wifi was slow. I strongly recommend giant ibis.
★★★★☆ Apr 11, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ Apr 9, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
As good as it gets!
★★★★★ Apr 7, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport)
★★★☆☆ Apr 6, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart)
★★★★★ Apr 5, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
Bus was new and only 3 people including myself! Airconditioned, free wifi and charging point for phone. No hassles with border crossing - chap on bus was very helpful even if you didn't use his offer of visa service which by the way was good value!
★★★★★ Apr 3, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
El personal muy agradable y solidario! Te resuelven todo el tema del visado y la comida a bordo es rica!
★★★★☆ Mar 31, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
Good service and friendly staff
★★★★★ Mar 23, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport)
★★★☆☆ Mar 23, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart) :
I paid 790 baht, but I found that others had paid less than me, so book with another operator. Arrived in one piece, although 3 hrs late. Wifi doesn't work. Staff are friendly.
★★★★★ Mar 17, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ Mar 14, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★☆ Mar 11, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Great company. Always help????ll ????
★★★★☆ Mar 11, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart)
★★★★☆ Mar 10, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
We were transferred to another bus before we reached the border. I didn't hear why but they did apologize for the inconvenience. The bus we transferred to was a bit hot though (but I think it was clean). Anyway, other than that, the bus ride was okay. I do appreciate the free juice, coffee and water, as well as the free muffin and fried rice meal! The bus also arrived on time, which is great!
★★★★☆ Mar 5, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Easy journey, bus is quite comfortable but seats just a little narrow. Staff were friendly enough and provided the info we needed. They offered to get visas sorted for 1400 baht but weren't pushy when we declined. Those who did pay got good service and skipped the 10 mins it took us to get them sorted at the border (costing 1300 baht). Food on the trip included water, fruit juice, a tiny sponge cake and a random fried rice from Seven Eleven (we got one prawn and one crab unfortunately) Would definitely recommend them.
★★★★☆ Mar 4, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★☆ Feb 27, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart) :
Bus and driver was ok but WiFi didn t work and It would be better to find another way to meet. In khaosan there are two McDonald's and is really noisy with hight music and crowded
★★★★★ Feb 25, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Really easy to get through the border. Seats were comfy enough, air con was good. Great value for money.
★★★☆☆ Feb 24, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
The guide was very pushy and aggressive to try to fill out my Cambodia visa form.
★★★★★ Feb 23, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
More of a cheap hotel than a hostel. Atmosphere is quiet, everything okay!
★★★★☆ Feb 22, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
Flight on time and service efficient
★★★★★ Feb 18, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★☆☆ Feb 17, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart)
★★★★★ Feb 14, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ Feb 12, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ Feb 9, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport)
★★★★☆ Feb 9, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia) :
good airline, good service, good price
★★★★★ Feb 7, 2017 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
Simply perfect
★★★★★ Feb 4, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Lovely trip. Everything went well. Would suggest travellers get an online Cambodiaevisa. Much simpler and cheaper than trying to do it at the border and effectively pay a steep surcharge to a local.
★★★★☆ Jan 31, 2017 (bus Intercity, Travel Mart) :
Very good experience overall - bus was very comfortable, with very wide and flexibly reclining seats: I'm 2 m tall but travelled conveniently. We were given water and small snack. Wifi was working well. We started at 2am instead of 1 am. The travel time will be some 2 h more than the forecast. No big scams seen, the only thing is annoying, too long stops (but only 2) to enable some shopowners to sell.
★★★★★ Jan 31, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Nice ride, bus is NOT luxurious, but is is confortable, with good leg room between seats (believe I am a tall guy and this thing is important to me. The staff is very friendly and helpful, specially on dealing with getting the visa at the border. Be awere that crossing the border in both sides Thai and Cambodian takes a long time.
★★★★☆ Jan 28, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Can be better and more organized but it was all fine...
★★★★★ Jan 27, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Très bon service et accompagnement précieux pour bien passer les frontières avec toutes les subtilités pour savoir quoi faire et où se présenter (demande de visa et contrôle de passeport). Je recommande vivement cette compagnie ! Stéphanie
★★★★☆ Jan 25, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
1) for 12go.Asia-5 stars as everything went smooth-from booking to collecting 2) bus - 4,5 stars, not bad snacks,pleasant, helpfull & service minded stuff, 3) border - 3,5 stars, best to follow/get a advices from more experienced traveller. Requires better marking. Stamp out from Thailand, leave the building,follow the marks, cross the street , step in to the imperial bldg on your right (if you don't have e-visa), fill the form (best to have your own pen/pencil all the time) . Turn right and go forward for final stamp. Once you have it get back to your business and enjoy Cambodia!!!
★★★★★ Jan 22, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
On time, breakfast and lunch on bord ok. Personnel verry Nice and helpfull to help us to reach the Cambodgien border! Totaly rrecommandable!
★★★☆☆ Jan 22, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Our bus was good but the toilet is smelly. You can smell the toilet up to the front of the bus. Had to cover my nose until the kind conductor spray air freshener. Nevertheless, helpful staff and smooth journey. Thank you. I will recommend you to others
★★★★★ Jan 21, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Comfortable, nice snacks/food, arrived on time (even a little bit early). Service was excellent, staff gave very clear and detailed advice on where to get Cambodian visa to avoid scams and how much you should be paying for a visa. We found the whole journey very straight forward with no problems.
★★★★★ Jan 18, 2017 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★★ Jan 18, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Good. Everything as expected + free snacks, water and fried rice during the trip. They offered a free tuk tuk ride from the bus station in Siem Reap to our hotel. We refused as this sounds too good to be true and they were insisting too much. Can't say if it's a scam or not.
★★★★☆ Jan 16, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★☆☆ Jan 13, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Paid for VIP bus but these are not. Less leg room, and the staff are not very friendly on this line. Super small toilet and in a weird position where you enter basically next to passengers and they get stuck looking at you. Sucks for the people sitting there. The MEAL they passed out before border crossing though was Great. Shrimp fried rice. Everyone loved it. They seemed to pick up people in weird spots along the way...almost like they made side deals that weren't arranged...maybe we are wrong. People go out before border crossing though. The border crossing could've been more helpful. Poor English was spoken and most people on the bus spoke it but didn't understand where to go. We all just sort of fumbled our way through.
★★☆☆☆ Jan 13, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Not very vip
★★★☆☆ Jan 12, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Not the Bus company problem but a warning for next years travellers, do no cross the border to Cambodia on Dec 26, they have no Thailand exit approval staff on, nearly 500 people try to get out of Thailand and all the line queue's broke down and it was a three hour nightmare at the border.
★★★★★ Jan 12, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ Jan 9, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★☆☆ Jan 8, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Pros: Served food (this was a pleasant surprise). It was on time. The air conditioning worked. Cons: They gave our seat to someone else, so we got pushed onto the next bus an hour later. They scammed a bunch of passengers into paying extra money for a visa when you can get it cheaper directly from the border. Also, there's another scam they used. They may say, "there's free transport via tuk-tuk to your hotel!" The problem is that most of the hotels are not located directly in the city centre (I'm not sure if there are any, to be honest). And so they hear the location of your hotel, they tell you it is very far, but they can give you a good rate (but it's not really a good rate) if you use the driver for a guide or some nonsense. We didn't want that, and said to drop us at an address in the centre. The driver got extremely upset (because we weren't following the bus company's scam), and said, "FINE. THEN I'LL DROP YOU OFF IN THE CENTRE." We asked for a specific address, but he refused, only dropping us off at a busy intersection in the rain. He pushed us out so fast that I was afraid he was going to throw our bags in a giant puddle by the gutter. Here's the thing. If you say there's a free tuk-tuk to the centre, don't get angry when someone requests to be dropped off somewhere in the centre! Perhaps if this bus company or drivers were less sleazy, we may have actually booked with them to take us to the temples.
★★★★★ Jan 3, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Good clean bus. AC was very cool but comtrolable. Friendly attendant with Complimentary Refreshments were very nice and meals better than expected. Border crossing instructions were complete but some people did not follow them. Our crossing took about 1.5 hours and the bus was on time. We would take this service again!
★★★★☆ Jan 2, 2017 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
the bus is ok and they give you food but they do not have any stop
★★★★☆ Dec 30, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
It is good trip.. but there is no map or clear guidance on where to board the bus.. we struggled for 20 mins running around .. there is obviously no phone for 12go asia to call.. and i am wondering why i have paid for priority support if their representatives not onsite of mochit bus station..
★★★★★ Dec 30, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★★ Dec 30, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Comfortable, snacks okay. Had to wait for 2 hours to exit Thailand, but that's not there fault. They waited on the border and made sure everyone had their visas. Nice staff. No scams or overcharging. Will take back to Thailand.
★★★☆☆ Dec 27, 2016 (bus Premium, Travel Mart) :
Aircon needs improvement
★★★★★ Dec 21, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Transport Co was great! We were surprised by the complimentary food and ride to our hotel after reaching out destination. They were really organized and made the Thailand-Cambodia border crossing easy. Great service!
★★★★★ Dec 18, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Very helpful and friendly staff. Made the border crossing very easy and painless.
★★★★☆ Dec 16, 2016 (bus Universe Noble-37, Giant Ibis Transport) :
Very good service, friendly and helpful staff. Very comfortable coach. Only improvement would be a toilet on the bus. Thank you, we will use you again. =)
★★★★☆ Dec 5, 2016 (avia Economy, Thai AirAsia)
★★★★☆ Dec 2, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Altthough the bus was not new the trip was smooth and comfy with food and drinks and a usable toilet on board
★★★★★ Nov 28, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★☆ Nov 25, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
We booked our ticket a week in advance, but when we picked it up at the counter on the morning of the travel, there were some kind of a misunderstanding. Altough our seats were assinged at the booking, they said the bus is full and they gave us different seats. Tried to show them our booking confirmation, but didn't seem to help the situation. We ended up on separate seats.. Apart from this booking confusion, the trip itself was fine. The leg rest is very uncomfortable, but the food was decent, the steward was nice and helpful and everything went just fine at the border. They even offered us free tuktuk drop offs to the closer hotels, when we got to Siem Reap.
★★★★★ Nov 24, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
It was a great ride
★★★★☆ Nov 23, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
They should give written instructions when crossing the border. Also they should write on their website that free food us included.
★★★★★ Nov 23, 2016 (avia Economy, Thai Smile)
★★★★☆ Nov 18, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl)
★★★★☆ Oct 31, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Great trip, comfortable seats, useable toilet on bus. Excellent assistance crossing the border.. asked for 5thb each passenger to help bribe border police and no further bribes necessary as given yellow cars necklace to identify bus company. Food provided.. quick journey, arrived early. Free tuk to hotel provided but downside was heavy sales pitch from tuk driver to visit angkor wat with them following day. Had to pay 200thb to free tuk driver to avoid booking temple tour but he still insisted on meeting us at hotel next day to agree tour.. no show. Dissapointing. Otherwise great bus company, recommended. Bus was farang tourist only. Understandable instructions given for complicated border crossing. Recommend reading blog with photo if going visa on arrival to identify where to get legitimate visa at correct price.
★★★★★ Oct 24, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Really good service, breakfast and Lunch includer on the bus, free tuc tuc for the hotel in Siem reap!
★★☆☆☆ Oct 24, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
We had wrong seats. We had more people in the bus than seats. Broken seats. Crossing the border Copley failed . Not organized at all! + Lunch was okay 3+ + Bus was on time
★★★★★ Oct 21, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
They provided so many free things- water, cookie/biscuits/juice, rice for lunch, and even a tuk tuk to our accomodation. The border is confusing but they pointed us in the right direction when we stopped so we knew not to fall for any of the scammers trying to lead us the wrong way. The air con worked very well. Nothing to fault, it was an easy and comfortable ride.
★★★★★ Oct 13, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Air con was nice. Free food was decent. Staff was pleasant. Bus was clean. I also experienced a Tuk-tuk driver who wanted to schedule further plans to drive us around siem reap. Just politely say no. We did and got our free ride. The bus departed on time and arrived on time. Crossing the border was a little crazy. This is just the way it is, it requires a little figuring and common sense. The bus staff were nice enough to give us a heads up about what they will try to charge us for and what we didn't need to pay for. Yes the restroom is gross, it's a toilet on a bus. I've seen worse! They stopped at a place with restrooms and there are 5 baht rest rooms at the border.
★★☆☆☆ Sep 8, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
We were given no instructions when we arrived at the Thailand/Cambodia border. As soon as we got off the bus we were harassed by men clearly working for a travel company, who filled out our visa forms. Something didn't seem right when a local shouted 'you're a fake' and we soon got in a row with an employee - so we got our money and passports back and headed to the border...that saved us 300B. Also, as we arrived at the bus station in Siem Reap, we were told we would get a free lift to our hotel. However, they didn't tell us that in order to do this we had to book any further tourist plans with that specific driver, otherwise he would charge us 100B each to get to our hotel next to the night market. Absolute rip off of you ask me. He was pulling the 'hotels get all of the tourists custom' - well if he wasn't so desperate and we hadn't been travelling for 24+ hours then we may have took him up on his offer. The journey, driving and included food was pleasant, but I personally I wouldn't recommend the company due to these experiences.
★★★★☆ Aug 24, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
The bus ride itself was very good. When we arrived we were offered a 'free' tuktuk. Which was indeed free, but they try to scam you. It turend out the offered tuktuk trip around Angkor Wat was dubble the pay normally asked and also asked for a deposit
★★★☆☆ Aug 5, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Comfortable seats but too many cucharache and mosquitos in the bus and when it began raining the walls on the bus started pouring water. I was sleep and when I woke up I had my leg completely wet. As for the rest, it was good.
★★★★☆ Aug 3, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
We left on time. We got more food than we expected. We were quite happy overall.
★★★☆☆ Aug 1, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
The toilet was very dirty and didn't work propperly.
★★★★☆ Jul 28, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Good service
★★★★★ Jul 21, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Great journey! I was a little nervous after all the chat about scams and difficult border crossings but I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased by the service provided. The bus was clean and comfortable with reclining seats and footrests. Breakfast and lunch were both provided, which I wasn't expecting. The border itself was really simple. Yes you've got to look for the sign for the thai exit building rather than go in the first building you see but it's only a minute away. Just don't listen to anyone who approaches you outside the bus trying to sell you a Cambodian visa before you've even left Thailand. Once you're stamped out it's just a short walk to the Cambodia immigration where you pay your money (1200 baht; yes it would be cheaper in USD if you have any but it's not that big a deal). A few minutes later we all had our visas, walked another couple of minutes where we got another passport stamp then back on the bus and on our way. The staff on the bus made sure we had the correct stuff before we hit the border and offered to do it for us for 1350 baht, which we didn't go for but they didn't try to push it on us or scam us in any way. We arrived at Siem Reap early than planned and they gave us free transport to our accommodation - all good!
★★★★★ Jul 21, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Excellent service from the bus company and from 12go Asia
★★★★★ Jul 18, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Great trip, awesome service.
★★★★★ Jul 3, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Excelent. In time/ brakfast lunch + water/ confortable seats and drove directly to the border ( no tuk tuk as I had read) so the visa was really easy to do. 100% recommend it.
★★★★☆ Jun 20, 2016 (bus VIP, Transport Co Intl) :
Good experience. Border crossing was a bit haphazard but then there's always a first time. Next trip I can turn into a guide. Bus was comfortable, the meals they provided were hearty although there were lack of veggie options. Aircon could be a bit more powerful. Overall a good journey not very stressful. Guidance at the border will get the extra 5th thumbs up.

News @ Siem Reap

02 May 2017

A senior manager at Thailand’s national airports authority has confirmed that Bangkok’s main airport is now operating at full capacity. The Airport Authority of Thailand’s (AoT) Sirote Duangratana said the scheduled maintenance on part of one runway at Suvarnabhumi Airport had been completed early.

28 April 2017

The vice-president of THAI Airways has confirmed the addition of several new code share routes for its summer 2017 timetables. The new options are tie-ups with the Thai national carrier’s subsidiary, THAI  Smile, and are in effect through to 28 October.

26 April 2017

US based river cruise operator Avalon has announced the addition of a second ship to its Mekong options. The Avalon Saigon will join sister vessel Avalon Siem Reap in autumn 2018 and offer river cruises between southern Vietnam and Cambodia.