Development of Phuket Deep Port to Be Speeded Up

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Development of Phuket Deep Port to Be Speeded Up

Government agencies in Thailand have been instructed to speed up the development of Phuket deep seaport. When ready, the port is supposed to serve as a homeport for cruise liners meeting the demand of the booming cruise industry.

Phuket port was built by the Harbour Department 30 years ago and currently needs urgent enhancement of the facilities. Initially the harbour front was 360 metres wide with a 1.30 kilometre waterway from the open sea.

Last year Phuket Deep Seaport Co Ltd won the concession to operate the port. The company is now expanding the port’s facilities. The quay will become 60 metres longer, the waterway will be made deeper to accommodate large cruise ships, a large carpark and a duty free shop are under construction. 

Besides, it is also necessary to organize facilities for efficient and quick customs and immigrations services for arriving passengers as well as provide cheap and reasonably priced transportation to tourist destinations on the island.

At the moment 24 percent of the works are already completed, yet they are 40 percent behind the schedule due to excessive monsoon this year.

There is constant interest from the part of cruise companies to extend their routes to Phuket but the existing port facilities, especially the depth of the waterway do not allow large cruise ships to dock at the port hence currently cruise ships have to anchor in the open sea. They are bound to use tenders to transport passengers to Phuket. It makes the idea of including Phuket into their itinerary not so attractive for many cruise companies as getting to the island creates inconvenience for passengers and can potentially result in accidents.



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