Hanoi Museum's Revamped Displays to Be Completed by Next Year

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Hanoi Museum's Revamped Displays to Be Completed by Next Year

The city authorities of Hanoi, Vietnam, have approved revamp of Hanoi Museum. The changes will deal both with the design and content of the museum.

One of the youngest museums of the capital, Hanoi museum is an impressive example of  modern architecture. 

It is expected that displays covering 9,000 square metres of the total area will be completed by next year. They will make visitors acquainted with Hanoi's ancient history – from 1010, when the city was known under the name of 'Thang Long' to the present day. The historical exhibition will be spread over three floors and will allow visitors to make ‘A Journey to Thăng Long’ and learn about ‘Thăng Long during the Đại Việt Era’.

The exhibition will contain artifacts pouring light on Thang Long's architecture and socio-economic life. A special section will be dedicated to the city's role in the resistance war as well. French experts helped organise displays and worked together with local historians and specialists on general concept of the museum.

Only original artifacts will be on display in the museum complemented by technological solutions, auxiliary materials, high-tech search tools and large digital screens.



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