Vegan Food Sampling Tours to Boost Tourism in Hue

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Vegan Food Sampling Tours to Boost Tourism in Hue

Vietnam's city of Hue in the central province of Thua Thien is going to promote its famous vegan dishes to boost tourism in the region.

Vegan diet has been prevalent among the residents of the province for centuries; mostly since the times Buddhism was adopted by the population of the area. Today, the old tradition is well kept and flourishing with the supporters of Buddism, mainly its Mahayana variety, having  of nearly 500 Buddhist pagodas at their disposal to practice their belief.

Hence cuisine of Hue boats a variety of vegan dishes, promoting Hue as a destination for vegans and foodies can attract to the city more tourists, the authorities believe. Many of such dishes were invented within monastery grounds. They are well balanced, feature different ingredients and possess high nutritional value that helped monks sustain their living during fasting perionds.

It is suggested to develop special tourist programmes with a focus on vegan gastronomy in Hue to let visitors sample local delicious, nutritious and green food. Some travel agents have already started offering their customers tours that include vegan lunches at local Buddhist pagodas. It is not necessary to join a tour, though, as vegan food is available in at least 40 restaurants around Hue. The list of vegan dishes on offer is indeed impressive: there are over 120 of them to choose from.



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