Traditional Medicine Museum Opens in Hoi An

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Traditional Medicine Museum Opens in Hoi An

Tools, appliances and documents related to traditional medicine from Hoi An and Vietnam are on display in a newly opened traditional medicine museum in Hoi An.

There are over 200 items related to traditional medicine on display. Some are in their original state, some restored to their original form. There are clay pots for making medical preparations, bowls that contained rice wine, an essentian ingredient for many recipes, as well as medical herbs. There are written prescriptions and information plates that explain the way medications were once prepared and how illnesses were diagnosed through feeling the pulse of a patient.

Hoi An is is located in Vietnam's Cenral Coastal province of Quang Nam. Since 1999 it is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its exceptionally preserved architecture of a medieval (15-16th century) Southeast Asian trading port. In 17th and 18th centuries Hoi An was famous across Southeast Asia as an important centre of traditional medicine. 

Currently Hoi An remains a well-known tourist destination. Well restored houses, temples, and pagodas flank its tiny streets. There are over 1,100 heritage sites in the town. Hoi An is easily reached from Da Nang via an under-an-hour bus or taxi ride. Last year, Hoi An welcomed about five million tourists with foreign tourists arrivals reaching 3.8 million visitors.



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