Si Phan Don – A Great Draw of Southern Laos

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Si Phan Don – A Great Draw of Southern Laos

While Si Phan Don do not enjoy as much tourist attention as Vientiane or Luang Prabang, this out of the beaten track destination in Laos is often named by adventurous visitors as a highlight of their trip not only to Laos but to the whole Southeast Asian region.

Si Phan Don, also known as 4000 Islands, are a massive collection of teensy, large, inhabitable, and uninhabitable sandbars extending out from the waters of the Mekong River that run through southern Laos. Seeming to be lost in time, a laidback, relaxed atmosphere is the order of the day and stunning sunset views are the only clear passage of time here for travellers of Si Phan Don.

While some of the islands boast forests, rice paddies, waterfalls, restaurants and villages, others are home to little more than a family of crocodile lizards; and the archipelago of islands only really offers travellers the choice of three islands to stay on. These three islands are Don Dhet, Don Khon and Don Khong.

The easiest way to get to Si Phan Don is from Cambodian Kratie, Stung Treng or Banlung via a minibus ride followed by a boat ride to the chosen island. There are also buses from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap taking 7 and 13 hours respectively.

Locally, the gateway to the 4000 Islands is Pakse.



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