Sakon Nakhon Is City of Herbs of Northeast

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Sakon Nakhon Is City of Herbs of Northeast

The City of Herbs fair is to take place in Sakon Nakhon, one of the northeastern provinces of Thailand, during July 24–26 to help promote herb based products produced locally.

Sakon Nakhon is one of the four cities of the Kingdom nominated 'the city of herbs'. Other three are Prachinburi, in the central region; Surat Thani in the south; and Chiang Mai, in the north. These destinations are famous producers of cosmetics, remedies and ayurveda-like treatments featuring local Thai herbs, plants and flowers.

The fair will take place in Robinson Lifestyle Shopping Mall Sakon Nakhon. Alongside with 20 booth which will sell a variety of herbal products from Isan, the visitors of the fair will be able to see and partake in demonstrations on the usage of natural oinments and remedies, try traditional Thai and therapeutic massage with the local herb balms and oils, and get acquainted with the local plants used for medical purposes. The aim of the fair is to boost local herbal trade and contribute to development of niche tourism in the region.

Sakhon Nakhon is located 650 km northeast of Bangkok. The easiest way to reach it is via a short 1 hour 20 minutes flight with airfare starting from as low as THB800 or via an 11-hour bus ride which is even cheaper – from THB500.



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