More Caves to Visit in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

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More Caves to Visit in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

The Vom and Gieng Vooc caves, two cave systems in Quang Binh, a coastal province in the north-central part of Vietnam, will welcome their first visitors on a trial ecological tour from July, 15th this year. 

After the trial period which is supposed to last six months, till January, 15th, 2019, the decision will be made whether the cave systems should be developed into tourist attractions. The trial tours will include a variety of activities from stream wading to bouldering and slope climbing. There are also overnight programs with one night spent in a forest camping not far from the caves. 

The Voc cave is located only 4 km from the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail so it will be easy for the visitors to combine both attractions. The Voc cave is accessible only via a swim over a lake set right in front of the mouth of the cave which is impressive 100 m wide and 50 m high. Inside the cavern, there is an underground river.

The Gieng Vooc cave boasts four lakes and an underground stream as well. It is only 400 m long but offers an abundance of amazing stalactites and stalagmotes to admire. 

The Quang Binh province is home of the world famous Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, the World Natural Heritage site, also known as 'The Kingdom of Caves'. Earlier this month it was announced that the authorities of the park were going to launch several new tours to make visitors acquainted with some of the caves within the park. Thus, there will be a tour of the three caves – Dai A, Over, and Pygmy and another one which will include the Va and Nuoc Nut caves.  



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