Fruit Festivals Spread Throughout Thailand

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Fruit Festivals Spread Throughout Thailand

Following the provinces of the Eastern Seaboard – Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat – central and Isan regions begin their annual fruit festivals calling all durian and santol lovers.

This year, Lopburi welcomes the 27th edition of their Sweet Santol festival where different varieties of this not so well known for foreign tourists fruit is promoted. During the festival over 60 producers cultivating santol sell both fresh fruits and santol-based products. There are also music and other shows to keep visitors entertained. The festival will last till July, 10th.

Sitting 150 km north of Bangkok, Lopburi is easily reached from Bangkok by a three-hour bus ride or a two-hour train journey.

In Sisaket, the Durian Festival will be on till July, 8th. Sisaket is one of the northeastern provinces of Thailand where successful cultivation of durians is established. Due to a special type of volcanic soil in the region, local durians possess a very characteristic taste.There are several varieties of durians grown in Sisaket, with the most popular one being Mon Thong.  'Volcano' durians are sold at THB160 per kilo.
Besides durians, Sisaket offers other seasonal fruits like longans, mangosteens and rambutans.

To get to Sisaket from Bangkok, be prepared for a 10-hour journey, either by bus or by train, covering about 550 km.



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