Three new airlines to replenish Cambodian air market

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Three new airlines to replenish Cambodian air market

Three new air carriers will be added this year to the existing seven in Cambodia. Cambodia Airways, KC International Airline backed by China and Thai-backed Air Siem Reap plan to join. The above mentioned companies are applying for the certificates giving permission to fly in Cambodia.

Air service in the country began in 2013 with two companies owning seven planes. The air fleet has grown to thirty planes belonging to seven companies since then.  

The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) expects the increase up to 45 aircraft later this year. Due to the rapid growth of passenger traffic especially stimulated by the demand from China Cambodian airlines are anticipated to continue to develop significantly. 

CAPA report is concerned about the relatively small Cambodia’s market and doubts that it might be capable of having more than five airlines, to say nothing of ten.  

Most of the aircraft of the present companies – Sky Angkor Air and Cambodia Angkor Air – service domestic flights mainly. JC International backed by China that was launched in March 2017 is expected to gain more capacity by the end of this year as the number of their aircraft is growing rapidly.



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