Pattaya To Host TTM–2018 Focusing on Luxury and Romance

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Pattaya To Host TTM–2018 Focusing on Luxury and Romance

About 300 quality international buyers from over 60 countries and 300 sellers are expected to attend TTM+ 2018 – Thailand Travel Mart Plus Amazing Gateway to the Greater Mekong Subregion – which is to take place in Pattaya and this time themed “Million Shades of Romance”.

The event will be held on 13-15 June this year at the OceanMarina Yacht Club. The main focus is on those specializing in honeymoon,weddings and romantic holidays with long-staying and high-spending travellersas Thailand’s tourist industry is trying to shift from mass to niche markets. 

Thailand has got every opportunity to welcome romantictravellers seeking luxury, fantastic nature and delicious cuisine. The countryis widely renowned for its hospitality, a full scope of tourist facilities andaccommodation. Its personnel are in constant search for innovation inventingnew activities and renovating the existing ones. Add to this a rich culture andhistory of the country and you will get a perfect destination for a romanticcouple. 

The participants of TTM will try to show the tourists differentfaces of Thailand – from arts and crafts, culture, the unique lifestyle as wellas gastronomic tourism. The tours will focus on Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat provinces and the neighbouring GMS country of Cambodia. Online registration forbuyers and sellers is open on TTM+ site.



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