Thailand government to ban smoking on beaches from November

Thailand’s government has announced that smoking will be prohibited on the nation’s main beaches. The ban is set to come into effect on 1 November and will apply to beaches in locations such as Phuket, Phang Nga, Songkhla, Hua Hin, Cha Am, Pattaya and Jomtien.

Non-compliance could work out very expensive for die-hard smokers as the maximum fine has been set at THB100,000. The authorities say offenders could be jailed for up to 12 months as well.

The stiff penalties are not being imposed over concerns for the wellbeing of beachgoers. The country’s environment department explains that countless discarded fag butts are buried in the soft sands of Thailand’s premier beaches.

Jatuporn Burutphat is a specialist with the department. He told reporters that an estimated 140,000 butts were lurking beneath the sands at Phuket’s Patong Beach. He carried on by saying the no-smoking rule would target people walking or sitting on beaches who did not dispose of their butts properly.

12GO ASIA has just learnt that smoking on or near the beaches will not be prohibited altogether. Apparently the plan is to set up designated smoking areas near beaches and furnish them with ashtrays.




Cambodia confirms new rules on long stay visas now apply

A director with the Cambodian Interior Ministry has confirmed new rules apply to foreigners applying for long-stay visas. Sok Veasna told the Phnom Penh Post earlier this month that people who apply for long-term business visas would now have to show work permits.

18 October 2017

Rain storms in Thailand to last until the weekend

Thailand’s Meteorological Department has issued a bulletin stating that the current heavy rainfall is expected to last until the weekend. The department’s seven-day forecast issued late Monday stated that scattered but heavy rainstorms are expected to lash all regions of the country until Friday.

18 October 2017

Typhoon Khanun approaches Vietnam

People living along the upper regions of Vietnam’s long eastern seaboard were bracing themselves for the arrival of Typhoon Khanun yesterday. Meteorologists said the Category 1 typhoon would likely make landfall in North Vietnam late yesterday or today.

17 October 2017